First Look at Third Winchester Brother in 'Supernatural' 4.19 Preview

April 03, 2009 03:39:35 GMT

Adam reveals to Sam and Dean that he is John's son but he takes a sharp left turn when he transforms into something horrible, all new in 'Supernatural'.

First Look at Third Winchester Brother in 'Supernatural' 4.19 Preview
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"Supernatural" will take a two-week break and a promo for the April 23 episode is available. Called "Jump the Shark", this would be the episode where a third Winchester brother is introduced. Played by Jake Abel, the character is named Adam Milligan and he is conceived while John Winchester set out on his hunting adventure and met Kate Mullany.

In the episode, Adam's life is changed after he transitions to be a monster. Creator Eric Kripke explained the addition of the third brother to TV Guide, "When we were breaking the story about the third Winchester brother, we knew the fans would scream that we had jumped the shark. Of course, adding a new sibling or relative to an established series is a classic and cherished shark jump, Cousin Oliver being the patron saint of the practice (Brady Bunch)."

He continued, "For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark... watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think we're gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me."


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posted by Supernatural fan on Mar 25, 2010
hows adam die?...i wonder
posted by natalie Mckeogh on Jun 01, 2009
what is adam Winchester form supernatnael realy name i think i was a bad thing 2 bring the new brother into it because its makeing sam & dean figth and they are not as cloes now
posted by lonewolfen99 on May 29, 2009
It really doesn't matter to me if they add another actor to the cast, as long as the writing remains impeccable.
posted by sammydeana on May 07, 2009
i dont like the idea!!!!!!! w.t.h. is kripke thinking, i mean is not gonna be the same. The winchester boys are just two (sam y dean), and of course their father. But fans think carrefully, this new kid is going to break all the sence of the show, i mean since the bigining the only hink we have heared is sam and dean. c'mon this is a disaster, i can't take it any more, first sam's bad side and now this. I really hate to say this but Supernatural is going to be the same that othes tv shows........a shit!!!!!!!! im really disapointed
posted by kaidalen17 on Apr 19, 2009
its probably a good idea but i think its gone to far with the new sibling if people wanted to know what happened to john while he was away hunting they should have done something else instead of adding another brother...does not make sence and got alot of people confused hope its a good idea kripke!!
posted by ozwerewolf on Apr 18, 2009
Personally I've always wanted them to make it into a trio. I actually hoped Ruby was going to do that when she first showed up. I just hope they are not going with their second idea of bringing this kid in to replace one of the others
posted by sensenrox30 on Apr 16, 2009
for those in confusion and in hate of eric kripke dont be. eric said he knew fans would be in shock some in a bad way. he aint stupid people he knows what he is doing. he isnt jumping the shark even if he was he will survive. the third bro is one of eric's intelligent storyline twists
posted by Feenix on Apr 16, 2009
there should only be the two brothers no one extra needed!!!
posted by winchestersis on Apr 14, 2009
incredible! it will be an awsomee episode we cant wait! omg omg omg omg omg omg omg! we're scared the third brother will mess up the story. but he is HOT!
posted by dredge on Apr 10, 2009
This show rocks. And for years i was hoping that they would add another sibling. It's a great idea. Because when you think about we didn't really know what John did while he was away hunting, while the boys were growing up. it's about time some change was added to the show. I can't wait to watch the episode.
posted by Demonicjellyfish on Apr 10, 2009
What in god's name where they thinking when they decided add an extra brother. It's a suicide mission! for their sakes, it better be worth it.
posted by animallover79 on Apr 09, 2009
no! there are only 2 brothers, that's how it is and should be. i am completely unhappy with this new addition!!!
posted by Someone on Apr 08, 2009
I don't like him.
posted by Feanix on Apr 04, 2009
I applaud your expansion of the metaphor/analogy/whatever they are, sweetangelle3. And agree whole-heartedly; Supernatural ain't nowhere near anything with gills.
posted by sweetangelle3 on Apr 03, 2009
this show is not anywhere near jumping any sharks, they are firmly planted somewhere midland, far from even the coastline of jumping any sea creature. This season has been incredible and each episode does not fail to make my mouth gap open about something, I can't wait to see what this episode is gonna be!

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