Meet the 30 Men of 'The Bachelorette' Season 5

May 07, 2009 06:34:52 GMT

Bartender, pizza entrepreneur, musician, cyclist and others vie for the love and attention of Jillian Harris in the upcoming season of 'The Bachelorette'.

Meet the 30 Men of 'The Bachelorette' Season 5
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The identity of 30 men that will compete for a shot at love in "The Bachelorette" have been revealed and one of them would be the future husband of 29-year-old Jillian Harris. The alpha male ranges from 25-year-old lifeguard to 34-year-old restauranteur.

Instead of the usual 25 men, the bachelorette in this season gets to pick out of 30 people. However, ten of them will leave the competition as early as after the cocktail party to meet Jillian for the first time. During the party also, Jillian will hand out a rose to a guy who leaves her a good first impression.

In the press release by ABC, it was said that one guy attempts to woo Jillian with his Latin charm while two will go down to the dance floor to impress her. The season premieres May 18.

  • Adam, (27) Olympic cyclist - Long Beach, CA
  • Brad, (27) financial advisor - Chicago, IL
  • Brian, (32) IT consultant - Atlanta, GA
  • Bryan, (28) high school coach - Lawton, OK
  • Bryce, (31) furniture dealer - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Caleb, (27) photographer - Nashville, TN
  • David, (27) trucking contractor - Dayton, OH
  • Ed, (29) technology consultant - Chicago, IL
  • Greg, (31) entrepreneur - Scottdale, AZ
  • Jake, (31) commercial pilot - Dallas, TX
  • Jesse, (27) wine maker - Carmel Valley, CA
  • John H., (27) branding consultant - Boise, ID
  • John P., (29) marketing specialist - South Norwalk, CT
  • Josh, (25) lifeguard - Newport Beach, CA
  • Juan, (35) general contractor - Santa Monica, CA
  • Julien, (34) restauranteur - San Diego, CA
  • Kiptyn, (31)business developer - Encinitas, CA
  • Kyle, (26) graphic designer - Brooklyn, NY
  • Mark, (26) pizza entrepreneur - Denver, CO
  • Mathue, (26) personal trainer - Wichita, KS
  • Michael, (25) break dance instructor - Astoria, NY
  • Mike, (28) baseball camp owner - New York, NY
  • Reid, (30) realtor - Philadelphia, PA
  • Robby, (25) bartender -Spring, TX
  • Sasha, (27) oil and gas consultant - Tiki Island, TX
  • Simon, (26) soccer coach - Bradford, England
  • Stephen, (30) lawyer - New York, NY
  • Tanner F., (28)sales representative -Derby, KS
  • Tanner P., (30) financial analyst - Dallas, TX
  • Wes, (32) musician - Austin, TX


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posted by me on Mar 17, 2011
Kiptyn, sexy!
posted by Amenti on Jun 05, 2010
I fell for Jake from day 1
posted by stranger on Jul 21, 2009
I think that the two finalist are the best two out of the whole bunch!!!! I said from day one that Kiptyn would be one of the last two. He would make a GREAT husband!!!
posted by bec on Jun 30, 2009
Let's vote to make Jake the next bachelor!Jillian was a fool for letting him go!
posted by chieka_latte@hotmail on Jun 24, 2009
btw - i think jake should make a trip to NC! :)
posted by chieka_latte@hotmail on Jun 24, 2009
I wish I could have a chance to even run into someone with the personality and kindness that Jake's good she knows she couldnt deal with perfect...Jake may not be her "one" but he's still someone's perfect "one"
posted by ozelkiz on Jun 23, 2009
OMG she is so dumb to get rid of Jake. good looking, financially stable, loves her, close to his family...what more could a girl want? oh yeah ,he's perfect remember, she doesnt like perfect boo hoo. I vote Jake as the next bachelor!
posted by ..... on Jun 23, 2009
Reid is totally cute
posted by ..... on Jun 23, 2009
Reid is totally cute
posted by jkelee on Jun 23, 2009
JAKE HAS TO BE THE NEXT BACHELOR!!! Jill is NUTS to get rid of that Angel!! And keeping WES over Jake, come on!!!
posted by jengirl on Jun 22, 2009
trully, this is the worse way to find a husband and its like you're timed to find a husband. love should never be for competition...if only jill could find true true love...not just in 6 weeks of hopeless stress...and one more thing none of the past bachelors/bachelorettes even got married and lived happily ever after. IF you can't find the right man at all in life, then don't have a man at all...its better than being miserabe!
posted by Summer on Jun 22, 2009
Poor Jake, he's so cute and has such a good heart! I'll take him!
posted by zacmari5 on Jun 16, 2009
i was extremely sad that Brian got sent home. He's my teacher and he's soo cute:)
posted by ditto on Jun 09, 2009
i picked kiptyn and jake has soon has i heard them the first night!!! but my fav is kiptyn i would so date him!!!!
posted by kelly on Jun 08, 2009
posted by fan on Jun 04, 2009
anyone know when the finale is?
posted by sheri on Jun 02, 2009
Jake is definitely the best looking and should win hands down
posted by Jean on Jun 01, 2009
I think Jake is amazing. He's a gentlemen, he's sexy and he's so sweet! If Jillian gets rid of him she's crazy!
posted by me9273 on Jun 01, 2009
he is soooooo cute and nice! also an awesome dancer! GO MICHAEL!
posted by me9273 on Jun 01, 2009
i really hope michael wins
posted by Mexicana on Jun 01, 2009
The 3 best are brian, jake and kyptin... I was sad because Brian was sent home what a hunk...
posted by jakelover on May 27, 2009
Jake is the best! commerical pilot boy is a hottie! if jillian lets him go then she is a dumb. i hope jake win or become the next Bachelor
posted by nendo on May 27, 2009
if jake doesnt win then this show is clearly a set up.
posted by GoodLife on May 26, 2009
come on it's a tv show but i still like to watch it... have you seen those men shirtless! lots of good looking men... but i think it will come down to kiptyn and jake...
posted by yikes on May 25, 2009
yikes, Jillian is a 6 physically and a 7 for personality... why is she the bachelorette? I feel bad for these guys
posted by GEM on May 23, 2009
Jake looks really sweet!! I think he'll win or will become the next Bachelor...Hopefully Jillian doesn't let him get away!!
posted by trish on May 22, 2009
So the 2 that i think that are the best are kiptyn and jake!!
posted by lauralou on May 18, 2009
there were actually a gooood amount of good looking guys, i just want to know why she got rid of John H.. oh so cute!!
posted by my top 5! on May 18, 2009
#1 Jake, (31) commercial pilot - Dallas, TX #2 Wes, (32) musician - Austin, TX #3 David, (27) trucking contractor - Dayton, OH #4 Tanner P., (30) financial analyst - Dallas, TX #5 Kiptyn, (31)business developer - Encinitas, CA
posted by slim pickings on May 12, 2009
talk about slim pickings... Jillian is a 7 at best, I feel sorry for some of these guys.
posted by stranger on May 12, 2009
Um... I'm going to say that there are slim pickings but i like Kiptyn... He's my cousin so I know he's a great catch! These pic's probably don't do justice for some, but Kip is the best!
posted by vic on May 12, 2009
....and you folks are just drop dead gorgeous.....
posted by me on May 08, 2009
i agree. the only 2 cute guys are Mathue, (26) personal trainer - Wichita, KS and Greg, (31) entrepreneur - Scottdale, AZ THAT'S IT!!
posted by Sherrysue01 on May 07, 2009
Ok, could we have gotten a few that were actually cute!

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