Jason Mesnick Backs Out in 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'

March 03, 2009 04:21:04 GMT

The additional hour of 'The Bachelor' finale reveals that Jason Mesnick is having a second thought of choosing Melissa instead of Molly.

Jason Mesnick Backs Out in 'The Bachelor: After the Final Rose'
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"The Bachelor" may end with Jason Mesnick's proposal to Melissa but in the real world, it is not the case. An additional hour is given for the finale that airs Monday, March 2 to give viewers the updated situation. Jason is no longer engaged to Melissa because he keeps thinking about Molly whom he let go in the final two.

Host Chris Harrison approaches Jason to ask how he has been doing. The father of one reveals that things are so different now than it used to be in the show. He feels that Melissa and him are not right for each other and that he cannot hide the fact that he has been thinking about Molly all the while. Jason however, says that he hasn't talked to Molly since sending her home in the finale.

Jason then contemplates a break up with Melissa who all along is in the back stage, away from the conversation. When Jason faces her, he tells her that he is having doubts and Melissa asks him straight away on what makes him change his mind. She maintains her composure when Jason says that he is still keeping thoughts about Molly.

Melissa delivers her defense, saying that getting engaged is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and that he has ruined it. She, nevertheless, returns the ring and cries. Jason apologizes but Melissa is not ready to make peace. She tells him not to contact her by any means, before leaving the scene in a limo where she unleashes the fury and tears.

Molly is then brought in. Chris shows him the footage of the finale, and asks her what she would like to say to Jason. The talked-man then joins them and he tells Molly what happens between him and Melissa. He then reveals how he wants to spend time with her. But Molly, being skeptic, says "What about Melissa?". Jason insists on leaving Melissa behind to be with Molly. A commercial break is intercepted before Molly gets to say anything.

Just like the spoilers that had been going around prior to the finale, Molly says yes to giving Jason another chance. She says that her feeling has not changed since leaving New Zealand and then she kisses him. Chris wraps it up and announces that there will be another After Final Rose section aired on Tuesday, March 3.


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posted by paula on Feb 03, 2010
lindy: Your post is insane! Melissa knew Jason wanted to break up yes, but he lied to her that Molly was involved. Pluse to do this live was humiliating despite her partial knowledge. Melissa filmed Ellen after that break up show. You are a fool to be on Jasons side as he is scum
posted by Lindy on Oct 14, 2009
You posters are all ridiculous. When that show aired, they had been broken up since JANUARY!! Melissa had even been on Ellen prior to this show gushing about the guy in her life that she had been seeing casually before being on The Bachelor. Jason and Melissa realized, and she even admitted it, that things were not right for them after getting back to the States. She was not his fiancee when this show aired, even though she still had the ring...she had it because they had not seen each other for weeks! She was NOT blindsided...she put on the act of all acts when she stomped out of that room. Jason did the honorable thing...he didn't HAVE to please any of YOU!
posted by Maggie on Mar 05, 2009
The first time I saw Jason, I thought he had a weird smile that was like a grimace. So itís funny that he ended up with Molly, because when she smiles she grimaces as well. I always found Molly very unemotional. Her face has this impassive expression so much of the time, or else she has this fixed smile on her face. It doesnít sound like she and Jason have really spent that much time with each other in the last few weeks, a few weekends she said. So I wouldnít have high expectations of this lasting. Jason is apparently one of those guys who needs to ďfeel in loveĒ in a relationship all the time. Real life isnít like that. Itís funny how someone who seemed sympathetic at the beginning can turn out to be so self-centered. But then a guy who would sleep with three woman claming to care about them, doesnít know what real love is. They arenít cars, to be test driven. A car doesnít care if you move on. They are human beings with hearts. Real love is selfless. Itís a willingness to sacrifice for your beloved. But heís a user. Itís all about him.
posted by Jemma on Mar 05, 2009
I only watched one of these Bachorlette/Bachelor shows when it was a dark haired girl (not DeAnna). I was shocked when she slept with the remaining finalists, but apparently thatís what they do in this show. I think thatís why you see these endings, with the Bachelor/Bachelor whining about how difficult the decision is when theyíre in love with two people. When people have sex, a hormone is released in your brain that makes you more inclined to bond with that person (particularly in women). The same hormone is produced in large quantities when a woman gives birth. So these overnight dates just complicate matters so drastically. Itís no wonder this show so rarely results in marriage. Itís like creating a polygamous sect and watching it for entertainment. Plus the glamorous dates donít allow them to really get to know each other. They ought to lock a bachelor in a room for 24 hours with each contestant and with a barrier between them so they donít resort to sex to create a false sense of intimacy. They would have to actually talk to each other and get to know each other. Then send them on a camping trip from hell, where it rains non-stop and they forgot the bug repellant, and they have to look after five kids, three of whom have colds and two who are crying about wanting to go home. In other words let them see if they both can make lemonade out of lemons, or do they turn every mole into a mountain?
posted by pretty woman on Mar 04, 2009
I love molly.She is so geniune,I"am so happy for her.She was right when she told jason,he was doing the wrong thing.Miliasa is very immature.She was like a baby.I"am so proud of him to go to Molly.I wish them the very best and a happy life together.I know this will work.They will have a beautiful wedding on t.v.I know the three of them will have a wonderful life together.Molly will be a wonderful wife to Jason.It broke my heart to see Molly go home.Now I see they the happiest couple ever and it will last forever,you wait and see.They are ment for one another.God Bless the three of you.SO HAPPY FOR YOU MOLLY AND JASON.Way to go Jason and Molly.
posted by sam on Mar 04, 2009
Brad Womack doesn't look so bad, now, does he? At least he didn't ask someone to marry him and then pull this kind of lowlife crap.....absolutely no chance Molly and Jason work wrong for each other.
posted by flirtie13 on Mar 04, 2009
Jason Mesinick is a SCUMBAG! He wanted his cake and to eat it too. Tell me what the point of the show even is....I thought the point was to ELIMINATE everyone except for the ONE person you chose to marry right? I didnt think you could test out the last TWO! I dont even think he shouldve been allowed to do that. There should be something about that in the contract to deter this kind of thing otherwise theres just no point in the show. I hope no one else is gonna pull this down the road thinking it's ok cause he did it. He is such an asshole, he makes me sick! Melissa deserves so much better. What he did to her was so low. Molly is pathetic to even want him after that. She was his SECOND choice and I hope she can live with that. They wont make it...the only person Jason Mesnick loves is HIMSELF! And he definately is NOT all that. His nose is HUGE looking at his profile. It looks like an owl's beak! YUCK. And what kind of man cries like that? He's a big panzy. I hope he gets what he deserves
posted by numa on Mar 04, 2009
Jason is a stupid man who has no heart for hurting Mellissa she is an angel not like Molly spoiled brat who had the nerve to take a man that dumped her and had been with Mellissa what a stupid women ugly too. Mellisa is the greatest and hope Jason does not last with Molly Polly
posted by Duhh on Mar 04, 2009
I felt sorry for Melissa. She deserves better. Ladies, by now, you should see this picture. If you want to marry an honest man, don't put yourself on the show. Do you want a man who kissed 24 others women beside you? He is a "Cheating Bastard" from the start. What a heartless man, smooching with Molly right after he broke up with Melissa? And he said, he cares about Melissa? That's goes to you too Molly.
posted by Playwright on Mar 04, 2009
The Bachelor is a Reality Show and this season, more than any other, appeared scripted from day one. Fake tears, fake tears...and oh, did I mention, Fake tears?! The acting was bad..right off the celluloid emulsions of an Edward D. Wood, Jr. production; the bachelor too narcissistic; the women too needy; the drama too lyrical; the hype too commercial; and the media too enthralled in their own unabashed sentimentality for Mr. Obtuse, Jason Mesnick. Now THAT'S Entertainment!! Pass the Popcorn Jeeves! Note: Never place your popular main character in the position of becoming an inconsiderate Cad. Nor traumatize your 'American Sweetheart' on national TV. Disintegration of a Relationship is best handled off camera, yet the information would still carry the same shock-value if presented in a dignified manner to the audience. My opinions are just that, opinions.
posted by bee on Mar 04, 2009
Has anyone noticed that the common denominator in all of Jason's heartbreaks is, well, JASON. Wow, Molly you sure got the prize. I will never watch this ridiculous show again.
posted by A FORMER FAN on Mar 04, 2009
Jeez, jason, what do i say? Oh right don't judge me i'm perfect you tell us, what a load of bull! You are a loser and an ass for dumping a girl like melissa, i had a bf who dumped me because he believed someone else, yes we gave it another shot but there are days where i wonder if i made the right choice. but to bring him on tv and dump him that's just low, and that's what i hope you can see in a year or two. Molly, leave this scum bag and don't look back. Melissa, your prince charming is coming and good for you for not coming to the second after the rose ceremony, if i were the other women i wouldn't come back either. Jason you are a horrible person for this and Ty, good luck little man, i hope you DON'T become like your dad.
posted by GO AZ on Mar 03, 2009
I am so upset that this was televised all over our country. This is trash TV at its best!!! I was totally taken by Jason, he seemed so kind hearted and just a wonderful MAN. He calls himself a good father???? How will he explain this to his son, he seemed to really be taken with Melissa??? Will he say...Ty, Melissa and I love each and will be married...but after months go by...Ty, now I have changed my mind just like I did with your mother and now I love Molly and she will be your new mommy instead...what is wrong with this picture???? Did anyone think about the child?? What are we showing our children??? If you can't deal with tough times than move on and who cares who gets hurt in the process??? This is not right!! We are all in this "village" together trying to live life the best we can. We are all people that have feelings. Life is tough enough than to be hurt by someone who is suppose to love you but then to do it on TV. If we treat our love ones like this than how are we all living here together in peace? I don't think that I can watch this show anymore. Do we not have any integrity in this country?? CRAP TV NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!!
posted by katie on Mar 03, 2009
jason should not have broken up with melissa on national television... that was not right. if she really is as amazing and wonderful as he says she is and he cares about her that much then he should have had enough respect for melissa to not do that to her in front of the country.
posted by jpete on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a jerk and will never be happy with any girl because he probably still loves his exwife. melissa should be the next bachelorette.
posted by jpete on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a jerk and will never be happy with any girl because he probably still loves his exwife. melissa should be the next bachelorette.
posted by val on Mar 03, 2009
he did the right thing. better to break if off before they get married. people make mistakes. i think it's chilvarous to go after the women you love.
posted by wayne on Mar 03, 2009
does anyone know the name of that house where jason stayed in new zealand?
posted by blondie on Mar 03, 2009
I think it was extrememly sad what happened last night. Every woman wants that fantasy dream of "Cinderella" that's why ABC's ratings were so great because women want hope that there are good, decent, loving men out there still. You could really see how melissa loved him, and nothing against molly she was nice but she didn't show much emotion when she was dumped. What does that say? As for melissa she just has to keep looking but take alot of time for herself first! She will find someone who deserves her! Molly watch your back, a amn who "loves" you wouldn't have chose to hurt you either. So where is the ex wife and what's there story? Maybe ABC should exposed more of Jason dirty life that would be a better show for next season since the rating s for the bachelor will never be the same!
posted by nilly on Mar 03, 2009
All of this a acting and media hype. ABC was losing ratings and they had to try something different. Check out Reality Steve's Blog on how this really took place!
posted by meee on Mar 03, 2009
this show is crap. jason is a waste of time. i'm never watching again.
posted by WASTE OF MY FUCKING on Mar 03, 2009
Thanks asshole for wasting my time watching you get your nuts off on a weekly basis. Face it - you don't know what you want. Take that Lard ass Deanna - these two women should be running as fast as they can from your rotten ass. All this time and you still have your head up your ass. Get off the show now - were sick of seeing you for two seasons
posted by Krista on Mar 03, 2009
Jason has no idea what it means to "be in a relationship". Things get tough sometimes and you have to fight for it. What a loser.
posted by (: on Mar 03, 2009
stupid Jason.
posted by maj on Mar 03, 2009
I love Molly, Melissa acts to immature and too much like a baby. Better to end it now instead of later & then cause more pain for Melissa and Ty. I wish Molly & Jason & Ty the very best and hope this is the start to a long & beautiful life together.
posted by ginnystots on Mar 03, 2009
I am just sick to my stomach. This was just a total waste of time. They should have said things didn't turn out well and saved Melissa's embarassment. I think Molly put a little too much on him in the "tent". He just had to have more. There is no love there. I only hate that Melissa surely gave her all to this man and he gave it away so freely. I would go to the Dr. for a physical if I were Melissa. As for watching another season I don't really know.
posted by Donna on Mar 03, 2009
Jason seems to have many issues himself in life......God help whoever he ends up with. I would like to see Molly or the Gal from Canada as the next Bachelorette. Would be nice for them to find a decent man.
posted by flower child on Mar 03, 2009
Jason did the right and wrong thing at the same time-to break up with melissa yes_ on national tv no.
posted by moonbear76 on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is such a jerk!!! How could he do that to anyone? If he wasn't completely sure that he wanted Melissa to be his wife then why did he propose? He should have just told her that he was chosing her at the final rose ceremony to start a relationship with. But NOoooo...everyone thinks that the show HAS to end in a proposal! WHY? Because it makes "good" TV? Whatever. What Melissa said to him was right on...proposals SHOULD be a once in a lifetime thing...and he stole hers!! He should be ashamed.
posted by Did anyhone else not on Mar 03, 2009
I've always thought Jason came across as "the perfect guy" but started doubting that assumption during the final episode...did anyone else notice when he and his mom were sitting outside together under the blanket that he just stood there and watched his mom struggle to get up off the ground - he never extended his hand to help her. Maybe I am spoiled because my husband would have never stood by and watched me struggle to stand up let alone watch his elder mother do the same. It was at that moment I started questioning the "realness" of Jason's seemingly "perfect" status. He only confirmed my suspicion when he chose to breakup with Melissa on national TV. That is without tact. Clearly my husband still is the most "perfect husband" I could ever imagine. I never should have doubted that fact anyway. I have definitely won the lottery!!!
posted by Mich on Mar 03, 2009
Although it was right to break up with Melissa on live TV,(ABC should not have aired this), he made the right choice. He can't marry her just because of a tv show. He has a son to take into consideration here too. I hope it works out for him.
posted by Viewer on Mar 03, 2009
Jason took the cowards way out. While I can understand he wanted to break up with Melissa, he should not have waited until there was a national audience. He should have spoken with her before and just broken it off, then come on the show and be a man about it. Instead, he took the cowards way and did it on TV. I am so sick of hearing about how he raised his son. I have a suspiocion his ex would probably have something to say about that.
posted by margar on Mar 03, 2009
i agree with most everyone that jason is not the person i thought he was-indecisive and selfish-i hope he gets some counseling also very annoying how he just keeps saying these are real feelings and don t judge me of course you cant stop thinking of someone if your seeing them along!!!!i too feel bad for ty-how confusing for the little guy and as for abc---i m never watching this show again
posted by Really?! on Mar 03, 2009
I just think the whole thing is really sad. Itís sad that things didnít work out between Jason and MelissaÖ Itís sad that he has so little respect for the woman he asked to be his wife by dumping her on National TVÖ Itís sad that 30 seconds after breaking his fiancées heart, and sending her off like a losing game show contestant, he sparks up a relationship with another womanÖ Itís sad that Molly thinks she will be happy with a man who obviously canít stick around in a relationship when things arenít absolutely perfectÖ Itís sad that ABC as no problem so carelessly making a mockery of peopleís lives and relationshipsÖ Itís sad that Jason made the decision to do this when a child is involved. No relationship is perfect and it says a lot about a personís character if they bolt when things get a little tough. Iím not saying that he should have to deny himself happiness for the rest of his life if he really knows that Molly is ďthe oneĒÖ I just think the way he did all of this is classless and selfish. I feel a little (ok, a lot) silly for even watching stuff like this.
posted by RB on Mar 03, 2009
Understand that everything was done privately before hand with Melissa, so what looked like a blindside really wasnt. She knew what was coming before she ever sat down on that couch. Jason and Molly will make it, if anyone can find a perfect person that has never made a mistake(good luck) it's part of life..........
posted by been there on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is an ass!!!! I had something similar happen when I was left for the girl that found him on myspace (myspace sucks) because he knew she was his soulmate. Thank god mine wasn't televised, but all my friends found out when I did on his myspace page! Poor Melissa, it sucks to have the rug ripped out from under you and your heart stomped on. Good luck Melissa and Ty...can't wait for the update on this one.
posted by D on Mar 03, 2009
what is going to happen tonight? i agree with people that molly is more mature, melissa is more of a fun girl and family oriented more.. i wish them best of luck if its meant to be it will be
posted by Ace on Mar 03, 2009
I think Jason should see a shrink before he ruins another's life. He is too indecisive to be good husband material. He is a good actor, that is for sure.
posted by Janoshka on Mar 03, 2009
If, and I say "If" this was not totally scripted (which I suspect it was), then Jason shows no class in doing the break-up on national tv. Blindsiding should be left for survivor. Too bad sanctions are not allowed against Networks because ABC would get a huge one for such a tactless show of disrespect not just for Melissa but for women in general. I can no longer watch a show such as this in good concience. Jason, grow up, be a man and learn to treat women with respect. I hope your family will have a larger influence on Ty than you so he does not become a user as you are. What's next, dropping Molly for Deanna because you now realize that you couldn't stop thinking about her? That's not thinking with your brains fella! Grow up.
posted by betty on Mar 03, 2009
Due to contract they had to appear on after the final rose. Melissa and Jason were already broken up before the show but appeared again due to contract to show where their relationship was at. Always liked Melissa but if it's not working they both deserve to find happiness. Good luck to both.
posted by DMc on Mar 03, 2009
Jason Mesnick is everything I think about men. Low life liers, untrustworthy, scum! What an asshole to do that to Melissa on TV, GOD what a Bastard! Then he was all sheepish acting when Molly came out... praying she wouldn't dump him too! That would have been wonderful if she had..and she might in time! I say that any person that could do that to another human being on TV..has NO MORALS or feelings! I hope he is miserable for the rest of his life! You just don't do people, nice people, like Melissa like that! What a true schmuck! Drop dead Jason!
posted by paige on Mar 03, 2009
jason is a bastard. and im glad melissa told him. He just kept saying.."I just have to follow my heart" well you know what? thats the same excuse a cheating spouse uses to try and justify their affair. jason is a liar and a fake...i mean did you see him trying to muster up a few tears after he had just gone and broke the heart of the woman who he supposedly loved with his whole heart?! does molly really truly believe that jason is going to be faithful to her after he proclaimed his love for melissa and then tossed her to the side because he was tired of her? molly should have told him off the moment he said he had dumped melissa and now loved her...what a douchebag. I hope for the best for melissa though and hopes she finds the genuine man she deserves. ALSO i would like to say jason babys his son, ty, and ty is going to turn out just like his dad: a baby. plus let's all admit it: the child is a bit unfortunate looking
posted by Soloflex46 on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a low life dirty rotten scoundrel. Melissa you are a lady with class and deserve much better than Jason and you will find that. I hope Melissa becomes the next bachelorette and finds the man of her dreams. And at the same time I hope Jason falls flat on his face.He should be hung by his b---s He's a phoney, a cheat and a liar. On the season with Deanna he came off as the nice sweet guy. On this season he was even worse than the guy who dumped Deanna. This season made a mockery of the Bachelor. Jason turned into a real jerk. All he cared about was making out with everyone he possibly could to get his rocks off until it was time to make a decision. Molly is a total airhead to have taken him back. He dumps her then realizes oops I made a mistake and she says ok dear I still love you. In the end these 2 deserve everything they have coming to them. Melissa is a classy lady and will rise to the occasion.
posted by kittkat on Mar 03, 2009
When Mellisa's parents didn't want to meet Jason on the show, that should have been a red flag for him. The breakup should have been privately. Shame on you ABC. Molly, be very careful wit this guy. And Melissa, you have an Angel looking over you. You deseve beteter.
posted by GO MOLLY! on Mar 03, 2009
I thought Molly was way more mature than Melissa and I think I would have done the same thing Molly did...take him back. Best of Luck to Jason and Molly and Ty.
posted by bob on Mar 03, 2009
Molly? Are you serious? Melissa was awesome she was such a good girl and had everything going for Jason. Jason is a bastered just like Melissa said on NATIONAL TV! Jason just made himself look sooooo dumb and alot of people dont like him now... and for Molly to give him a second chance was stupid I hope they break up because Molly was only in it to win. Maybe Jason should have listened to Deanna, but he didn't and he broke a perfect girls heart I hope he thinks about Melissa when hes with Molly now.
posted by Laura on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a real jerk. I guess he did the right thing by confessing that he still thinks about Molly, but seriously?!? Obviously, he doesn't really love Molly because he would've chose her from the start. I was routing for Melissa since week one. & it was Molly or Melissa getting dumped on live television I'd still be pissed at Jason. I also cannot believe Molly gave him a second chance she should have said no or at least thought about it and talked to Melissa or something. I thought Jason was this great guy and so cute, but now I consider him a bastard and a horrible influence on his son.
posted by starryeyes on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a real jerk. I am so sorry I wasted my time watching this show. I would really love to hear from his ex-wife.
posted by Sad on Mar 03, 2009
What's the point of the second ATFR episode? Is it to get the reactions from the other contestants now? Good Lord ABC...
posted by bobby on Mar 03, 2009
posted by Yikes on Mar 03, 2009
Jason's ex-wife must be dancing the 'happy' dance...instead of being a private jerk, he has shown his colors publicly. Pathetic.
posted by rc on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a user / he won't be happy with Molly either. He even used his little boy to increase his decency / honesty quotient. What a D-BAG.
posted by loivr on Mar 03, 2009
I ill never watch another Bachelor
posted by bellarosa on Mar 03, 2009
Its a shame that the tv producers as contractual scripted that the break-up be aired nationally. Both parties should be grateful that it's better now than later especially when there's a little kid involve. Moreover, not meeting Melissa's parents to see face to face their reaction and or views was a red flag to begin with especially in a serious moment by moment deciding factor towards a connubial bliss of such magnitude, which constitutes a deal breaker hands down. If my son were in Jason's shoes I'd have told him to back off and Melissa's excuses were simply outrageously lame at the last minute to coerce her mother to "chat" with Jason the eve of their final rose. Good luck to both Jason + Molly and much happiness in the future!
posted by jewelunfolding on Mar 03, 2009
Come on you people... what's he supposed to do? Marry someone he's not in love with for the sake of the show? A lot of relationships end after a few months when the couple finds out they are not compatible. He did the honorable thing and he HAD to break up with her on the show as per the contract. How awful that you'd trash him because he didn't want to stay with some one he's not in love with just because YOU like her!
posted by jasonsucks on Mar 03, 2009
ok well first off, this is obviously all a joke. or they planned this all. because why would molly come back after she just got her heart broken? well jason is a jerk and he really doesn't know what he wants. i feel really bad for melissa. and jason didn't even say why? they were only six weeks into being together and he suddenly freaked out, dumped her, and chose the other person? how would that make you feel? this show is just trying to get people's attention and making it more interesting. jason is obviously a jerk, and poor ty. no woman should waste her time on him. and the manager? yeah he's er little off there. well thats all i gotta say. i love the two girls and i feel sorry for them to be under jasons spell.
posted by aj on Mar 03, 2009
well that was a trip,,,I thought Jillian was awesome,,lucky she got out from under that cry baby idiot....
posted by Flo on Mar 03, 2009
Maybe Jason needs to go see a shrink. I think he may be crazy.
posted by C on Mar 03, 2009
Jason keeps saying that he doesn't want to do things that would make him regret,but he's so selfish! What about Melissa, now she regrets falling in love with him! I think this is too mean to break it off with her on TV, jsut do it in private and ask Molly on TV, that should be something a nice and decent person would have thought of! I am so disappointed with Jason....
posted by 12313213213 on Mar 03, 2009
I think that it was completely wrong for Jason to kiss Molly after his fiancee JUST walked out of the room. Obviously he was way over her before they even filmed the show. What a jerk. Melissa will find much, much better.
posted by lisa on Mar 03, 2009
I actually liked them both and think he would have been happy with either. And I really do think he was in love with them both at a point. But he chose Melissa. Plain and simple. And you don't do that unless you are sure!!!! And I can't get over the fact that nobody but a total douche bag would dump someone on national TV, whether Melissa had an idea it was coming or not! It was a low move, and to kiss Molly afterwards, and try to make the whole thing seem romantic and like he was just following his heart is pathetic. You don't propose to someone unless you mean it!!! And he said how happy and in love he was, and gave no explaination WHY the chemistry faded or exactly what happened between him and Melissa to make him do such an about face. I felt awful for Melissa and even worse that I wanted to see a happy ending for him -- with EITHER OF THE GIRLS!!! I just wanted him to propose to who he was in love with and get his happy ending. But instead he screwed everything up by being a complete DOUCHE and ruining everybody's lives. This was NOT a happy ending. And him and Molly will not ride off into the sunset after all that has gone on. How can they? He'll end up with nobody, which is ultimately what he deserves. Poor Tye. Poor Melissa. I can't beleive I rooted for this jerk. I don't think I'll be watching another season. If ABC thinks we're all idiots who want a scripted show and shocker endings, then they need to pull thier asses. we want a REAL show!! ICK. ICK. ICK.
posted by Cindy on Mar 03, 2009
I couldn't believe that he is so heartless, and to do what he did for all to see contract or not. Mellissa shouldn't have had to give the ring back!! Molly seemed way too eager to get back with him like it was all staged for the viewers, PLEASE give us more credit than that! I am disgusted by the whole thing and I am finally going to make this the last show I ever watch! It is wasted time to see them live in a unrealistic fantasy and never know what they want in the end anyway. It only works the old fashioned way to meet someone. Reality T.V. is overrated!
posted by Lisa B on Mar 03, 2009
Jason and Molly deserve each other. I think having all of these women to choose from has gone to poor little Jasonís head. He obviously still thinks he is in a candy store. ď I don't like the taste of this one so I'll just take anotherĒ. This bachelor was just way too over rated. Melissa is still young and can consider this a blessing that America got to see what a LOSER he is. The whole thing seemed a bit staged but I am glad that Melissa called him a bastard. Kudosís to Melissa for being a trooper. I hope she got paid for the aggravation.
posted by hdsnhwwk on Mar 03, 2009
Why don't Jason just admit he's gay. I mean my God, look at his whiny, doe eyed ass. Your ass wouldn't know committment if it jumped up and bit you on your tanned pampered ass.
posted by #1!!!!!! Melissa on Mar 03, 2009
I love Melissa she should be the bathelerett.GO MELISSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by DUMB on Mar 03, 2009
your the DUMBES pearson in the world
posted by Tomson on Mar 03, 2009
jason is so dumb and is a heart breaker he has no idea what to do with his life.
posted by Joe J on Mar 03, 2009
Molly's going to OWN him now. It obvious that her family comes before he ever will, and he'll be joining a cult that he will have to conform to. He deserves whatever he gets from that family now. What a schmuck. Melissa was my choice since week 1.
posted by Bobby Ewing on Mar 03, 2009
When Jason explained himself to Melissa, he spoke of not wanting to live HIS life with regrets. If he had an ounce of class or an element of coolness, he would have spoken of his concern that continuing with Melissa would be unfair to HER to be with a man who was in love with another woman. He's a cad; an amateur; a selfish pr*ck.
posted by aqua on Mar 03, 2009
She did not come off immature...he deserved everything Melissa said and my opinion of him has completely changed...what a jerk!! smelling like a rose (to quote CH)...yeah right!
posted by queenie on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is not a jerk, bastard or an ass. He is SELFISH! Like another posting commented, I too saw him leave his mom to struggle to get off up off the ground. Apparently "help mom up" wasn't scripted for him!I then doubted how muchof a gentleman he really is. I can understand if he decided Mel wasn't for him (she did show up without her ring on so she was expecting something) But to not just say "he needs some time" or even that "I made a mistake" but to jump right into a happy embrace and kiss with Molly, seriously? I wish Mel would have said something like "Wow, Ty is proud of his daddy now!" I think Jason likes DRAMA! It just sadens me to see women so desperate that they dump all of their self respect to be with a man. I also notices that Molly took controlof every situation and conversation so Jason better get ready for a control freak and he deserves whatever he gets. If he doesn't make this one work he better get used to being a single dad!!!!
posted by f** jason on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a d-bag and walks funny anyways. He can cry his ass to hell
posted by Pamela on Mar 03, 2009
WOW....WHAT A JERK!!!! Can't believe he would break someone's heart on national TV. SO WRONG in every way. Worst Bachelor on this show so far....Should not have picked anyone of the two if that was the case.... And Molly, arent' you ashamed, being sloppy seconds??? Can't believe you took him back after all that!!!! Oh well, you are a blonde after all!!! Right?
posted by Pam on Mar 03, 2009
WOW and WOW....I hate this guy more than any other bachelor on this show!!!!! WHAT A JERK!!!! You don't break someone's heart over national television...Ass!!!! And Molly your a dumbest women ALIVE!!!!! What are you think, taking hime back!!! Aren't you ashame to be sloppy seconds...hahahaha!!!!
posted by Paulie on Mar 03, 2009
Come on guys! have any of you ever been in his shoes if you had to pick between 2 woman you had fell in love with it would be hard I think..he was struggling with the decision and we could obviously see he wasn't sure who to pick..Don't be so fast in judging..until you've walked in the persons shoes..he's a great guy and we all make mistakes, did you ever think that after he met Melissa's parents he freaked out, why didn't we see her parents and remember that when he went to meet Melissa's friends they told Jason that they had never met her parents either isn't that a little strange? Maybe the family thing wasn't right at all, and we know how that can take a change on a relationship!! So be easy on the guy would ya lol
posted by angel55343 on Mar 03, 2009
Boy am I glad I didnt see last night. I used to love Jason but now I question WTF this was all about. Jason went from being a Prince to a POS.
posted by Mom on Mar 03, 2009
Jason's an ARROGANT BASTARD and only thinking of his wants and needs. I feel bad for Melissa and she will find someone much better than this A-HOLE!
posted by MELISSA YOU ROCK!!!! on Mar 03, 2009
posted by 186654148hmmc on Mar 03, 2009
Jasons such a jerk!!!!! If i was the Bacholor I would of NOT let Melissa go... I'll let Molly go. and NOT make Melissa fell like this Molly didn't even like him that much u can just tell that when he gave her the news about Melissa and his break-UP!!!!!!!!! I'm NEVER WATCHING THAT SHOW EVER AGAIN!!!!!!! YOUR A JERK JASON!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE U...... STUPID....
posted by wow! on Mar 03, 2009
All I can say is that I am absolutley shocked at what happend last night. Melissa was sooo inlove with Jason, Molly didn't even look stunned when jason broke it off with her! The fact that Jason broke up with Melissa on national television is sick! Who the hell does that, he is a sick bastard who has no respect for women, he comes off to be this prince charming but in real life he's just an asshole who needs to pull his head out of his ass. I hope Molly realizes what Jason is all about and moves on without him! Ugh, I am sooo disgusted with jason....thats all I have to say.... I really dont think I want to watch the Bachelor ever again....soo disappointing!
posted by Rissa on Mar 03, 2009
posted by alliedallies on Mar 03, 2009
I can see why Jason is divorced. My heart breaks for Melissa, but better for her to find out he's a jerk now than years down the road. I am sure she won't have any trouble finding the man of her dreams now. How pathetic for Molly to take him back so easily and not even ask how Melissa is. They deserve each other...very shallow.
posted by sucker on Mar 03, 2009
was that bad acting or what ? I hate how we all got suckered into this crap ! Molly and jason have been seeing each other for months. I dont know how they can live with their lies. What about mollys famaly,how can they ever accept jason into their famaly after what he did to their little girl ! I guess it goes to show if molly can take jason back after being heart-broken then there are a lot of insecure woman out there !You two deserve one another . YOU SUCK .....................
posted by cat on Mar 03, 2009
I am seriously disappointed in Jason. I was seriously sickened by his treatment of Melissa. If he truly ever cared about her he would have chosen a private way to be honest with her...and he would have told her before. I think that he has shown himself to be a false person. I hope that in the end he dumps Molly for Jillian.
posted by deltabravo61 on Mar 03, 2009
AmI the only one who saw Molly as a control freak. Who didnt get her way and found a way to break those two up? Am I the only one that found her comments about how big of a mistake he was making as self-centered. God only knows what has been going on behind closed doors. I sense she found a way to stay in contact with him, to manipulate and control him, just like she did on that last date. She'll publicly dump him at her earliest conviencence just to get even. And TY will have to sit by and watch his dad pick up the pieces of his broken heart. Mellisa is a better woman to have gone through this process and learned early on what a quitter Jason is. Bless her heart for trying.
posted by PurelyCanadian on Mar 03, 2009
I have lost all respect for Jason. I think he is a game player. I felt so bad for Melisa, she didnt deserve to be treated that way. The was heart broken when Deanna hurt him, yet what he did to Melisa is unforgivable. What he did was 1000000 times worse then what Deanna did to him. He humiliated Melisa on national television. I believe people when they say it was the network that wanted him to play this game all along. I actually cant believe he went for it. Molly will be much better of with a fake and a liar like him. He is a horrible father, to put his son thru such a traumatic experience, with telling him he will have a new mommy then he wont then he will have another new mommy, thats dispicable, and no mature normal father would put his child thru such trauma. Again, I have NO RESPECT for a man that did what Jason has done to a woman that loved him so much. I wont be watching the show again, its trash and its all about seeing people get hurt. Shame on you all
posted by kristi on Mar 03, 2009
I would have to agree with not calling anyone immature cause they only do show what they want us to see. Also I think Jason's a JERK for breaking it off with her on TV. That was wrong and he has no class at ALL. I liked Jason alot but after what he did, he is immature and I hope that moly breaks his heart, but I think she is stupid for even giving a second chance at all they are meant for each other! Also what will happen tomorrow, will have jill come back or deanna????
posted by Reno on Mar 03, 2009
This is what we call a "reality" show, that is a joke. Jason Mesnick is a spoiled jerk and I hope he finds exactly what he deserves, nothing! He doesn't want the love of his life he thinks far to much of himself to ever find anyone good enough for his selfish self.....I think Melissa had it right, he is a bastard. I hope his life remains as shallow as he is.
posted by sally on Mar 03, 2009
I think Melissa was so adorable.She could have anyone ouy there.Now for Jason he is a geek.On the faial rose 2 Jason and Molly come on to say how happy they are.They are still together.
posted by lyn1 on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a jerk. he should of talked to Melissa about this weeks ago and if there were still problems he should of broke it in private. It made me sick to see him and Molly kissing right after he broke Melissa's heart..No class!!! That was a little extra stab.....And Jason's family was so worried he would get hurt. he is very far from a good catch in my book. all the bachorlettes should be thankful. Molly deserves him the way she acted on the couch knowing Melissa would see it. again no class!!!Losers...
posted by RICHIE on Mar 03, 2009
All I can say is Molly run as fast as you can, as he will only treat you the same way as Melissa, you are a lovely girl and deserve someone much better than Jason. I thik he is just a very selfish, self centred man, and he cried a lot!!!!!
posted by Zsmommy on Mar 03, 2009
I am angry too! But I do have to say that Jason did tell her before they got to the taping of the show, that things were not the same. She knew it was over before they got there. I will absolutely agree though, doing that shit on national TV is sooooo wrong. She wasn't surprised you could see that on her face, but how embarassing, knowing that the whole world just watched your heart break into a million pieces. I'm proud of her for calling him a Bastard on TV..he definately deserved it! I do wonder though how close Ty and Melissa got, and how he feels about the whole thing. It is so hard for a 3/4 year old to understand adult crap like this. So I hope that Jason's family is helping with Ty, and helping him cope. Jason...think before you speak next time. Don't propose if you have doubts! I really hope that Jill is the next Bachelorette!!! Melissa will be fine. She does not need to come back to this show. She should have men lined up now, the whole world saw what a sweetheart she was.
posted by Nancie on Mar 03, 2009
This makes me sick! Molly is a fool for taking him back. He has no class to do what he did to Melissa in such a public way. I don't care what his contract said he could have done it privately. How dare ABC make it look like dumping Melissa publically and asking Molly for a second chance a romantic thing!
posted by yummy on Mar 02, 2009
Well, I would not be calling anyone immature because we only see what they want us to see. I think that we should just respect them no matter what and just be thankful that you are not the one hurting over this stupid ordeal. I will never watch this stupid show again. What girl takes a guy back after knowing that you were second? He could have just pulled what Brad Womack did and maybe he would find true love the normal way.
posted by meg on Mar 02, 2009
I loved Molly, Melissa came off as immature. I agree with Jason, end it now and not months later when so much would have been invested in a relationship that includes a small child. Jason might look like a bastard now, but it was for the best for all concerned.
posted by Jimmie on Mar 02, 2009
Hmmm? What happens tomorrow?

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