Sneak Preview of 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.08: Going Once Going Twice

November 10, 2008 07:26:03 GMT

Situation will get worse for Laura as her dream house will be taken away by Kevin on 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.08.

Sneak Preview of 'Brothers and Sisters' 3.08: Going Once Going Twice
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In the next episode of "Brothers & Sisters", Justin Walker will be a matchmaker for Saul Holden. Entitled "Going Once Going Twice", Justin who in the last episode had some trouble on his relationship with Rebecca Harper, will make a plan to give Saul an unexpected candidate to go for a date with.

The episode will revolve around the effort of Kevin Walker who tries hard to overcompensate for his recent pay cut to Scotty Wandell. The man, who just begins to realize the reality of politics, will take Nora Walker's dream house away from her as a gift for Scotty.

Guest starring Dave Foley as Paul, the date of Saul, "Going Once Going Twice" is scheduled to premiere on ABC November 16 at 10/9c. Foley's guest role on "Brothers & Sisters" marks his several credit appearances on some other show series like "Stargate: Atlantis" and "Scrubs".


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posted by zoomzoomr on Nov 16, 2008
The other actor co-starring in this episode is Will McCormack. Eric McCormack is actually the actor that played Will in Will & Grace, and does not appear in Brothers and Sisters.

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