Video: Bill O'Reilly Slams Eminem's 'We Made You' Music Video

April 11, 2009 04:48:20 GMT

'He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country,' Bill O'Reilly says of the celebrity spoofing done by Eminem in 'We Made You' music video, adding that the song's lyrics are 'crude.'

Video: Bill O'Reilly Slams Eminem's 'We Made You' Music Video
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Fox's news correspondent Bill O'Reilly has slammed Eminem on April 8 during "The O'Reilly Factor" over the rapper's "We Made You" music video, which spoofs public figures including Sarah Palin. "Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously," so Bill began his criticism.

"He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot. It's so crude what he does," Bill explained further. "Kids see it, not adults." He also added that the song's lyrics, which feature lines "I'll invite Sarah Palin out to dinner, nail her/ Baby, say hello to my little friend," are "crude" and "misogynist."

"Eminem is obviously on an obscene rant about Sarah Palin, it's totally obscene, totally inappropriate," O'Reilly continued. "All I want to do is repeat that Eminem means nothing. The video means nothing. It's played for kids that are confused."

Contrary to Billy O'Reilly's harsh response, Kim Kardashian, one of Eminem's targets in the mockery, previously admitted that she personally feels honored with the fact that the Slim Shady is rapping about her. "He's a bit harsh about some other celebrities, but you just have to let it go and have a sense of humor. Personally, I'm honored," so she opened up.

Eminem's "We Made You" music video has been debuted earlier this week. Directed by Joseph Kahn, it shoots down many Hollywood high profiles, including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Samantha Ronson. It also spoofs Chris Pine-starring movie "Star Trek". Up to date, only Kim Kardashian and Bill O'Reilly openly shared about what they feel toward the spoof.

Bill O'Reilly criticizing Eminem:


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posted by Eminememinememinem45 on May 24, 2012
Eminem is a great entertainer and people who can't appreciate his jokes have no sense of humor.
posted by amrio on Jan 30, 2011
these blogger are all stupid to critisize bill orielly they don,t have any commen sense et all
posted by forg on May 29, 2009
I believe that Mr.O'Rielly is a very educated person and for all the idiots that are defending eminem, you are just proving how uneducated, ignorant, and low class you really are. and that sounds like a liberal to me. You people are some of the most uneducated and non-hardworking people there are! You guys are rediculous to one call him a conservative when he is an independent he supports ideas from both politcal parties. Get a real education, get a life,and form a more educated and factual view of Mr.O'Rielly.
posted by cline on May 29, 2009
I believe that the people that actually have a brain and like to hear an educated point of view listen to bill o'rielly what ever ignorat fool that would make a coment saying that "no body with a brain takes in seriously" its funny you sayhn that because Mr.O'Riellys is one of the Most educated people in the news. I would love tom see any of you low lives out smart this man! Anyone that supports a so called "artist" being eminem has some psychological issues. Eminem is destorying childrens minds and making it look ok to smoke pot and drink when your underaged. Whoever was ignorant to blog "EMINEM THE BEST FUCK THE HATERS" is pure ignorant. Your a stupid iliterate fool, i believe you are just as good as the people you defend, and you my dear must mean much less then a piece of dog poop. Get a real education, low-lifes
posted by bigdog58 on May 18, 2009
It is a funny song and he does a good job making fun of people but bill is absolutely right. the fag liberal media looses their minds when liberals are criticized but when its reversed and conservatives are attacked. no one cares, the media doesnt say shit. Bill is just bringing the truth to the media
posted by Teeman on Apr 30, 2009
Why is Bill O'Reilly only defending Sarah Palin? He made fun of other people in the video as well, why doesn't he defend them. He falls into the same category of men who are just drooling over Palin and is using this opportunity to be her "knight in shining armor" I guess.
posted by mauiwowi97 on Apr 27, 2009
You know what else is "crude" and "Misogynistic", Sexual harrasment via the phone.Bill Should know that no one with a brain takes him seriously
posted by gil on Apr 25, 2009
how do they say eminem is on the left. if u ever heard his first cds u would no he took shots at the clintons
posted by noname on Apr 22, 2009
Wow!!! What a waste of broadcasting time this Bill oreilly is. I think that people can decide for themselves if they like Em or not, they don't need a stupid conservative jerk like Bill to tell them right from wrong.
posted by Gary on Apr 21, 2009
Bill is a dumb a** he thinks he is so smart. He has no idea about anything Eminem has sold over 157 million albums, so im pretty sure its not just 25 years old people. I know 40 year old people who listen to him, it the parents fault if little kids hear his music. I watched an interview where Bill was talking about trying to get child abuse charges on Eminem because Halie was on the song "my dads gone crazy" anyone who knows anything knows that no one goes into the recording studio with everyone and records at the same time. Em said Halie went in the booth and said "I think My dads gone crazy" she has never heard his music he says that all the time. Em said she was running around all day sayin "dads gone crazy" so he had her go in the booth and say the verse and the rest is history. F**K Bill he is a joke he only brings up Eminem for show ratings.....DID HE NOT PULL THIS S**T WITH LUDACRIS???? JOKE IS WHAT BILL IS!!!!!
posted by al qaejida on Apr 20, 2009
posted by gladys on Apr 20, 2009
fuck the haters
posted by anonymous. on Apr 20, 2009
posted by used to like bill or on Apr 18, 2009
i just lost all respect for bill orielly. palin was in one part of the song but somehow its an attack on sarah palin and if u really think about he said he wanted to f*** her hows that an insult and u also didnt see him defending jessica simpson,tony romo or kim kardasian. orielly is a joke.
posted by rebelle on Apr 18, 2009
bill falafel oriely and rush are the lowest forms of entertainment hands down!
posted by jasmine on Apr 17, 2009
eminems lyrics are true. so many kids can relate to them, and fair enough they offend some people but everything does these days. like if you were a naturist and saw a naked person walking down the road, it wouldnt bother you, but if you were a nun then obviously it would. you can't say anything these days without at least one person taking offence to it. i think its good that eminem is not afraid to share his opinions about a-list celebrities with the rest of the world even though he knows that people will object to what he raps about.
posted by baby shia on Apr 16, 2009
he talk about kim kardashian's and i don't see bill talkin about that because only republican womans care
posted by baby shia on Apr 16, 2009
ok men who the fuck is that country singer travis something??? who is that guy???? ok men i think we pass the eminem feminist shit long time ago bill let it go nobody give a fuck about what you say XD
posted by 3-1-3rd on Apr 15, 2009
How is possible that eminem represents the lowest form of entertainment when he sold like 100 million copies worldwide!!!!!
posted by amused on Apr 15, 2009
it's funny how they're trying to be serious, but when they show clips of eminem's video on the back it's hilarious. lol. <3 Eminem.
posted by g nike on Apr 14, 2009
Man em is the shit. Don't be surprissed when he makes a song up about you Bill.
posted by Anonymous on Apr 13, 2009
Oh gosh Bill O'Reilly again, he is about the biggest jerk ever, and you know he is all pissed about him saying stuff about Sarah Palin because 1. she's a conservative (like him)2. He is probably pissed that Eminem could nail her and Bill can't you know deep down Bill wants to nail her and so he has to get all defensive. not to mention if you are a fan of Eminem, you would know that he always does things like this and usually doesn't mean any harm it's called sense of humor. I don't know how he went from Eminem to feminism it makes no sense. Also I might add I see myself as a feminist and this video doesn't offend me a bit. If this is objectification of women then they should probably mention about a million other things that supposedly objectify women. It also irritates me that he's on a rant about the media when he does the same damn things since well he is considered the media, and this man always twists everything, even if it's not true to try and fit into his arguments and beliefs, and never looking at all sides of everything, and just bashing everyone else who does not share his beliefs. That my rant about Bill O'Reilly.
posted by me on Apr 12, 2009
it's a song a good one and eminem means more than your dumbass
posted by ens22 on Apr 12, 2009
It's up to the parents to control what they watch, stop blaming what goes on T.V.
posted by yo on Apr 12, 2009
bill o'reilly is stupid SHADY IS BACK
posted by saba on Apr 12, 2009
FUCK BILL O'REILLY! Eminem's the best rapper ever
posted by propcarace on Apr 12, 2009
First of all Bill O'Rielly is at least as much of a jerk as Eminem can be. Sarah palin can be made fun of and gotten away with because she is an idiot who does and say moroni9c things. The other woman mentioned in the O'Rielly piece are intelligent and actually stand for something worth protecting. O'Rielly, with his track record, shouldn't be remarking about women's issues.
posted by serenemonium@gmail.c on Apr 12, 2009
It seems that bill does present a valid point in regards to the hypocrisy of the situation. I expected much more of a critical response from viewers throughout the country. However, as someone under twenty-five and apparently a "kid who is confused," I find that it's best to have an open mind and a good sense of humor when it comes to artists such as Eminem. At the end of the day, he's just another person trying to make a living, and his music is pretty catchy. For what it's worth, artists like Eminem are only popular because "we made them." If their music were ignored by the masses, would they really be successful?
posted by YouKnowEMINEM on Apr 12, 2009
posted by FYI on Apr 11, 2009
Hi hater...
posted by Person on Apr 11, 2009
Yes but his ranting is oh so entertaining
posted by KGB on Apr 11, 2009
Don't play with Em'!
posted by CGC on Apr 11, 2009
dildo O' really we did forget the settled lawsuit?
posted by truth on Apr 11, 2009
Bill oreilly a fat pice of shit
posted by good thing on Apr 11, 2009

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