The Woman Jason Mesnick Picks in 'The Bachelor' Finale

March 03, 2009 03:21:09 GMT

Scroll down to find out which woman has hooked Jason Mesnick's heart in the final rose ceremony of 'The Bachelor'.

The Woman Jason Mesnick Picks in 'The Bachelor' Finale
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Finally the moment where Jason Mesnick has to choose one of the two last standing women is aired. "The Bachelor" is down to former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Melissa Rycroft and department store buyer Molly Malaney who will find out whether Jason will hand them the final rose.

It is time to meet the little guy, Jason's three-year-old son Ty, which has been a prominent factor in Jason's consideration. After long-separated, Jason and Ty are reunited on the beach of New Zealand. Melissa gets to see Ty again and they go out for a little golf fun. Melissa seems to get along well with Ty, and Jason takes notice.

After Ty is put for a nap, Melissa then heads for an 'interrogation' with Jason's nuclear family. The parents, and brothers take turn in asking Melissa on her view about building a family which Jason which could mean a move to Seattle. At one point Melissa admits that she has fallen in love with Jason. It, however, becomes a problem for mom and dad that Jason didn't get to see Melissa's parents, but Melissa explains that her parents are camera-shy. Jason's brothers, Sean and Larry, then step in to ask some questions before Ty wakes up and says that he wants to hang out with Melissa.

Molly takes the second shift, hanging out with Ty in a park to play frisbee and fly a kite. Awkward in the beginning, Molly starts to melt the ice towards the end. In a similar situation, Ty is sent for a nap while Molly goes to see the family. Questions like being step mother, settling down and moving to Seattle are thrown and Jason's mother warns him that Molly seems to be the type who puts career first.

Before the break and after the women are gone, Jason says in the interview section that he completely falls in love with both women and does not know what to do.

The new day arrives, Melissa apparently is bothered by the fact that her parents didn't get in contact with Jason. So she phones them, in tears admits that she is falling for Jason, and begs them to talk to Jason on the phone. They agree. But before that, Melissa and Jason plan for a boat ride which doesn't go well due to the bad weather. Still, they jump into the water anyway. The date continues in Melissa's hotel room later that night. They make out on the bed and she tells him that her parents are ready to talk to him.

At the same pier, Molly and Jason meet but the rain is still not forgiving so Molly suggests that they go with their own plan. Molly sets up a massage session which, obviously, ends up with a make out session. Molly then plays the good housewife role, cooking him dinner. She then takes out a self-written book titled "A Fairy Tale Love Story" and spurts the "I Love You". Jason's reply: "I'm falling for you".

The next day, Jason has the phone conversation with Melissa's parents which he describes as "engaging". But his peace is short-lived for here comes the old flame to stir things up. Now-single DeAnna Pappas who dumped him in "The Bachelorette" finale comes by to his hotel and hugs him. Apparently, her visit is double sided. Apart from a hidden intentional of winning him back, DeAnna wants to advise him to look deep down his heart to choose the right one.

Enough with the dates and all, Jason is weighing on the two women. He picks his engagement ring and says that he knows what to do.

The rose ceremony is begun, and Molly is called first. This is a cue on TV shows like this that the first won't make it. Jason tells her that he is in love with somebody else and he starts crying. Molly doesn't cry but tells him that he is making a mistake. Jason then walks to the balcony in tears and Molly leaves in a limo where she finally wipes her tears.

The departure of Molly only means one thing. Jason tells Melissa how he loves her and he goes down on one knee to propose. Melissa jumps, shrieks, cries and says a definite yes. Ty joins them and all three of them jump into the pool in full clothes.

Continue to After Rose Ceremony for the update on Jason and Melissa.


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posted by post by paula on mar on Mar 04, 2009
Thank god, Melissa didn't marry that jerk. Her life would have been hell. He is so fake, she is better off on her own.
posted by stephfan on Mar 03, 2009
Melissa should have kept the ring!
posted by sunshine on Mar 03, 2009
I couldn"t wait for the show last night, what a MESS!!! I think it was all a set up, the public is not that stupid.ME & many of my friends & family will NEVER waste our time on watching this show again. It is all a game that"s all it is. Mellisa you are beautiful and don't deserve that scum bag,and You won the game. I think someone should look into what he is doing to his son. Jason your a poor excuse for a DAD. I don't even know how you ended up with your son. His mother should realy look into what your doing to this poor boy.
posted by Jimmy on Mar 03, 2009
I think that it's really hard to get to know somebody in the time it takes to film the show. I think that once Jason and Melissa became engaged, he began to see a different side of her, and as he said, he still had strong feelings for Molly. Molly would have been my pick hands down. She's the girl next door. She's fun, sweet, and very pretty. There is no doubt that her feelings are genuine. I wonder if DeAnna's visit did anything to persuade him towards one or the other? But, of course Molly takes him back! She loves him. The dumb jerk should have picked her to begin with!
posted by Annieb on Mar 03, 2009
I was so shocked at Jasons actions. He should have stayed with Melissa. If Molly dates him she is crazy. What a flip-flopper! Feel sorry for his child.
posted by olemiss on Mar 03, 2009
I will never watch the bachelor this was a setup. It was awful....
posted by Jeanne and Trish on Mar 03, 2009
I think Jason is an self centered asshole! He definitely should have stuck it out with Melissa! -She deserves so much better than you!
posted by Chery on Mar 03, 2009
I think that Jason is a big JERK! Melissa is better off with out him and she should have kept the ring! He put her throught alot! As for Molly! I can't belive she said yes to Jason! I would have said NO!!!!!! I wouldn't want to be second best.
posted by on Mar 03, 2009
i think jason is a jerk if he didnt know who he wanted to be with then he shouldnt have porposed to melissa he broke her heart. and molly is just as stupied for taking him back
posted by on Mar 03, 2009
i think jason is a jerk if he didnt know who he wanted to be with then he shouldnt have porposed to melissa he broke her heart. and molly is just as stupied for taking him back
posted by Ben on Mar 03, 2009
Jason is a worthless son of a bitch. His life is filled with drama becasue he creates it for himself, its like he thrives on it. "HELO JASON" Its reality calling, you need to come back down from that mountain your dumbass is stuck on! If I ever see you out, I swear to god Im gonna spit in your face, PRICK!

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