Demi Lovato Likes Humorous Guy

January 24, 2009 06:54:18 GMT

Opening up about the qualities she is looking for in a man, Demi Lovato says she likes someone who has a sense of humor because for her "humor is key to friendship."

Demi Lovato
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Talking about man of her dream, Demi Lovato mentions humor as one of the qualities that she is looking for in a guy. "I think the main thing is intelligence ... actually, no. I take that back. Humor because humor is key to friendship with me and you fall in love with somebody you're friends with and your friendship will last throughout your life," so she explains.

Demi Lovato, who is famous for starring as Mitchie Torres in Disney Channel TV movie "Camp Rock", recently revealed she not yet has a boyfriend. And so, when asked about her favorite Valentine's Day memories, she said spending the day with family and friends was the best celebration that she has ever had.

"Valentine's is my stepdad's birthday and that day it was the only thing we were celebrating," she acknowledged. "We had a family friends come over and they brought every girl." Besides, she also added, "Another great way to spend Valentine's Day is to watch The Notebook, pickles and hang out with friends."


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posted by aunice on Nov 14, 2013
Who is Demi's boyfriend?
posted by The Dude on Jan 04, 2011
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posted by The Dude on Jan 04, 2011
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posted by sokhnadiarra on Oct 07, 2010
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posted by james kershner on Aug 15, 2010
demi you the hotttest person ever i love you please call me my house number is 916-857-1074 my address is 4294 castleton circle in mather ca
posted by james on Feb 22, 2010
i love u demi lovato
posted by alex russo on Dec 22, 2009
damn im a girl so demi hope u can find that guy!!!!
posted by DEMIZ LUVER MUTHA FU on May 26, 2009
DEMi lovato is a babe no lie i cant wait until june wen she comez to san jose see dat fine piece or italian beaner ass come dam I'd wish i had a chance wit her!!!!
posted by ARG_Baterist on May 24, 2009
me again... i'm from Argentina and i like when she speak in spanish. she sang "This is me" in spanish
posted by ARG_Baterist on May 24, 2009
i like demi and i'm not GAY i'm guy
posted by demi lovato on Feb 24, 2009
look good
posted by blindzebra22 on Feb 01, 2009
all you people who commented and spelled awesome wrong are dumb YOUR OPINION IS NAWT WELCOMED
posted by ana on Jan 29, 2009
i like you demi,very much!!!!!
posted by andrea on Jan 29, 2009
i like demi lovato bt this is stupid!!!
posted by R W on Jan 28, 2009
u rock i cnt gt u out of my mind for some reason dnt know why
posted by babyv on Jan 25, 2009
fine sorry i didnt know you guys lovedher that much fine sorry demi i take every word i said back sory i mean it and you have some good fans sticking up for you like that
posted by lov joe jonas on Jan 25, 2009
yeah i agree with every one who likes demi
posted by jsgdh on Jan 25, 2009
yeah stupid
posted by dallas123 on Jan 25, 2009
dont talk about her like that shes asome and you know it DEMI LOVATO ROCKS and say she doesnt one more time and youll be sorry
posted by michel123 on Jan 25, 2009
shut the **** UP NASTY she rocks and you know it mrs drama everone loves her sicko
posted by babyv on Jan 25, 2009
your fat and ugly your stupid and have the worst singing ive ever heard i hate camp rock because of you and you and selena gomez suck
posted by zanessalover on Jan 25, 2009
love you girl your asome keep it up
posted by michel1234 on Jan 25, 2009
your hot my sister loves your music shes 15 my little sister is 3 and she sing your music all the time
posted by lov joe jonas on Jan 25, 2009
im a jemi lover :)
posted by jsgdh on Jan 25, 2009
i love yuu girl
posted by dallasl123 on Jan 25, 2009
dems you rock i love your music im your number 1 fan cant wait for camp rock 2 sonny with a chance and ppp and jb 3d movie love ya your my idol

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