'Chuck' Officially Renewed for Season 3

May 18, 2009 02:12:24 GMT

There will be a third season of 'Chuck' although some changes are required to bring back the mild-rating show.

'Chuck' Officially Renewed for Season 3
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The wait is over, "Chuck" is officially renewed. A day before the formal presentation regarding the Fall schedule, NBC has announced that there will be a third season of the action comedy starring Zachary Levi. The network is expected to make the official announcement on Tuesday, May 19.

However, due to the mediocre rating that it received during the second season, NBC only orders 13 episodes to cut some budget. Also, two staff writers reportedly will be let go and some supporting cast will get reduced time of appearance during the season. Worse, according to EW, a regular actor will be dismissed permanently.

"Chuck" literally has been saved by its fans who, upon hearing that it may get canceled, launched a petition as well as the campaign "Save Chuck" with the help of Subway. A fansite encouraged viewers to watch the April 27 finale live and buy the sponsoring sandwiches on the day.

Meanwhile, creator Josh Schwartz has accumulated thought of the third season long before the season gets a green light. "...Chuck and Sarah's relationship will be one of the major driving stories of next season - should we have one," he said, adding that they were still accumulating thoughts for new characters but "know how next season would end."


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posted by Vaaiinii on May 05, 2010
Realy Chuck is the best serie ever, i or we realy want(s) te get more seasons.x Im from Belgium, Belgium loves Chuck !
posted by j.r on Mar 01, 2010
wen is it coming on in england ?????
posted by undisclosed on Feb 10, 2010
Chuck is the bundle of comedy action, thrill, romance and yet flawless and techie season to be seen ever on T.V. i love chuck and would like to have more seasons of it.
posted by go chuck!! on Jan 19, 2010
im soo happy chuck is coming back for the third season, it is my favourite show and will hopefully have many more seasons, i really hope casey isnt going to leave :/
posted by zool on Jan 08, 2010
Chuck is among the best and fantastic TV Comedy to watch. Hope the season 3 will be more interesting.
posted by Big Lad UK on Jan 08, 2010
Chuck is ace, funny, clever and witty. Does any 1 no when season 3 airs in the UK please email me thanx
posted by Big Lad UK on Jan 08, 2010
Chuck is ace, funny, clever and witty. Does any 1 no when season 3 airs in the UK please email me thanx
posted by josh the man on Jan 04, 2010
wth cmon we need 22 episodes :) best seasons ever oo dont let 3rd season stop make i up to a million i can wtahc them forever :) best in the world ..: Canada! #1 fan :)
posted by Budo on Dec 28, 2009
cant wait 3 season, croatia
posted by Chuckfan 001 on Dec 22, 2009
OMG!!! cant wait for 3rd season of chuck but does anybody know when it comes on in New Zealand and it is the best show in the world hope it stays longer and the only reason it got poor ratings in nz was bacause it was on at like 9:30pm
posted by SlavkoBBB on Dec 08, 2009
Chuck is the best TV show i've ever seen,can't wait for season 3,Croatia
posted by steffie200 on Nov 30, 2009
OMFG!!!!! chuck is fricken awesome. i love it. but thirteen episodes? seriously? thats not enough! i need at least a twenty two episode fix :D we need you chuck!
posted by Krasni on Nov 26, 2009
Owwww! Finally... more, more, want so much more of this :D
posted by Maranellohouse on Nov 25, 2009
Just finished watching series 2 so I hope series 3 runs the full 22 and goes on for a few years yet. There were only 2 other US series I just would "NEVER" have missed, Miami Vice and Battlestar Gallactica (new series) Chuck is right there with both of them. Chuck, Sarah and Casey are 3 individuals who gell so well. Please don't let it end on a 3rd series! UK watcher.
posted by steve007db5 on Nov 21, 2009
chuck is the best show on tv cant belive nbc cant see what a AWESOME show they have. Long live chuck and the buy more
posted by chuckfan on Nov 19, 2009
Can't believe the ratings are so poor! It's the best show on TV ever! What are the people thinking and how can they not see it for the great show it is?? Hope NBC comes to their senses. Not a big fan of Kristin Kreuk so a bit disappointed that she's going to make an appearance. But let's hope the show lives on for many more seasons!
posted by am in dying need of on Nov 19, 2009
i am a fan of seasonal movis but i have falling in love with Chuck.
posted by Pontifax Meridian on Nov 18, 2009
Awesome that our Chucky's coming back.Absolutely loved the first 2 series.
posted by KK on Nov 09, 2009
It would be great if Chuck would start sooner. I don't know where the network is getting its info, but Chuck Rocks!
posted by d best on Nov 05, 2009
even here in Philippines, chuck rules. Chuck 3 must be as long or longer than the last season. its the best American series ever. Goo chuck.
posted by Gon from Argentina on Nov 03, 2009
it´s the best show in the world. I want 22 episodes for the season three!!!
posted by KRAK on Oct 26, 2009
Chuck is one of the best shows i have ever seen. i sure would hope that this isn't the last season. I love CHUCK and wanna have more seasons.
posted by jpell on Oct 25, 2009
there should defenitely be more chuck episodes. hey! i wonder if we did another compaighn like that, do u reckon wed gwt more episodes?
posted by UA on Oct 21, 2009
posted by BJDON on Oct 12, 2009
I love CHUCK. The best show ever. It has Hope, Romance,Action,Comedy & many More great stuff. I cant wait 4 next season. I loved First & Second Season & I am damn confident im gonna love The THird one as well. Plz make much more seasons.
posted by Nickey on Oct 10, 2009
I love chuck!!Its been like forever :( but finally its back on!!!I give all the credit to the fans!!
posted by orion on Oct 08, 2009
Best show ever!!1 hopefully ittl get a fourth or even a fifth season! bring on season 3!
posted by I & K Chuck UK on Oct 06, 2009
A great cast and great escapism. A welcome retreat from cops, forensics, doctors and lawyers. Long may it continue!
posted by chucks the best on Oct 03, 2009
I am so glad chuck is gonna come back. I hope Sarah and Chuck get together.but why do we have to wait so long for it to come back. bring it back on SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Liam. on Oct 01, 2009
Did not think there was ever going to be shows that rival Monk and Psych, but this show is awesome, keep it going. UK Fan.
posted by Fifi on Oct 01, 2009
man y can they not set the release date earlier in the year like january or something
posted by wyllyness on Sep 29, 2009
i'm so happy chuck is coming back!!! hellz yah!!
posted by Luis Thomas(portugal on Sep 28, 2009
well i hope that 3rd season dont be the last one...i think morgan will appear because he talked about maybe he is gone go into the spy stuff so..well this is a really good show and i like it very much...
posted by Me on Sep 28, 2009
We love Chuck! Don't change anything and don't get rid of anyone!!!! Maybe you should check your ratings again because I know tons of people who love this show! Maybe put it on a better night when there is nothing but crap on and you will get even more people o watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bout time on Sep 25, 2009
Chuck is awesome! love watching it best show ever! Sarah is dam fine too!
posted by Chuck on Sep 25, 2009
I am also waiting for the first episode of season 3 of Chuck, it continues from the last episode of Season 2
posted by rajesh on Sep 23, 2009
posted by none on Sep 21, 2009
Let me add my 4 cents for my hubby and myself! Chuck's the only thing we love on TV It's hard to find something to watch and Chuck is clean that's probably why so few of us like it but there is a group of us that prefer this kind of entertainment and KUDOS to whoever had the forsight to see that WE NEED CHUCK! THANKS for bringing it back but could you hurry?
posted by Chuckkk on Sep 20, 2009
Anna Woo is coming back for the people who said she isn't.. So hopefully Morgan won't be going. However if they lose Adam Baldwin(Casey) I don't think i'll be watching anymore. He makes the show for me.
posted by One from Australia on Sep 20, 2009
Let's all put our support behind Chuck! It's one of the most interesting & well written shows and deserves many more seasons!
posted by big fan on Sep 17, 2009
It's really frustrating that a good show like Chuck takes a back seat to such lame programming that has to be avoided it's so bad. Get wise NBC, put your money on Chuck. That's were mine is going.
posted by TBAY LUVS CHUCK on Sep 07, 2009
Thanks to whoever decided to bring Chuck back. It's the only good thing about Mondays. I LOVE THIS SHOW!
posted by Mari52 on Sep 07, 2009
Chuck is the best TV show. The cast are awesome. Everyone of them. I WANT CHUCK BACK.....
posted by chuck fanatic on Sep 05, 2009
i love this show, we all need to support it more once the new season begins
posted by Anonim on Sep 04, 2009
This serial is the best i've ever seen. We wan't seson 3 to be released quickly
posted by baWwa on Sep 01, 2009
This show roxxx.... and if u take it away f**k u all.... :P:P
posted by kuku on Aug 22, 2009
heyyy chuck is so coolll we want to watch his episode
posted by seh2014 on Aug 19, 2009
i love chuck! i would do anything to save the show, i'm just really mad cause i heard it isn't even supposed to air until 2010! i can't wait that long!, and only 13 episodes!! man...
posted by Chuck fooshoo on Aug 10, 2009
so there is a god in this world GO CHUCK!!!!
posted by Miley. I love Chuck on Aug 02, 2009
Chuck is amazing. Oh my gwash it is the best show ever. we just finished season 2 here in New Zealand and we are going to have to wait forever for season 3. atleast it is coming back but 13 episodes isn't very much. Although the producers said if it gets good enough ratings in America they might extend the season. Peace fellow Chuck lovers.
posted by superfan6 on Aug 01, 2009
how can they afford to employ the guy from family vacation on the final 3 episodes and complain about budget cuts, keep the cast and kill anna emmette but keep big mike for such moments like when he takes out the falvrum agent on the episode when chuck arrests jill. CHUCK FOREVER
posted by beanz on Aug 01, 2009
morgan has gone to hawai so he and anna will be gone, hope they don't drag on the thing with chuck and sarah too long, either she should go or become real and none of this bsck and for fealings, and i love the show carry on till season 10. also awesome and ellie may be cut back or move just a teory i heard.
posted by ash217 on Jul 30, 2009
get rid of milbarge he's a usless character i hope jeff and lester stay there my favourite supporting characters
posted by Int3rs3ct on Jul 29, 2009
Now Chuck seems to remind me of the same plot wen he learned Kung-fu....It the MATRIX>> Im just glad that Chuck is back Even though it is just 13 Episode. -From SG
posted by u on Jul 29, 2009
iam so glad that season 3 has been renewed i hate nbc, what the hell were they thinking, this is the best show ever.
posted by gfjdgdfgjfg on Jul 29, 2009
its sucks how theres only going to be 13 episodes i wish they would just make it the same as the last season you know with the same amount of new episodes
posted by jooseph koka kaema on Jul 17, 2009
dem men u mean i have to wait for all those months ,,,come on you must be kidding me,,,, am in africa ,,indeed kenya,,were kind all funs of chuck,,,somebody do something pliz!!!!
posted by F*** NBC on Jul 15, 2009
thnk god chuck is going to have a third season F*** NBC to making it only 13 episodes this is from congo and we all love chuck over here we all hope it goes on to another 10 season
posted by NerdHerd on Jul 08, 2009
I'm really glad to know there's going to be a 3º season! I just watch the final episode of the 2º serie and I'm lookin' forward to see the new episodes! CHUCK IT'S AWESOME!
posted by chucky on Jul 06, 2009
Chuck is great
posted by El Jefe on Jul 06, 2009
This is the greatest show ever!! I cant believe they are only going to produce 13 episodes and one of the cast is going. Hope its not Sarah I just love her. I Also think Casey, Lester and Jeff are incredible. And obviously the greatest numbnuts spy of all times Chuck! And now he knows Kung Fu!! Cant w8 to see him in action again. Greetings from Uruguay this is really good tv!
posted by Boyze on Jul 06, 2009
I dont think they will let go of Jeff or Leicster (JEFFSTER) it might be Big mike but definately not Morgan. I also doubt it would be Casey or Elle & Awesome. If you count Bryce 1 down :-) Even though i did think he was one of the best characters :-( Its kinda typical of NBC to try to ruin a good thing. I personally think Chuck is the only thing i am able to watch on NBC, and i also think it is better than Heroes which also could be good but it just to slow.
posted by Jenny on Jul 05, 2009
posted by krish on Jul 03, 2009
do u have ne idea wen chuck's gonna be on air??i am desperately waiting for the episode..
posted by dani on Jul 02, 2009
I heard its morgans girlfriend leaving the show.. morgan is a huge part of the show and totally wild! Im so glad the show will be continuing, Im in New Zealand and its not a huge popular show here, but those in the NZ CHUCK MOVEMENT are strong..... I cant wait till the next season!
posted by Agent Carmichael on Jun 30, 2009
Fuck I'll have to wait 9 month for chuck
posted by HUGE CHUCK FAN! on Jun 28, 2009
posted by paraoneTHEone on Jun 25, 2009
chucks the man! if i was gay he would b my bf... but im not so sarah gona b my wife haha. DONT GET RID OF CHUCK!! if u do il hunt u dwn and take u out! shot chuck
posted by Rana on Jun 20, 2009
HEll YEaH !!! Baby... em dying to see the next one.... It's reall aWesome...
posted by dihasu on Jun 17, 2009
tap that
posted by LZ on Jun 16, 2009
I can't wait for the third episode,i am so excited,i just hope that casey and sarah are still in!!
posted by jaithehulk on Jun 09, 2009
As Devon says 'AWESOME!!!!!! Bro!!' finally chuck's really going to be a a**-kicking spy!!!
posted by reapose on Jun 08, 2009
season 3 will be awesome as there is alot to build on more than 13 episodes are required to wrap up the story when will the season premier be released?
posted by taqszak on Jun 07, 2009
iam also waiting for chuck season 3 as im tooo desperate to see chuck in would be gr8!!!! love youu chuck u rock!!!
posted by jack bower on Jun 05, 2009
iam eagerly waiting for the 3rd season. i cant wait to see wats gonna happen wid chuck having all dose kungfu skills and how sarra will react to that.
posted by CHUCK ROCKS! on Jun 04, 2009
so disappointing, they have to let go of some characters. damn. when the story is getting better, this will happen. tsk2. cant w8 for the new season. chuck-sarah rules! go,go,go,go!!
posted by black on May 29, 2009
i don't want anybody to leave the show..course it'll make the show boring..i hope its not Morgan...cox hes stupid stuff makes the show interesting...hope this season will be more interesting than other 2..m very excited but sad that someone has to leave the show..
posted by pramoda on May 29, 2009
I cant wait, man....!!! greatest show ever....
posted by Annonomous person on May 28, 2009
Chuck is the best TV show ever. ZI can't believe it has THAT much of low rating. Everyone talks about it at my school, and so many people love it. It's my FAVORITE show on TV right now. I just wish it was a full season. CHUCK IS AWESOME!!!!
posted by filipinoChuckFan on May 24, 2009
ihope they make more episode coz i cant w8 anymore!!! i love chuck tv ~_~~_~_~_`
posted by nomad3x on May 23, 2009
awesome sarah...awesome chuck....Awesome 3
posted by hardrew_rolly on May 22, 2009
this is the best comedy action tv series i ever watch..hope CHUCK will not be canceled in the future.. CHUCK IS AN AWESOME TV SHOW!!!
posted by Tachezz on May 21, 2009
Make it full coz its bigger, brighter and cool show than mist if the other shows we wach
posted by R.Lewis on May 20, 2009
This is the best show ever but I wish it was a full season.
posted by Arthur L. on May 19, 2009
im so glad.i cant wait for season 3.this is my favorite show
posted by Starsandsons on May 19, 2009
Perfect. This show is one of the greatest I've ever seen. The perfect blend of Comedy and Action grabs the viewer. I am very excited to hear that it is officially renewed for a third season, even if its for thirteen episodes.
posted by Mena on May 19, 2009
I am really happy that the show has a 3rd session, pity it's only 13 eps., lets keep the fight for a full session!
posted by Zach D on May 19, 2009
madd it is being renewed thanks every one who has signed the petitions and saved chuck as it is truly a madd as shows
posted by DK on May 19, 2009
YAHOO!!! I love this show!!!
posted by girlygirl04792 on May 18, 2009
YAY!!!! I'm sooo happy that they have cont. Chuck! It is the best show ever! And yea they should not have only 13 episodes!! But I'm glad that it is NOT cancelled!!
posted by memphizmike on May 18, 2009
Yes finally but for them to gut the show that way is still wrong Hey I am very happy that we still have the show but come on 13 episodes because they don't want to admit they put it in a bad time slot please and the whole thing about a main cast member will not be back really blows chuck fans now that we have saved the show it is time to demand better treatment of the greatness that is Chuck Nerd Herd 4 life!!!!!
posted by ChuckFanGirl on May 18, 2009
YES! YES! YES! I am so happy. You don't even know how excited I am I have been waiting to hear good news for so long and am anxious to see season 3. This is the best show and we need to get more people to watch :)
posted by danniexx on May 18, 2009
finally OMG i been waiting to hear this great news since the season finale. I am so freaking excited! YESSS
posted by FatalZero on May 18, 2009
Finally! This was the news I was hoping for! This is AWESOME!
posted by i love sarah on May 18, 2009
so glad to hear chuck is back! well... more glad to hear that sarah is!
posted by A, nonimus on May 18, 2009
I assume it's Morgan who's off the show, as he decided in the last episode to go to Hawaii to be a hibachi chef.
posted by none on May 17, 2009
what regular is getting let go?? Morgan, Big Mike, I hope its not Jeff or Casey.
posted by DustinBTX on May 17, 2009
Soo glad to hear that Chuck is coming back! Best news all day.
posted by chuck rules on May 17, 2009
don't mind me saying f**k yes this is the only really good show on tv since Buffy the vampire slayer im so happy its coming back

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