Alan Ball Gives Spoilers for Second Season of 'True Blood'

December 13, 2008 03:40:59 GMT

With the show earning a Golden Globe nomination, 'True Blood' creator releases on what fans can expect on the second season that returns next year.

Alan Ball Gives Spoilers for Second Season of 'True Blood'
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"True Blood" has been somewhat a successful story for HBO with it winning on weekly viewers ratings and earning a Golden Globe nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. The first season has been wrapped up and creator Alan Ball was present to dish out on how the second season will sink its teeth.

Warning, the following sentences will contain spoilers to those who have not watched the first season. Dropping a few hints, Ball said as quoted by James Hibberd of The Live Feed, "Jason goes into the Fellowship of the Sun church in a big way and is surprised by what he finds there. There's a new creature in town that is unlike any other. Nobody knows what this creature is, I'm not sure if it will be entirely explained in the show - it's not a werewolf."

He continued, "There are new romances for Tara, Jason and Sara. Bill and Sookie have a lot of issues to sort out - including having made a new teenage vampire that's living in their house. Bill and Sookie also go to Dallas to find one of their own who has gone missing."

The new season of "True Blood" is scheduled to air in May next year. The DVD for the first season will be available on May 12.


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posted by True Blood ova Twili on Jan 05, 2010
I can't wait until they introduce Quinn to the show with his "pansy purple eyes" and ripping good body/looks!
posted by TARAY on Aug 25, 2009
posted by mrsmoyer on Jul 29, 2009
ive read the books there are good but the story line with bill is crap sorry but it is why would he go threw all that with sookie and not love her and why would he be so mean i think harris ruined the books with that and keeping them apart threw the books is crap aswell because you know that bill will end up with sookie in the end or the start of the book was pointless i do like eric but i just dont think the story line was all that and as for this rubbish about your maker has control of you its total crap i love vampires and everyone knows the vamp that turns you cant control you i hate the she vamp that change bill what a stupid charecteri dont think alan ball will ruin bill and sookie romance on the show he would be stupid he never set out to follow the book word for word dont ruin bill and sookie
posted by Samantha88 on Mar 26, 2009
TEAM ERIC! WOOOOO i love bill, but eric is so much more then bill. hes super yummmy
posted by Cassie on Mar 23, 2009
I agree with most of you. Team Eric all the way (if you don't agree, read all the books I think it tends to sway lots of Bill lovers). I want to see a -lot- more of him in the next season. I mean Bill's a good guy and all, but if you've read the books then you just can't help but be hypnotized by Eric. He's hot, he's sexy, he's powerful, and he makes for one hell of a show stopper. I understand that series' and movies from books are usually distorted but if Alan's got in head in the game he'll know that the Eric/Sookie/Bill triangle is what keeps the women readers of this series so entranced. I know I've read Dead to the World more then the rest simply for the momentous shower scene :-)
posted by mcvampalicious on Mar 16, 2009
i have read all the books and can't wait until the next one is released. i do not have hbo, which sucks no pun intended, however have the series on order.
posted by SELENE on Mar 15, 2009
posted by Me on Mar 06, 2009
I can't believe how different the show is compared to the books. I like the books MUCH better. They have really distorted the show. It is NOTHING like the books. READ THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by jenndavid on Feb 21, 2009
my husband and I loved season 1. after the season ended we decided to read the books. we read them to eachother everynight and when we get to those special parts in the book it adds alittle spark. thanks cant wait for season 2.
posted by kassykitty4 on Feb 21, 2009
I'm sorry, but the books are WAY better. I started the show before the books, but I love the books. Eric is by far the most intriguing character and he better have a prominant role in the show or I will quit watching it. Bill is boring, a cheat and a liar! When the chips are down, it is ALWAYS Eric who has Sookie's back! He is what makes the story great!
posted by Rae on Feb 21, 2009
I can't wait to buy season one and start on season two. I too started watching the show and then read the books and I am so addicted. May seems too far away for the next Sookie Stackhouse book. I however am a huge Eric fan!! I think the guy they got to play him in the series is perfect! I picture him whenever I read, as with all the other characters. I hope Sookie stays with Eric, but at the same time I like Bill. To me Charlaine Harris took the place of Stephanie Meyers who I feel stole most of her ideas from Charlaine Harris. Dead After Dark and Twilight and there are just too many coincidences and parallels. Though I love the show, I love the books better. I watch the show and wonder where the heck they're going with it. But no matter what, I'll go along for the bite.
posted by justplainrnr on Feb 17, 2009
I want to see Eric in the second season or just eventually I want to see Sookie and his relationship develop like they did in the books.
posted by jolily on Feb 09, 2009
The books are what started the Sookie lovefest. All TrueBlood fans should read the books. Book three is the ultimate best, ultra steamy with a vulnerable Eric, and probably Sookie's most memorable and moving moments. Can't wait to see season 2.
posted by madyp on Feb 08, 2009
i have yet to read the books, so am not have no idea what is in store for the second season, but i hope sookie and bill stay together! They make the show worth watching and the on screen chemistry is amazing.I hope the show veers away from the books although keep its orginaly, love it and everything about this show!
posted by Jessie6 on Feb 08, 2009
I think Alan should mix it a bit. Maybe a few more flash backs like show Eric turning Pam over. Stuff like that. Bad stuff he did over the years. Hot!!!
posted by fangophile on Feb 06, 2009
I was bummed about Sookie and Bill in the 3rd book, but at least he is in all the books. He is kind of on the outside, while the other characters are developed. I have to say that I like the show better than the books, and I see a lot of interesting possibilities the show could take. I hope they include Bill, since I am in lust with Stephen Moyer!
posted by remtana on Jan 31, 2009
I also agree...after reading the books, I just love Eric and hope he is around more in the next season. I love the sexual tension he brings in the books with Sookie.
posted by ohiovamp on Jan 25, 2009
Eric is the best thing in the book series. When the "fangs" are down, he is the one who protects Sookie first (while of course looking out for his own vampire self too!). Eric is clever, witty, as well as dark and twisty yummy. Don't believe the show will go that way though. Alas.
posted by ohiovamp on Jan 24, 2009
Eric is the best thing in the book series. When the "fangs" are down, he is the one who protects Sookie first (while of course looking out for his own vampire self too!). Eric is clever, witty, as well as dark and twisty yummy. Don't believe the show will go that way though. Alas.
posted by iluvbillanderic on Jan 16, 2009
I just read the 8th book and I really hope that Sookie stays with both Bill and Eric, I love both of them. I think a luv triangle is the best way to go. For those of you who have not read that far yet, you will begin to love Eric as much as Bill.
posted by Pat on Jan 16, 2009
I think sara is the new vampire bill made...
posted by Bitten on Jan 12, 2009
BILL IS IN EVERY BOOK of the sookie stackhouse novels, dont scan thru them, read em.
posted by Kitty on Jan 12, 2009
I am opposite of most comments I have read & loved all the books & I want more Eric & Pam. Bill is kinda a D*ck at times...the show is good but the books are way better. I think they will bring in a Eric/Sookie/Bill love triangle..that will keep it steamy.
posted by juderon on Jan 10, 2009
I agree with the comments above, I believe that Bill and Sookie should stay together; I don't think I could watch it again if Bill and Sookie was not togehter. Also, I quit reading the books after book two because Bill was not in them; I feel as if he is the glue that holds the series together; the other story lines are just fluff, Keep Bill!!!!
posted by E on Jan 03, 2009
I'm a huge fan of the HBO series and have read all the books. Although I started watching the show before reading the books, I would really love to see the Eric storyline developed in season 2 and beyond. Something about 'humanizing' the vampires is intriguiging
posted by Shonda on Dec 29, 2008
There is so much stuff from the books that can be used for good story lines. I hope to see Eric more, I also hope that the show stays hot and steamy. Way better than the books. I have read them all and the show is much hotter than the books. Keep it comming.
posted by Lillie on Dec 23, 2008
I agree with Azulle... I am reading book 4 and I am having a tough time getting through it. I absolutely think that Bill and Sookie should stay together and I hope that Sookie cools her temper down, with Bill when he tries to explain Jessica to her. After all he did it for her, to get back to her. Like he said ..... I saw Twilight yesterday and I'm sorry but I prefer Bill and Sookie over them ANY DAY!
posted by Bite me on Dec 18, 2008
I hope Sookie stays with Bill even after she finds out about Jessica, the whole thing was because of her, anyway! they belong together.
posted by sheila on Dec 15, 2008
i'm crazy over this trueblood and can't wait to see whats next. i just hated to see ralphie get hurt he is so sexy. hell! 4 of the men on the show i've seen are just to die for. i'm a fan for life keep them com-n. just a trueblood addict.Bite me real good new season PLEASE!!!!!!!! thank you so very much.
posted by azulle on Dec 15, 2008
i prefer that the show not follow the book series to the "T" because that would mean beautiful... wonderful Bill would be out of the picture!!! I didn't like the turn the story took in book 3 and I'm sorta discouraged from reading the rest. I like Bill. So I'm all for Alan Ball changing it up a bit.
posted by Corinne on Dec 14, 2008
Yeah, who the heck is Sara? This person isn't in the books either.
posted by TheMrs on Dec 13, 2008
New romances for Tara, Jason & Sara ... who is Sara????

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