Nickelback's 'If Today Was Your Last Day' Music Video

April 24, 2009 06:28:40 GMT

In 'If Today Was Your Last Day' music video, giving away money seems to be one of the options which Nickelback suggest to do if today indeed is your last day on Earth.

Nickelback's 'If Today Was Your Last Day' Music Video
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Nickelback have debuted a music video to promote their single "If Today Was Your Last Day". In the video directed by Nigel Dick, a businessman is captured giving away money to those whom he meets on the streets. Two women are also shown handing out jacket with tag that read "Do Whatever It Takes" on its back to people.

Penned by vocalist Chad Kroeger, "If Today Was Your Last Day" is currently sitting at number 35 on Billboard Hot 100 and at number 7 on Canadian Hot 100 Singles chart. The track appears in Nickelback's 2008 studio album "Dark Horse".

Nickelback are hitting the road across America right now to support their latest effort. They will next be seen performing in California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah before wrapping it up in Houston, Texas on September 12. Fans can visit their official website to find complete details on their upcoming shows across the country.

Nickelback's "If Today Was Your Last Day" music video


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posted by la lokita:) on Nov 29, 2010
the druummer is HOT!!!!!!! OMG!i totally lve dhisz band!! fu! whoever sed it suks.... :P BLAHH
posted by bieber on Jun 04, 2010
i absolutely love nickelback. my friend kenzie got me addicted!
posted by kenzie on Jun 04, 2010
i love nickelback so much!!!! chad kroeger is sooo hott!!! oh and the drummer!!!
posted by Clayton on Nov 02, 2009
This song is very boring and old fashioned
posted by EM on Oct 13, 2009
I really Like the song. Its a good Songs
posted by laura:D on Sep 23, 2009
if today was your last day is hot like hell
posted by kirsty-jean on Aug 17, 2009
this song is beautiful i love it
posted by freddy on Jul 30, 2009
que super son los mejores tienen una musica que nadie podra tener en un mil años en otras palabras son los mejores su musica inspira a todos ojala que algun dia los pueda conoser pero les dejo mi correo por si acaso ..............ahhhhhhh tienen que visitar bolivia ...cochabanba bay
posted by aimee on Jun 08, 2009
i love this song and i know it by heart and the drummer is really hot
posted by Aimee on Jun 08, 2009
I lonve this song and I know it by heart and the drummer is really hot
posted by kk on Jun 04, 2009
the drummer is HOT:)
posted by kk on Jun 04, 2009
you rock nickelback i love this song!!!
posted by Sarah on Apr 29, 2009
Nickelback are just the greatest rock band in the world, this video is incredible! It gave me chills! I LOVE this band!
posted by PhillyFilmishGuy on Apr 29, 2009
JMO - hardly absurd to shoot in Philly. Not only did 50 extras get paid, but a whole bunch of local crew, no doubt. Much better than the unemployment line. Nickelback's welcome to shoot here anytime!
posted by Just My Opinion on Apr 24, 2009
It's absurd that they spent 8 hours filming (including the pay for 50 extras) in Philadelphia for 30 seconds in this video. I would think you have better ways to spend your money, Nickelback!
posted by Steven on Apr 24, 2009
Awesome video. Love the song.
posted by David on Apr 24, 2009
Where can i watch it ?
posted by james on Apr 24, 2009
posted by avinash on Apr 24, 2009
that video is awsome nckelback rocks the best rock band

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