Barack Obama's First Speech as U.S. President, the Video

November 05, 2008 08:25:56 GMT

Barack Obama ascends the stage at Chicago's Grant Park, delivering his gratitude and addressing his view as the newly-elected U.S. president.

Barack Obama
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Live from Chicago's Grant Park, Barack Obama gives his first speech as the 44th president of United States. Few hours after he officially won the election over Republican John McCain, Obama ascends the stage to thank all Americans who have put the trust in him to make a change in the country.

Together with his wife, Michelle and their two daughters, Malia and Sasha, Obama took center stage, applauded and cheered by the audience. He becomes the first African-American to be elected as the U.S. president. On making such history, Obama opened his speech, saying "If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer."

Obama goes on thanking all the people that have supported him, including his family and his campaign manager David Plouffe. Among the people spotted in the huge crowd are actor Brad Pitt, and a tearful Oprah Winfrey who had endorsed the president on her famous talk show.

He also calls out to those who do not vote for him "I may not have won your votes tonight, but I hear your voices. I need your help and I will be your president too," he said.

Below are three parts of his speech in Chicago.

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3


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posted by ACE on Nov 03, 2010
Wow this is great from Swaziland
posted by Diana Hellen on Jul 02, 2010
Obama ur da greatest i believe and pray that u may lead America with wisdom n courage n with war prevention as well,may God bless u Obama.from Tanzania.
posted by ghania on Apr 21, 2010
i think that obama like others they do not give any change
posted by From Bhutan on Mar 24, 2010
I really love Mr. Obama himself amd his talents and wisdom. I wish u can bring changes to the world with no bloodshed but peace and harmony, trust and cooperations among nations. Though I m not politics I really love your politics.
posted by Joyce on Feb 16, 2010
President Obama you inspire me alot let the Almighty God who chose keep you safe as you rule the world. from Uganda
posted by silvana on Feb 06, 2010
The information are wonderful!!!!!
posted by Lawrence on Feb 05, 2010
I pray that you will be d change. Bt wait are you gay
posted by Lubi,Zuni,Rabi on Dec 16, 2009
We wished that u will keep peace in the country and will made good relations with your neighbour countries..
posted by lubaba on Dec 16, 2009
posted by sleepyfire3 on Sep 14, 2009
you are the best president sense abraham linclon. my dad and his cousin were at your speech in washington.
posted by elicoim on Jun 09, 2009
big up Mr Obama you are selected from heven to rule america and I beleive GOD will giv you wisdom
posted by anele mooi on Jun 03, 2009
i beliee that obama will be a good president
posted by DaKoda Taylor on Apr 27, 2009
...and not to mention the sexiest president in the WORLD!!
posted by mya on Feb 27, 2009
I bet martin luther king would of never thought this day would come.YES WE CAN and YES WE DID
posted by mya on Feb 27, 2009
obamaaaaaa is so cool.hes black im black and its good 2 have a AA man president
posted by sami on Feb 24, 2009
anyone know who the older guys were walking around him & in front of him after the speech?
posted by Soe Aung Thu on Feb 22, 2009
Congratulation,Mr.Obama.All the people are behind you.
posted by Muhammad Sohail Mali on Feb 12, 2009
Well Done Obama!!! Seems like change was waiting for your arrival! Hope for the Best!!!
posted by dk on Jan 25, 2009
obama you rock i wish you the best go ahead and keep making those good changes
posted by vevo on Jan 22, 2009
I love Mr.obama ,he is too kind and want to help the middle class,God bless you,he oath by peace and prosperity,we all happy with obama's victory as president.
posted by shahid on Jan 20, 2009
Obama can give world a new hope of peace and prosperity. need is to revive the bloodsheding policies in the world and enter a new arena of hope and prosperity.
posted by k on Jan 20, 2009
your cool!!!!!!!!
posted by snqobile on Dec 07, 2008
President Obama, thank you for inspiring the world and for planting the seed of hope that was beginnning to dwindle into from South Africa and thank you.
posted by Tina P on Nov 20, 2008
you brought tears to my eyes when i heard your first speech to the nation. you stand for all that's good and finally with God at your right hand you will bring the change that this world so desperately needs. i'm proud of you (South Africa)
posted by mawande mnqayi on Nov 18, 2008
i'm a tertiary student from a south african university and can i say,MR President, you are the embodiment of God's pure race.Finally i like America, i am a politician my self,(student politics)who bases his political actions on PAN-AFRICANISM and you sir make me proud.GOD BLESS YOU, AFRIKA LOVES YOU
posted by mr.dick on Nov 16, 2008
tang ina nyo kay mccain aq hudas
posted by dorothy on Nov 14, 2008
posted by detective on Nov 08, 2008
If you look carefully, you can see glass in front of the people protecting obama.
posted by detective on Nov 08, 2008
If you look carefully, you can see glass in front of the people protecting obama.
posted by fozao T, cameroon on Nov 07, 2008
congrats, the dream of Luther King has come true. i trust on your speech sepcially as u need to work with all at all time. God has uplifted u go ahead
posted by justme on Nov 07, 2008
you make me proud being human
posted by nicole on Nov 07, 2008
Hey "cameroon" MLK's dream was not about a black president. People should study more than the "I Have a Dream" speech and stop taking that one out of context. MLK fought for socio-economic equality for everyone. Justice under the law and the same opportunities - news flash those dreams have only been partially realized. Obama's presidency will hopefully be great for this country, I'm optimistic that he has the intelligence and the good intentions, but stop with the comparisons.
posted by dina on Nov 06, 2008
That's really amazing to me that I'm happy with Obama victory as a president of America..I hope that could be change America's relationship with Asia exspecially Indonesia..I'm trust u can change the world..God bless u.. go straight ..yes we can
posted by mjacton on Nov 06, 2008
Just want to make on small point...he's not President until January. I'm not trying to put a damper on the excitement, just want to point out reality.
posted by Mark Haessner on Nov 06, 2008
Im Canadian.To watch and listen to Obamas Victory Speech was very moving.The American people should be proud to have someone who can be honest and upfront and the courage to take on the tasks at had.It seems the United states can look forward to a brighter future
posted by yahoo on Nov 06, 2008
posted by Martin OBAMA on Nov 06, 2008
OBAMA has changed the world. he is the best man i have not seen. The world is behind you. Please show the the world your talent.Show the american and the world that you can with this big responsability.Yeah YOU CAN.
posted by Adamsy madobi kano on Nov 06, 2008
Obama,Allah made president i hope you will maintain human feelings toward muslim umma
posted by timothy mbugua thagi on Nov 06, 2008
the whole world is behind u oabma. congratulations.
posted by Adamsy madobi kano on Nov 06, 2008
Obama,Allah made president i hope you will maintain human feelings toward muslim umma
posted by Adamsy madobi kano on Nov 06, 2008
Obama,Allah made president i hope you will maintain human feelings toward muslim umma
posted by Adamsy madobi kano on Nov 06, 2008
Obama,Allah made president i hope you will maintain human feelings toward muslim umma
posted by George Crown on Nov 05, 2008
Obama is the right man. Obi(i.e KING)Nigerians are halp with u and i celebrate you.
posted by Derenor on Nov 05, 2008
Obama is so cool and could be one of the best presidents the U.S ever had.
posted by rafaelmontilla on Nov 05, 2008
I am very glad Obama wins
posted by Euphrasia on Nov 05, 2008
President Obama, like Martin Luther King, you have made the world proud. You have made us proud. You have touched the spirits of the people. God will see you through this Mr President. Well done and long live the white house. What God has ordained, no man will will destroy. PEACE
posted by Learf on Nov 05, 2008
That... Was... AMAZING! Go Obama! More like O-bomb-a with how his vote count exploded off the charts like that... He is a strong man and we can expect great things. I voted! I had a voice! I am now PROUD to be an American...

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