Preview of 'Supernatural' 4.11: Family Remains

December 13, 2008 04:54:15 GMT

Look forward to a horrifying episode involving Dean in 'Supernatural' when it returns on The CW on January 15.

Preview of 'Supernatural' 4.11: Family Remains
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A rather short preview of the new episode of "Supernatural" has been released. Going slightly more than 10 seconds, the footage gives a horrific look on how Dean is strangled with a hanging noose and displays the caption of "We're Sorry, to leave you".

The show will return next year on January 15 with the episode titled "Family Remains". In the episode, Sam and Dean investigate a farm house that seems to be haunted by a woman in the walls. Two guest starring characters are going to be introduced, one is a clean-cut FBI agent that will help the boys in investigating the murders in the small town but turns sinister later on and the other is an attractive woman named Cara Roberts who is functioning both as a doctor on duty and a wild woman who loves sex and booze.

On other news, it has recently been hinted that Anna, the angel that was engaged in sex with Dean in the back of his Impala, will go down back to Earth. However, no clue yet as whether they will get back together as a couple.


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posted by Jensen fan on Jan 18, 2009
DO NOT BRING BACK ANNA!!! I mean she and Dean EWWWW! I mean first Sam and Ruby the demon then Dean and Anna. Its wrong!
posted by Jensen fan on Jan 18, 2009
PLEASE bring more SUPERNATURAL! JUST NO ANNA! If they bring back Anna they have to back up the reason she has come back. You can't say she "fell" from Heaven again. Because the first time I was NOT buying it the first time. With the grace and everything.
posted by none on Dec 22, 2008
damn them to hell!(for the record tis is all in capital but my keyboards busted) that was too short1 i hate it when ppl do that! at least the other episode prev let u a bit in on it and hats wrong w/ anna? the only thing im not crazy about is she has my name...althought if dean were a bit older...
posted by Padackles on Dec 19, 2008
Oh please for the love of GOD do NOT BRING BACK ANNA!!!!! She was vapid, one-dimensional, flakey, and brought the word "irritating" to new and impressive heights. If there is any good left in the world, she will NOT be brought back to earth for ANY REASON.
posted by Bob on Dec 14, 2008
It's we're sorry to leave you hanging!

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