A Dose of 'Lost': Possible Wedding and Major Character Exit

March 21, 2009 06:38:01 GMT

'Lost' is reportedly casting extras for a wedding scene while Elizabeth Mitchell aka Juliet is cast in another pilot.

A Dose of 'Lost': Possible Wedding and Major Character Exit
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Two news coming from "Lost" may as well be the key clue to a major plot for the end of the season. First thing first, E! reports that a wedding may occur towards the end of the fifth season. The publication imported the information from a source in Hawaii where the shooting is taking place.

The show, allegedly is casting extras to be wedding guests, and if traced based on the shooting schedule, then this would be for the episode that airs in mid-year, aka the season finale. No confirming news yet about this, but extras are required to show up on Monday, March 23.

On a separate news, EW is hearing from moles at ABC and Warner Bros that Elizabeth Mitchell who is Juliet in the series, has been cast for a new pilot "V". This leads to speculation that her character could be written out. However, her role in "V" is still marked as "guest star".


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posted by startseeingsky on Apr 02, 2009
I love Juliet's character. I never was a big fan of Sawyer, but now that he is all in charge and responsible, he is hot! Don't let Kate break them up.
posted by noha cairo on Mar 23, 2009
don't kill Juliet please nooooooooooooo
posted by juliet on Mar 22, 2009
Please don't kill Juliet she's the best character on Lost....

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