Robert Pattinson Finds Naked Scene in 'Little Ashes' Uncomfortable

March 14, 2009 04:32:26 GMT

Playing young Salvador Dali in 'Little Ashes', Robert Pattinson shares what it feels like to have his first sex scene with another man, dubbing it to be more difficult than he'd anticipated.

Robert Pattinson Finds Naked Scene in 'Little Ashes' Uncomfortable
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Having to do a sex scene with his male co-star for "Little Ashes", Robert Pattinson admits that he struggled for the open set intimate shots. Revealing the matter in the April issue of GQ magazine, the "Twilight" hottie shares, "I was kind of crossing lines of what I thought I was comfortable doing. I had to do all this naked stuff."

"And here I am, with Javier [Beltran], who plays Lorca, doing an extremely hard-core sex scene, where I have a nervous breakdown afterward," the 22-year-old furthermore recalls the time he has to shoot the raunchy scene, "and because we're both straight, what we were doing seemed kind of ridiculous." He then added, "There's all these gay sex scenes. And y'know, I haven't even done a sex scene with a girl, in my whole career."

Though confessing of being ready on doing "something weird", Pattinson still finds it hard to do the naked scene in an open set. "Trying to do it doggie-style. Trying to have a nervous breakdown while doing it doggie-style," he says. "And it wasn't even a closed set. There were all these Spanish electricians giggling to themselves."

"Little Ashes" is set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1922. It follows the love affair between Salvador Dali and poet Federico Garcia Lorcathree. Taking its title from Salvador Dali's 1927-28 painting Cenicitas, it stars Robert Pattinson as Dali, Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Lorca and Matthew McNulty as Luis Bunuel. This drama film from director Paul Morrison has been premiered at the 16th annual Raindance film festival in London back in October. It will get its limited U.S. release on May 8.


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posted by zara on Feb 12, 2011
i m serpirza to rob kis secn its oky rob is rok
posted by Wooded on Nov 23, 2010
Dude Fuck what they say yea u might b straight but what ur doin is helping alott of gay ppm an everywhere bc it's not all happy times I congrat u an want to say thanks for taken one for the team
posted by lintot on Apr 20, 2010
i think your a really gud musician and actor well done for daring to do whot most other actors wouldnt dare good look for the future x x x x
posted by mel on Mar 22, 2010
I just want to say thanks for playing a naked role u should do that more often since your so so sexy show us what youve been hiding down there you are big I love you
posted by mel on Mar 22, 2010
rob, if your reading this i've been obsessing over you since harry potter i knew you'd become this big thing because you got what most guys don't have !!!! looks style brains dont worry quitting school isnt a crime its a choice very good one! id quit school when i was 17 couldnt keep myself out of trouble. Teachers were horriable id pick my fights & win them so your movie remember me I loved it because thats the type of guy im looking for someone who is so lost kinda like me who does crazy shit,wants to end there life CANT because someone like you has saved them from doing so everything about you has made me stop thinking about bad things I'm probably still here because of you. which you make me want to keep living I love you so so much thankyou for doing the things you do. Good or bad i dont care your my hero i will always be a fan oh, your twilight & new moon movies are perfect I couldnt ask for anything better. luv u lots
posted by inga from finland on Oct 01, 2009
where i can get that movie ??
posted by ruby on Aug 08, 2009
robert what did you do?
posted by on May 28, 2009
posted by Jay on May 14, 2009
I dont think its a disgusting thing to do...maybe he just wanted to try something different and wanted to try something other then just kissing a girl all the time!God your so dumb who cares if he was doing a sex scene with a guy...
posted by lollipop_145 on May 09, 2009
thats disgusting y wud he do that he just riuned his reputation
posted by breisap91 on Apr 27, 2009
I'm looking forward to seeing Little Ashes. Rob is such a brilliant actor and musician. I'm so glad Americans will be able to see more of Rob. His talent goes way beyond playing cedric diggory and edward cullen. We have to remember that he is an actor, he is not really the characters that he portrays. GO ROB!
posted by TonyfrmKy on Apr 21, 2009
I will see the movie...Robert Pattinson is doing a role most young actors don't have the balls to do. He is an ACTOR...I'm sure as good as Twilight has been to his career he doesn't want to be known only as Edward Cullen...BTW...I don't care what size he is... or how much money he has.
posted by hollybug on Apr 10, 2009
rob is so sexy but in the movie you are creepy and hot at the same time. that's the best part about the movie. if they replace you and the cast in the new movie i WILL die lol :) I L O V E YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by chrissy on Apr 06, 2009
I loved rob in twilight, and at first it was shocked to here about this role, but i can almost garantee that he's amazing in this film,too.
posted by ann on Mar 24, 2009
eeww no ROBERT WHY???????? ;(
posted by twilight obsesseners on Mar 21, 2009
we feel very very sorry for what you had to do rob, but your still frickin awesome in twilight! and totally hot
posted by twilight4eva on Mar 20, 2009
I feel pretty sympathetic towards Rob. I mean, I think that he is a excellent actor and has guts for taking on this role.
posted by laura on Mar 16, 2009
I am very proud of Rob, he is a real person and that role for a 22 year old to play ,just impresses me. Great Job Robert!
posted by Jessica on Mar 16, 2009
I saw the film at Raindance and Pattinson is awesome in the role of Dali. He neednt have worried he nails it.
posted by mc on Mar 15, 2009
well rob isn't the best actor ever but give him a break he is just starting
posted by mc on Mar 15, 2009
i talking to amanda and anna lol [by the way]
posted by mc on Mar 15, 2009
oh my god you guy r but funny
posted by Ginny on Mar 15, 2009
I haven't seen the movie yet, but, as it seems Robert gets very in depth with his portrayals, he will be quite good in a role that allowed him to research the character through biographies...despite his being uncomfortable in some scenes. If I were an be able to cross the lines of comfortableness, I mean, and do it well, would be rewarding, as it probably is for Robert. Isn't that the point of acting? He was just being honest and I doubt he meant it to be plastered everywhere. Regardless, I can't think of anyone else in young Hollywood now that would be able to play that part, he is on a whole other level than most other actors in his age range. I give him credit for going beyond his comfort zone early in his career. He unknowingly gives the impression (and those who know him well support it)that he is very, very creative and I am interested to see how his career develops with acting or music in the future. From what I've seen (and heard)he can excel in whatever future he chooses. As for him being attractive? The musical talent would have been enough for me, but he's just got EVERYTHING
posted by ann on Mar 15, 2009
If you don't like the movie or Rob, don't see them! Jeez, that is what soooo many people said when hearing his being cast as Edward and now everyone is in love with him(present company excluded!) Just see how the movie is before you bash him or it.Btw, I'm a 37 year old Mom of 4 and I think he's very handsome! Just give the gys a break, you don't have to see his films but don't bash on those that do.
posted by Cher on Mar 14, 2009
Well..He's an actor right?So i guess..Being an actor is being able to do or to potray different roles..That is why its called an ACTOR..You are only acting..Not real..Or should i say with connection to the actor's real life..Unless he/she is portraying a life story of its own..I mean so what if its a gay role..If the price is right..Its kind of versatility as an actor..Robert Pattinson is making his own name as an actor..Trying to do well on his chosen career..And i dont see anything wrong with that..As long as your not stepping on anyone's feet..Im on your side.
posted by sexyfanpire on Mar 14, 2009
oh lol! you guys actually think he's not good looking? hahaha! u guys must be blind, i swear if you see ur boyfriends, try opening your eyes and see how much u want to trade that ghetto man of yours and see how much your gunna want him instead. if it helps, -HE'S RICH :)
posted by Emma on Mar 14, 2009
Robert is far from good looking
posted by Anna on Mar 14, 2009
Hey renate! i guess you like robert pattinson, eww your such a creep
posted by steve on Mar 14, 2009
I've seen the film and Pattinson is annoyingly really good in it.
posted by renate on Mar 14, 2009
hey Anna! I guess thats what you like, creep
posted by Anna on Mar 14, 2009
i bet he has a small dick
posted by AMandaaaaaa on Mar 14, 2009
Eww it's bad enough seeing his face now him naked:(

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