Bond Girl Gemma Arterton Born with 6 Fingers on Each Hand

October 10, 2008 09:53:16 GMT

She revealed in an interview with Esquire magazine that she was born with six fingers on each of her hands, which she claimed as "little oddity" that she's really proud of.

Gemma Arterton
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Aside from her glamor life as a movie actress, Gemma Arterton has openly revealed she was born with six fingers on each of her hands, a condition known as Polydactyly that affects one out of every thousand babies born. After having procedures to remove the extra fingers, she still has small lumps on the side of her hands as a result of the surgery.

Sharing her oddity in an interview with Esquire magazine, the screen beauty reveals that Polydactyly runs in her family. "People are really interested but repulsed at the same time. My dad had them, and my granddad," so she recalled. Nevertheless, she admitted she's really proud of what she called as the "little oddity," stating, "I feel like we're one-step ahead - a sign of things to come. We could do more stuff if we had extra fingers - faster texting, emailing, better guitar-playing."

Polydactyly isn't her only oddity though as Gemma revealed earlier this year that she was also born with a "crumpled ear" that had to be corrected with surgery. "I was born with lots of deformities," so she previously said about her physique.

Crumpled ear and Polydactyly, however, couldn't stop Gemma from pursuing an acting career and she proves to have what it takes to be on the spotlight. Aside from her several TV and movie starring roles, she has been tapped to play the role of Agent Fields in the highly anticipated movie "Quantum of Solace".


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posted by longislandWhizard on Nov 08, 2008
if everybody gives him the finger he'll look like a pork-E-pine !!!! ;)
posted by fred414141 on Nov 08, 2008
that could be you,if i give you the finger !! hahahahaha
posted by Inigo Montoya on Nov 07, 2008
I am looking for the six fingered man...

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