Selena Gomez Afraid of Being Cheated

November 27, 2008 03:14:19 GMT

Openly admitting she is afraid of being cheated by boys, Selena Gomez says she's very lucky because the guys she's been going on date with are "very respectful".

Selena Gomez
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Disney teen sensation Selena Gomez has revealed to TWIST magazine her biggest fear in dating that is being cheated by her boyfriend. "Cheating is a fear of mine. Some boys can't pay attention to just one girl, when they see one it's like, 'Woo, pretty girl!'" so she admits while at the same time also claiming, "I've been fortunate with the guys I've gone on dates with because they've been very respectful."

Selena then goes on talking about the difference between men and women that is quite obvious for her to notice. "When boys are young, they want to have fun and talk to all kinds of girl. When you think about it, why would a guy want to be tied down? But girls like the fairytale ending and think, 'I want to be with him forever,'" she states.

Opening up about her fear of cheaters, Selena Gomez however never talks publicly about her love life. She also offers no clue about her relationship with rumored boyfriend Nick Jonas.

In another Selena news, it has been reported that she is auctioning off herself to raise fund for Rosie O'Donnell's Gala: Building Dreams for Kids Auction. In support of the charity, she offers 4 lucky bidders the opportunity to spend one whole day with her on the set of her Disney Channel show, "Wizards of Waverly Place." Greater than that, the four people will also be escorted on set with Selena, allowed to see her private dressing room and stay for a live taping of the show. More information of the auction can be seen on


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posted by marissa kristen laur on Feb 07, 2009
i think u will look good with my cousin he loves u
posted by what on Jan 14, 2009
i think you have to leave nick sel bcuz nick really for miley
posted by numbr 1 on Dec 13, 2008
i have been with 3 cheaters out of 20 and it feels awful i caught them though 1st it hurt me but so far i pick the good ones since then
posted by shorty on Dec 04, 2008
I think Selena and Nick make a vey good couple.Good Luck u guys!
posted by selena on Dec 01, 2008
do u still love him.
posted by selena on Dec 01, 2008
do u still love him
posted by destiny on Dec 01, 2008
How do u feel about the whole thing?

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