Josh Brolin Allegedly Caught Cheating on Wife Diane Lane

May 27, 2009 08:06:11 GMT

In Touch Weekly has unveiled an exclusive photo showing actor Josh Brolin allegedly engaged in public display of affection with a woman other than his actress wife Diane Lane.

Josh Brolin
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Tongue has been set wagging by In Touch Weekly's just-released story which claims actor Josh Brolin has cheated on his actress wife Diane Lane while he is filming his latest big screen flick "Jonah Hex" in New Orleans. Accompanying the report is a photo that allegedly shows Josh getting cozy with a woman in what appears to be a club.

Per the publication, Josh was seen partying together with a female local identified as Melissa Green at the Royal Street Inn back on May 21. After that, he was said escorting her to another location to hang out at 11:35 P.M. And the next morning, Josh and Melissa were spotted leaving the unnamed venue together at 7:23 A.M.

"They left together," a source in the know told the publication. "Josh looked like he hadn't slept at all. She was wearing the same outfit as the night before and looked embarrassed." Despite Josh's representative's denial, In Touch Weekly offers further explicit details of the story, plus more exclusive photos of Josh and Melissa, on its newest issue, which hits the newsstands on Wednesday, May 27.


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posted by Ha-ha-ha on May 30, 2009
Hmm, look at all the bitter housewives here ready to behead a male without knowing the facts...again. If the case were Lane cheating on Brolin, you could her the lame "you go girl" from miles around. In this pink, weak society, people are always running to the female's side, even if she's at fault. Maybe she was a lousy wife (or lay). Yes, Diane Lane WAS super hot in the 80's and early 90's, but let's face it. Sheisn't that hot anymore. Most of you chicks here lose 'It' after 30 or so. That's just the way it with it. Go, Josh!!! As for the idiots here telling people what they should comment on and what to post, go F yourselves. It's a free country and message board.
posted by DreamyBabe on May 29, 2009
Let's not break down Josh Brolin over this story. We don't ALL THE FACTS. Maybe he & Diane Lane need counseling. Or they should just make it a legal seperation & go find love somewhere else, nothing is wrong with that. Brolin just needs to make a decision to either stay with his wife & continue to be unfaithful OR just leave her once & for all! At least this Melissa girl is said to be 30. He could have been making out with Megan Fox who is only 22...young enough to be his daughter. Here's hoping THAT'S NOT TRUE.
posted by mathos on May 29, 2009
Maybe he has been cheating all the while and this time he got caught....poor guy!
posted by KyGirl on May 28, 2009
There is never an excuse to cheat! If you are unhappy, talk to your spouse about why. If you decide you can't be happy, then there is divorce. But don't humiliate your spouse by cheating. I've been there and it's no fun! Josh should be ashamed of himself.
posted by just another love n on May 28, 2009
Jup, you are an idiot. I can't believe you've never heard of Diane Lane. Quit playing x-box and wii and get a life. She's a gorgeous woman who deserves better than what she got
posted by RueLa on May 28, 2009
Diane Lane is too classy apparently for this guy. She's a lady and timeless. Josh will miss her when she's GONE! WAKE UP JOSH. Cheating on your spouse is shameful.
posted by flanativegirl on May 28, 2009
First of all Jup, what movies do you watch Finding Nemo? Diane Lane is a beautiful talented actor who has been in movies, since she was a teen. You need to comment on things you know. You just made yourself look like an ass. I hope Diane goes on with her life, she deserves it. and Jup, know what you're talking about before you write another of your STUPID comments!
posted by yoyo on May 28, 2009
They must need counseling
posted by jamy7273 on May 28, 2009
a dog is a dog.... i'm sure it's not the first time.... diane is a beautiful classy lady does not need this kind of a partner.... move on diane and find your soulmate!!
posted by Rachel on May 28, 2009
Brolin should get a divorce so he can "josh" around with all the ladies that he wants. Don't embarrass your wife. BROLIN's still uber sexy. DILF, I'd do him!
posted by Rachel on May 28, 2009
Brolin should get a divorce so he can "josh" around with all the ladies that he wants. Don't embarrass your wife. BROLIN's still uber sexy. DILF, I'd do him!
posted by RueLa on May 28, 2009
Josh should get a kick in the balls from his lovely wife, Diane Lane. She is classic, beautiful, and a lady, not to mention a great actress. Shame on him for cheating when he has such a lovely lady on his arm. He will miss her after she's GONE! WAKE UP JOSH. (CHEATING IS A BAD DEAL!).
posted by cindygnh on May 28, 2009
A few years back he beat her up and was arrested for domestic violence. She should have gotten rid of him then.
posted by lani on May 28, 2009
Yep. Low profile in Hollywood. He is James Brolin's son and Barbra Streisand's son-in-law. This is a private matter between husband and wife if indeed any of this is true. do not believe anyting you read and only half of what you see. And...if you do not know who Diane Lane is get out of the cave occasionally.
posted by Extra on May 28, 2009
OMG, this Billy person sounds weird & psychotic. A little too obsessed with this Rachel on here. No need to post 4 TIMES, too much of u'r time on the comptuer. Ok Josh Brolin probably didn't think his celebrity profile would get him caught. He still doesn't get alot of attention from Hollywood. He's looking for love&attention somewhere else. Maybe their marriage is unhappy, if so both should leave. Life is short.
posted by porter bond on May 28, 2009
Like all fools, this man prefers cheap beer instead of fine wine....
posted by Yaz on May 28, 2009
OOOh Jup, your were wrong-LOL! It's sad that so many couples are breaking up for cheating. It's a cowardly act! But what goes around, comes around. So he better watch his step-it will come back to haunt him. She doesn't need a weak has-been anyway! Just hope her heart heals.
posted by JB on May 28, 2009
Diane Lane was one of the most beautiful women in the world one time. Who can forget her in the cover of Time Magazine when she made A Little Romance? Diane, go find your true soulmate.
posted by daisy on May 28, 2009
His wife should dump him before she waist any more of her life on him . some of us would have like to do that, but we don't have the kind of money it takes to make it on our own. Just stuck.
posted by candy on May 28, 2009
His wife should dump him fast. while she,s still young enough. But I guess when you have plenty of money you can do it.
posted by Jonah Hex - Girl on May 28, 2009
JOSH BROLIN IS A HUNK. But his ego is getting the better of him. InTouch articles aren't known for it's facts but this Brolin Cheating Story IS incriminating if not damaging to say the least. Poor Diane, she's gotta be pissed & humiliated. Brolin partying & flirting religiously YES while on & off the set, Damn! He's hard man to resist.
posted by stormy on May 28, 2009
It doesn't matter if his wife is ugly or pretty, He is a dog. It is always about looks.I guess real love is a thing of the past.
posted by ohpleeeeze on May 28, 2009
Run for your life Diane! If he is as boring and egocentric as he seems you need to lance that boil and move on!
posted by Neil on May 28, 2009
Why bother? She is probably NOT going to leave him anyway, it takes two to tango.
posted by ineedmychange on May 28, 2009
Who knows in a few weeks this chick will come up "pregnant." Dummbo-don't you know these women will allow themselves to get knocked up-it's like hitting the lotto!!!! You know hollywood-they don't believe in practicing safe sex-while they are campaigning against aids-they knock each other up.
posted by allmenarethesame on May 28, 2009
ladies, go ahead and cheat b/c 98% sure your man's gonna do it first/anyway...that's how life is, we just keep denying it. unfortunately, there is not denying it.
posted by billy on May 28, 2009
rachel go dilf yourself
posted by MST on May 28, 2009
I always thought JB looked like a Neanderthal man. Diane Lane deserves better.
posted by billy on May 28, 2009
detective trupo has a hot wife diane lane is hot what a fool maybe he could marry rachel the druling fool
posted by billy on May 28, 2009
rachel sounds like you are desperate and would do anything with a heartbeat and that may be optional also are you a lonley person that has nothing better to do than josh around on the computer how stupid grow up your comment was very stupid no reason to submit it twice loser
posted by billy on May 28, 2009
rachel you are an idiot
posted by Uh Huh on May 28, 2009
I think all you people should get a life including whomever wrote this article. It's all speculation and you should mind your own business!! Don't interfere with other people's relationships when you don't know what you are talking about. You shouldn't attempt to interject your 'opinions' and possibly offend Josh and/or Diane and try to put pressure on their relationship. It's hard enough to have a relationship in the spotlight without ignorant people interfering. Get a life!!
posted by whatever on May 28, 2009
Josh was charged with battery against Diane when they were first married. He's a real winner! She's better suited to a real man with class.
posted by JuicyGirl on May 27, 2009
Diane looks boring. Josh rarely seems happy with her anyway.Maybe he wants out of his marriage. OMG.Well he is BFF with Sean Penn who is notorious for this kind of stuff!
posted by reality check on May 27, 2009
If this story is true, then Diane needs to dump this clown, like, yesterday! She is waaaaay to beautiful and talented to be wasted with a loser and cheater like Brolin.
posted by reality check on May 27, 2009
Jup, Diane starred opposite Richard Gere in several films, including, recently, "Unfaithful". She was also big in the early 80's with the S.E. Hinton film adaptations of the books "The Outsiders" and "Rumble Fish".
posted by Jup on May 27, 2009
Who is Diane Lane? Never heard of her?

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