Freida Pinto Could Be the Next Bond Girl

March 13, 2009 08:35:41 GMT

Said spotted by the producers during the casting for 'Quantum of Solace', 'Slumdog Millionaire' beauty Freida Pinto has reportedly been invited to a screen test for the next James Bond movie.

Freida Pinto
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There is a chance that "Slumdog Millionaire" beauty, Freida Pinto, ends up being the new Bond girl in "Bond 23". The Sun recently broke out that executive producer Barbara Broccoli is eager to have the 24-year-old joining the cast of the next installment for the 007 agent movie series, and that Pinto has been invited to a screen test.

Giving more info on the matter, the trade quoted a source who explained that the actress has caught the producers' attention since "Quantum of Solace" casting. "Freida came to the attention of the Bond team when they were casting Quantum of Solace," the source noted. "She was too young at the time to have a part as a love interest for a secret agent. But she has blossomed into an incredibly stunning young woman and would look perfect on Daniel Craig's arm."

Speculations on Pinto's possible involvement with the super agent movie came not long after "Slumdog Millionaire" director Danny Boyle was reported to have been offered the opportunity to direct the next James Bond movie, a rumor which was quickly denied by Boyle himself. Nonetheless, The Sun's source claimed, "Danny Boyle is favourite to take the helm of the next movie, which would increase Freida's chances of a starring role."

Making her big break with her Latika role in "Slumdog Millionaire", Freida Pinto is an Indian actress and professional model. For her performance as the girl whom Dev Patel's Jamal is in love with, she received a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the 62nd BAFTA Awards. Next, Pinto will be seen starring alongside Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Antonio Banderas, and Naomi Watts for a Woody Allen movie, "Untitled Woody Allen Project".


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posted by Bill on Dec 03, 2009
I would love to see Frieda Pinto as a sexy Indian Intelligence agent help Bond fight terrorists. I would also love to see her help Bond under the covers in bed also! very hot
posted by hk on Oct 30, 2009
but the q is does she want the part
posted by hk on Oct 30, 2009
i think its a great part for her she can do it she has all what a bond girl is
posted by noblekim97 on Apr 22, 2009
In my opinon Freido will make a better Bond Girl than Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer is not pretty enough. Freido has the look of a Bond girls. There has to be a certain swagger the woman has to have to be a Bond Girl and Jenneifer does not have it.
posted by Rodrigo on Mar 29, 2009
I don't have anything against Freido, but I can’t imagine her as the new James Bond Girl. Therefore they should choose someone like URSULA ANDERS - a tall blond, beautiful woman with long legs and a nice body. Although Daniel Craig is small, the woman should be tall (like Nicole Kidman, Liv Tyler…) We had small women enough, the World needs tall Girls!!!
posted by Marc on Mar 29, 2009
Yes it's a lie. ..."She was too young at the time to have a part as a love interest for a secret agent" bla bla bla... she's not 14 but 24 so wake up
posted by Jake on Mar 28, 2009
Freido Pinto first Indian bond girl after Aishwarya Rai turned down Casino Royal.
posted by John on Mar 28, 2009
Its all lie quantum of solace was screened to us a year ago and slumdog millionaire just came out so how do they now freido.
posted by francis on Mar 26, 2009
Freido Pinto would be a fantastic Bond Girl. I would love to see her in a Bond Movie, she is so beautiful,sexy and that incredible smile. Just image that sexy smile close up in the James Bond Movie, even Bond will have a hard time being in the lead.

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