Miley Cyrus Vows to Stay Virgin Until She Weds

May 02, 2009 03:52:53 GMT

Dating famous model Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus insists she doesn't want to have sex until she gets married.

Miley Cyrus
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Despite her highly publicized romance with current boyfriend, underwear model Justin Gaston, Miley Cyrus has publicly declared that she wants to stay virgin until she gets married. "I want to keep my virginity until I marry," she tells Daily Mail in an interview. "I was brought up in a Christian family."

Keeping on gushing about her faith, the 16-year-old Disney star insists her belief in God helps her to stay strong in Los Angeles, where it's "harder finding people who are real." Of that statement she explains, "You don't know what's real and what's fake in this city because almost everyone has a motive and everyone wants to get something."

"So many tell me they are here for new show castings and they'll have their hair and make-up done, ready to be cast - yet they're just nine or ten years old. My sister Noah is nine and she's one of those girls. She'll come home and say: 'Oh, I don't think the casting director thought I was pretty,' which is heartbreaking," the actress-singer continues saying.

Miley Cyrus, who previously dated Nick Jonas of Jonas Brothers, has been dating Justin Gaston for months after playing it coy at first when being asked about the nature of their relationship. Most recently, she took to her Twitter account to deny false rumors that she was looking forward to dump Justin to get back with Nick.

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posted by Miley Cyrus on Jan 03, 2012
Hey guys i am alone I wanna have sex I want to feel a cock in my pussy and in my ass
posted by Funnyman on Oct 15, 2011
LEAVE MILEY ALONE!!!!!! haha, look to everyone here on both sides, no one gives a shit what you think.... NO ONE! so get a life and hell i dont know do something productive. for fuck sake...
posted by Miley Cyrus on Aug 15, 2011
its me the real miley im sorry for wat i did kids can u ever forgive me
posted by J-dogg da kidd on Jun 18, 2010
She need to be fuck in her ass so she can grow some ass.
posted by -- Amber nigga(: on Mar 21, 2010
dude ii agree with kayleaa!
posted by Kayleaa bby(: on Mar 21, 2010
-- yo,, yall trippin byy kallin her name's && shitt ! ii mean iif she wanna fuck, go for iiht. (like all yall tricks haven't before, get reall now. (:
posted by miley cyrus on Jan 05, 2010
why dont you all stop talking about me and i have had sex before so fuck off.
posted by shit on Jan 05, 2010
shit is miley a virgin have shit loads of songs on my phone that are from you know who....
posted by ndudz on Jan 05, 2010
What the fuck are you pepole chatting about i have tons of pics of miley naked.
posted by Ninjaduck on Sep 28, 2009
I do believe there are 20 year olds that can wait, even with a younger g/f, but these type of people are not the underwear model type K? She may look sweet and innocent, we all do, or were at one point, but she is HUMAN people HUMAN! She puts her pants on one leg outta time just like all of us. There is no need for name calling, that's waste of time, alot of us said we'd wait, but that doesn't stop people from coercing you unrelentingly. even the strongest break some time.
posted by Miley lover on Sep 09, 2009
Well I know she did. Because of that gay piece of trash nick jonas. I wish I could meet him in rea llife and beat him up for Miley's love for me.
posted by Miley fan on Aug 20, 2009
Omg, just leave miley alone its nothin to do with anyone wither shes a virgin or not
posted by KarenConnellx on Jul 28, 2009
Omg leave her alone!!! Shes got an amazing talent nd a really want tickets for her Manchester gig but i still think she should have came to Glasgow :P
posted by stephen1919@aol.com on May 19, 2009
stpehen farrier I want to date & merried miley cyrus taylor swift or ashley tisdale
posted by rivera7 on May 16, 2009
Sorry Miley...you can't close the barn door after the cow is out
posted by Pally on May 10, 2009
Jeez you guys r so mean! Obviously she is telling the truth
posted by hoe! on May 06, 2009
have u seen her pics she is fuckin him
posted by mhmm on May 06, 2009
so she a ho nd evry1 knos it he is a fine ass underwear model nd he is 20 she is 16 wat wud a 20 yr old need wit her?? hmmmmm... think bout it
posted by Islander on May 05, 2009
I'm sorry to break it to you guys, but some people can wait, and can wait until marriage. And just cause her boyfriend is 20 doesn't mean he's not fine with waiting either. I know mines a little older then his, and he's perfectly fine waiting until we marriage, he believes in waiting until then too.
posted by Kigwa on May 05, 2009
Miley, but at least you've given some blow job, and swallowed the uh cum.
posted by sudarshan on May 05, 2009
Why so surprise? in India it is very common to be vergine until marriage!! (roughly 90%)In fact this kind of dogma is good
posted by hmm on May 05, 2009
well age doesnt matter.. yes she may have already had sex but jus because she has doesnt mean anyone can dawg her for it cause there are alot of u out there that have had sex early in life.. and as long as her parents dont care and approve it why should it matter?? i mean seriously....
posted by PUHthetic.... on May 04, 2009
this is soo crazyy,,,miley we ALL KNOW you cant resist that 20 year old underwear model, so dont freakin lie and say u havent done anything...cuz seriously, yer notta christian if you take myspace pics holding up your shirt in a bikini ya fucking hooch!
posted by wat on May 04, 2009
thats good but no way a 20 year old is going to go with out having sex with his girlfriend
posted by HATE MILEY** on May 03, 2009
well she hasnt had sex wid a guy but she took porno pics wid her daddy and dat makes even worse...WID HER OWN DAD..[
posted by sluhoresruinmylife on May 03, 2009
wow what a sluhore ewveryone knows shes not a virgin n she'll make a sex tape in the next year or so
posted by Bubbles on May 03, 2009
..miley?stayin' a viRgin til marRiage?!?that's VERY IMP0SSIBLE..she's just saying that for the salvation of her career..
posted by Woop on May 03, 2009
i think that is good she is waiting, i have read her book and she seems to have really good morals and a strong christian faith and i admire that even if i dont believe it myself. i can honestly see her waiting.
posted by only1kene on May 03, 2009
ok first and foremost just because u grew up in a christian home doesn't mean shit! i know unwed christians who have sex! secondly, i would love to knock the shit out of her father and mother 4 allowing her to talk about that stuff and allow the nude pics to surf w/o taking legal action. lastly, miley is def not a role model. they're doing the same thing with miley that they did to hilary duff. use her up for a good year or two, then once she gets older they don't wanna anything to do with her anymore. miley can't even sing! she sings thru her nose to much and tries to crack her voice to sound country!
posted by trinidad on May 03, 2009
if she were to jump of a tall building 90% of teens would be mad 10% will be jump biatch
posted by Just Me on May 03, 2009
It's a very wise choice, a good one that I respect and intend to follow. However, if she's serious about it she should stop with the steamy photos I've heard about. =s
posted by Hellooooo on May 03, 2009
Virginity is not losing your vagina thingy, but not having a sexual intercourse at all. THAT'S virginity. and if Miley thinks she can keep it, well, she will. I believe her.
posted by Story of Mina Jade on May 03, 2009
Besides, oral and anal is not only for virgins. Mens keep on asking it all the time. Then they are the ones to call women sluts.
posted by Mina Jade on May 03, 2009
I hate this American hypocrisy and "virgin" tales. What if she has sex... as long as she does the precautions properly? Women are still second class citizens in the First World which is a shame. Once America was a symbol of freedom for Socialist countries - by now, it dramatically changed, people in Eastern Europe enjoy much more freedom than in the US. By the way, God have mercy to the stupid and unfortunate girl who waits until she gets married. She will divorce in a very short time, felt used, disgusted.
posted by abbie on May 03, 2009
i laught when i saw this i was like yeah right miley realy messed up but i still like her not that much but i like her
posted by ErnestPayne on May 02, 2009
Fantasyland and Jesusland are both creations of the American psyche. Neither of them exist in the real world.
posted by James on May 02, 2009
A lot of teen-age girls have these idealized notions about sex and religion, heck as a teen-age boy I could've fallen into a similar trap had I had any friends or family who I trusted, but she'll grow out of it. Any time you call someone a slut or a pervert you're reinforcing the Christian lies about the nature of sex and sexuality. There's really nothing wrong with sex.
posted by Fap-Tastic on May 02, 2009
Bah...she'll have a sex tape on the web within a day of her 18th, which is unfortunate simply because it will extend this talentless twit's two minutes of fame even more. ....But I'll still watch it.
posted by Ruggy on May 02, 2009
That she'd a virgin, Christian, and knows about people being real or fake gives me new respect for this fine young lady.
posted by of course on May 02, 2009
well, in her mind she is still a virgin even though she has had oral and anal sex...
posted by Captain Obvious on May 02, 2009
I'm pretty sure the kind of girl who will show her boyfriend her bra and probably more on her webcam is more than likely NOT going to actually wait. My sister-in-law and her husband were doing the "christian" thing and was even going to pre-marriage counseling. Guess what, she was pregnant before they even had a marriage license. Go ahead and lie to us Miley, but we all know your ready to boink already.
posted by Lindsey Lohan on May 02, 2009
I'm waiting till I'm married too!!! -just say no
posted by huh on May 02, 2009
live miley alone plz
posted by jazz on May 02, 2009
live miley alone plz
posted by ZaBinkers on May 02, 2009
Miley may do what she says but I doubt it. Haha, she cant even keep her shirt down. If we see her naked, what makes u think her bf didnt?
posted by lolwut on May 02, 2009
You know who else said they were going to wait until marriage?
posted by ha!ha! on May 02, 2009
My prediction : the 20 yr old boyfriend gone in 60 seconds
posted by Mrs ED on May 02, 2009
She looks like a horse of course. And I am sure her dad gotr a peice of her already
posted by Chris Poole on May 02, 2009
pedobear approved!
posted by natedog on May 02, 2009
posted by stating the obvious on May 02, 2009
yeah, because no 16 year old girl has ever wanted to have sex before without being coerced
posted by poopluvr on May 02, 2009
Kids these days are confident that they can remain "Virgins" vaginally but lose it in the ass and mouth. All that propaganda in school has finally paid off. Welcome to the Millenium Generation.
posted by Wow on May 02, 2009
Um, wow, someone has nothing better to do than to criticize Miley. It's not that big of a deal.
posted by Huh? on May 02, 2009
Wait, she has already had sex, with her pedophile boyfriend taking advantage of her young age.

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