David Archuleta's New Song 'It's All About Love'

February 12, 2009 09:08:32 GMT

A new mid-tempo material called 'It's All About Love' from David Archuleta has been revealed.

David Archuleta
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"It's All About Love", the brand new mid-tempo song performed by David Archuleta has come out. Question on whether it is a leftover from his self-titled debut album or recorded for his next project remains answered.

David Archuleta will be touring across America with labelmate from Jive Records Lesley Roy to support his debut effort. The runner-up of "American Idol" season seven will kick off the gig on February 24 at Sandler PAC in Virginia Beach, VA.

The following day, David will be heading up to Richmond, VA for another live concert at The National. After that, he will also make stops in Lancaster, Oklahoma and San Antonio among other major cities before wrapping it up on March 21 at Knitting Factory in Boise, ID. Fans can log on to his MySpace to obtain details of his tour.

Audio stream of David Archuleta's "It's All About Love"

Update 02/13:
The song is actually titled "Let's Talk About Love" and recorded for Build-A-Bear charity.


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posted by bubblegum0507 on Nov 10, 2010
posted by liana on Sep 08, 2010
omg,i realy love all your,you so realy,realy,realy cute,i hope you will come again to malaysia,luv you....
posted by henny on Jul 26, 2010
i love you so much.. your voice.. your face.. your smile.. your songs...
posted by DANIELLA GOMEZ on Mar 07, 2010
hi DAVID ARCHULETA i love you.........
posted by NAPOLEON SUNDIAM on Mar 01, 2010
...HI AND HELLO,1st of ol i wnt congrantzzz u 4 ur successful concert,,,i am ur big fan,hope i see u sumday,,thanzzz
posted by SOPHIA on Feb 25, 2010
posted by cris on Feb 24, 2010
thank you kasi may bago kananamang single goodluck''''''''''''your my idol
posted by akira on Jan 09, 2010
i love the song "to be with you" i feel like heaven.... and his my 1st love....
posted by ...shienla on Dec 10, 2009
I love David...especially his song... love u David!!! your my idol
posted by JhonLi on Nov 22, 2009
I guess it's not "IT'S ALL ABOUT LOVE" but "LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE"
posted by merrynz on Oct 07, 2009
i really like the voice of david! i love him .
posted by aishah_amore on Oct 05, 2009
i du no why i so love u,archie !! maybe,of your voice,your face,or your smile.all about u make me crazy.hmm..i'm an indonesian.n i hope with your humiliation,u inclined to organizing a concert in my country.on there u will be really superstars.believe me !! archie,u almost my lord . . .
posted by karchie♥ on Aug 08, 2009
he's not just amazing,DAvid is also cute!oh my goodness! haha! i love you david!!:x
posted by karchie on Aug 08, 2009
i love your songs david!:x
posted by rena on Jun 20, 2009
David was so great I LOVE HIM,!!!!!!!!!!
posted by hillll.<3 on May 08, 2009
i lovee david(: hess amazingg.<3
posted by Intan on Apr 09, 2009 the Best David..I like so cute..
posted by misa on Apr 05, 2009
he's rock.i love his songs.
posted by xxxarchie#1fanxxx on Mar 26, 2009
i really love the song..and the way he sing it 2...david really rockzzz..!!i love all his songs and even him..<33.. P.S. i love u archie 'till death..!!<<33
posted by cherrychapstick on Mar 14, 2009
uhhmnn.. wow, David is so humble, he's so kind, and he deserves everything that God has given him. :)
posted by 232366 on Feb 17, 2009
I luv David.OMG the new song is over the world
posted by lettucegirl on Feb 12, 2009
thanks for the nice article. but id like to point out (like the others before me) that the title of david's amazing song is Let's Talk About Love. thanks. :D
posted by LTAL on Feb 12, 2009
I think it should be known first and foremost that this song is for charity. It was after all leaked by the CEO of Build-A-Bear when she made a blog about the campaign. The CEO happened to watch and meet David at the Today Show and David was subsequently asked to sing the song for charity.
posted by Gah! on Feb 12, 2009
Do you people do any research!?
posted by john on Feb 12, 2009
The title is "LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE", not 'It's All About Love'.
posted by gloria on Feb 12, 2009
the song is not 4 david CD or anything! that song is for charity
posted by pastel on Feb 12, 2009
It's great of David to give back so early in his career. This singer really gets it. A video of David recording the song is available too.
posted by Annie on Feb 12, 2009
The song is recorded for charity for Build-A-Bear, as frogcooke mentioned. And the title is "Let's Talk About Love". LOL
posted by Elizabeth Arrington on Feb 12, 2009
I like the way david sings. I love the song Crush.
posted by Brian on Feb 12, 2009
I think David is good! But the song sucks! What the Hell?

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