Video Premiere: David Archuleta's 'A Little Too Not Over You'

December 16, 2008 02:15:25 GMT

As seen on 'A Little Too Not Over You' music video, David Archuleta recalls the times he spent with his ex-girlfriend through a digital camera.

Video Premiere: David Archuleta's 'A Little Too Not Over You'
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David Archuleta has debuted a music video for his brand new single "A Little Too Not Over You". On the Scott Speer-directed video, he is seen sitting in a dimmed room watching his pictures with ex-girlfriend through a digital camera.

"This video was so much fun! It took a lot longer, but I really had a great time. The director was really creative and fun to work with, and the people who were in the video were hilarious!" David wrote on his MySpace page. "They're working on editing it and getting everything together ..."

"A Little Too Not Over You" is the second single coming off David Archuleta's self-titled debut album. The song is written by himself teaming up with singer/songwriter Robbie Nevil.

David Archuleta's "A Little Too Not Over You" music video:


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posted by juls on Jun 19, 2011
That girl is also in Chris Brown ft. Justin Bieber- "next 2 you" music video. But I cannot find her name....
posted by James on Sep 24, 2010
he needs a latina girlfriend
posted by IloveDAVID on Oct 24, 2009
she doesnt deserve you if she likes u like that and then breaks ur <3!!!! but luv the video
posted by natalie on Oct 13, 2009
who is the girl in the video??? was she david archuleta's girlfriend?? the girl wants to kiss david. GO AWAY FROM DAVID! the girl is sooooooo rushing.. for kissing.
posted by anthony on Oct 05, 2009
who is the girl in this video? please anyone tell me her name? i beg you guys!
posted by Holly on May 10, 2009
I wanna know the girl's name.. who is she? she's so pretty.. she's like dakota fanning..
posted by Joe on Feb 13, 2009
Does anyone know that girl's name???
posted by Joseph on Feb 11, 2009
That girl is possibly the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen. :)
posted by david archuleta fans on Dec 29, 2008
I L Y DAVID! :***********
posted by David Archuleta Fans on Dec 29, 2008
I love youuuu David! :********** xoxo
posted by HATE THAT GIRL ON TH on Dec 29, 2008
posted by M i c h e l l e on Dec 29, 2008
Yeaaah that girl is pretty! But I wanna KICK HER OUT! GET AWAY FROM DAVID! I wanna PUCH HER!
posted by sierra on Dec 19, 2008
posted by Francisco on Dec 18, 2008
posted by minja on Dec 17, 2008
One day David will write ALL of his songs! He is an amazingly talented singer-songwriter-actor. This music video is very stylish and emotionally well performed and produced. It will be even bigger than "Crush".
posted by josh on Dec 16, 2008
It's a totally contemporary video with a digital camera! How cool is that you can delete all of your pictures with memories. He and the girl look so natural with each other as a couple. Like Crush, David's voice and acting make the song more serious than just a teenager's agony. So, is he gonna delete all the memories or keep them? In my case, I kept them for a while until I got a new girl friend. lol.
posted by Gia on Dec 16, 2008
Love the concept of the video! I just want to make a small remark. This song was wrote by David with Robin Neville (who wrote One Step at a time for Jordin Sparks) and...this is the main corection : Matthew Gerrard who co wrote with Kelly Clarkson "Breakaway". I think we have to give credit to Matthew Gerrard. If you can make the add it will be awesome. Thanks!
posted by Sevgi on Dec 16, 2008
Amazing video! Love the concept and David was very convincing in the role as someone who is not over his girlfriend. Great Job!
posted by Violet on Dec 16, 2008
I just love this video. It's perfect. Stefanny - David Archuleta's CD is available in 40 countries. The CD is called David Archuleta. Some places to buy it are large department and record stores, Itunes, Amazon (CD or MP3). Walmart Deluxe CD has one bonus track, Itunes Deluxe and Amazon MP3 Deluxe have 3 bonus tracks. If you are in another country, search Google for your local Sony/BMG website then call them to ask where you can buy the album.
posted by gracietoo on Dec 16, 2008
steffany - RUN to the store; his CD is out now-get it at WalMart with the bonus track Works For Me.
posted by KathyKat on Dec 16, 2008
Love this video. He and the girl with him match perfectly and their acting is so natural, it's almost real=) David is not only an amazing singer, he is a good actor, too.Those beautiful hazel eyes of his are too die for and his face is very expressive, too. Great job, D!
posted by Kara on Dec 16, 2008
OMG his pained expressions are like a knife right in my heart!! He is just sooooooooo CUTE!!!! Archuleta 4 eva baby!!!
posted by Marie on Dec 16, 2008
OMG!!! The video is very cool. I loved it. This will surely be another hit from David.
posted by rapunzel75 on Dec 16, 2008
i love his new music video. yeah, i agree with the other who commented that david and his 'girlfriend' acted so naturally. good job david!
posted by GLORIA on Dec 16, 2008
WAY better than crush! david this vid was really awesome!!man u look HOT <3
posted by curly sue on Dec 16, 2008
goodness gracious... i felt like i was there with him experiencing his pain... i love the song and i love him!!! five stars...
posted by Gmax4 on Dec 16, 2008
This young love was so believable!!! They looked so cute together! It was so real! I could just see David doing all the things in the video with his girlfriend! It really sold the song. How wonderful to see a video so refreshing. David can do anything...he hit this one out of the ballpark! Way to go David! this song and video is just wonderful! You are amazing!
posted by JaKE on Dec 16, 2008
Really great! He should do videos for all of his videos.
posted by STEFANNY on Dec 16, 2008
posted by Kait on Dec 16, 2008
Love this video and think it really sells the song! And David (and his onscreen ex) really sell the video.
posted by Kait on Dec 16, 2008
Love this video and think it really sells the song! And David (and his onscreen ex) really sell the video.
posted by lachelle on Dec 16, 2008
such a cool video every time i watch it which is a lot of times just today i say delete those photos you deserve better
posted by sdb on Dec 15, 2008
I love it!!! The song and the video are AWESOME! David is a true artist! amazing singer, songwriter, musician, actor! he can do it all!
posted by Gracie on Dec 15, 2008
Love this so much. That is just how a boy would feel who had a girl act that way about him and then move on....totally upset and confused. He did it WELLLLLL
posted by Lisa on Dec 15, 2008
Gorgeous video withe David in it which makes it even more gorgeous! lol Who is the girl she is very pretty!!
posted by Marley on Dec 15, 2008
WOW! Another great video from David Archuleta . . . He's so natural in this role. Love the music, his awesome voice & his hot looks. Way to go, David!

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