Janet Jackson to Make a Comeback in Houston, the Video

October 24, 2008 06:14:40 GMT

After her gig in Washington DC, Janet Jackson posts a video blog confirming that she heads up to Houston for another show.

Janet Jackson
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After suffering from a "rare form of migraine called vestibular migraine or migraine-associated vertigo" that required her to postpone several planned shows, Janet Jackson comes out to thank her fans for their support during her ailment. "I'm backstage in Houston. I'm getting ready to start the show and I just want to say hey to all Jermaine's 'Living the Life' YouTubers. I want to thank you for all your messages and all your love and support when I wasn't feeling very well," she says.

On the video blog, Jackson and her boyfriend Jermaine Dupri also deny rumors that the two had split. "Baby, they say you broke up with me because I threw up on you," Dupri laughs while saying. "How lame is that?" Jackson anwers. "Because you threw up on me ... Well, there's no real love there, is it?"

Previously, Jackson revealed that her comeback show will be at Verizon Center in Washington, DC. "I'm actually rolling into D.C. right now to do my first show coming back. I feel a lot better and I want to thank all of you," she stated at that time.

Janet Jackson's video message:


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posted by non_ya_biniz on Oct 24, 2008
ummm you need to check your facts Janet has been back on Tour for over a week now she did shows in DC,Atlanta,Houston,and Dallas and you call yourself a journalist LOL
posted by Kishi on Oct 24, 2008
Umm...Janet did Washington DC, Atlanta, NJ, before Houston!!

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