The One Who Dies in 'The L Word' Revealed

The One Who Dies in 'The L Word' Revealed

Through a new promo of the sixth and final season of 'The L Word', it is unveiled that one of the friends takes a plunge to death.

The final season of "The L Word" will claim a life, and the unfortunate one is finally unveiled. Showtime, the network that airs the lesbian drama series, have released a sneak peek to the first episode that will air January 18, showing that one of the main characters, Jenny, is found face-down in a swimming pool.

A female police officer comes over to investigate the case and the friends have gathered in the living room to be questioned. Jenny's body then is brought on a stretcher to the room, creating a tense atmosphere to the women that include Kit, Bette, Tina, Shane, Alice, and Helena.

In the promos that had been released earlier, it was hinted that "one of our favorites will take their last breath and one of the friends will take the fall". Actress Mia Kirschner who portrays Jenny however, reportedly will still be in the show to appear in a series of flashbacks.

A behind the scene and other promos of the new season, can be found on Showtime.



    Mar 09, 2009

    Yes, we need a movie to tie up all the loose ends. Who killed Jenny? What happens with Max and the baby? Does B.& T. get another kid? There are lots of story lines left in this show....

    Jan 11, 2009

    Aaaaaaaaaaw srsly =( thought jenny waz annoying but imna miss her bitching. and was kinda hoping she and Shane would end up together if not with carmen or atleast hook up...Thats a waste of hotness. =/

    Dec 05, 2008

    as long as it wasnt shane or bet or tina....its sad but kinda not a shocker im not upset

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