Gillian Anderson Helps Narrate PETA's Undercover Video of Rabbit Slaughter

Gillian Anderson

The actress helps detailing the process of rabbit slaughters in France and China, the two countries from which top fashion designer Giorgio Armani bought rabbit fur for his design.

An active supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Gillian Anderson lends her voice to narrate the animal rights organization's undercover investigation video exposing the cruelty of rabbit slaughter in China and France, two countries from which top fashion designers, like Giorgio Armani just to name one, bought rabbit fur for their fashion line. The rabbit slaughter done in both countries uses quite different methods, but displays most likely the same animal cruelty.

In France, as featured in the video, rabbits are killed with electrical device, their necks are then slit before they are hung up side down. The animals are conscious during the slaughter. In China, there are 2000 rabbits killed each day. The furry animals are placed in tiny cages before being slaughtered. Workers at Chinese rabbit farm forcefully pull the animals out of cages by their ears and shoot them in the head with captive-bolt guns. The workers often shoot the screaming rabbits multiple times. Most of them can be seen twitching and shaking, with their eyes wide open, before they die.

The undercover investigation video of rabbit slaughter in China and France can be watched after this news.

Armani previously was quoted as promising not to use fur for his fashion design, saying "I spoke with the people from PETA, and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur." Much contrary to his vows, he uses rabbit fur for babies and children's coats.

Taking aim at Armani, PETA Europe even released a picture of him with longer nose, depicting the one belongs to cartoon icon Pinocchio. The snap can be seen below.




    Aug 01, 2010

    France and China are two of the largest producers and consumers of rabbit meat in the world. These rabbits are almost certainly not being raised and butchered solely for their fur. The bodies are hanging in a cooler or storage area after being skinned, and the workers are apparently being careful not to contaminate the meat. Obviously the carcasses are used for meat, with the fur as a byproduct. If there was a pile of carcasses in a garbage can somewhere, you can bet there would be footage of it. Rabbit skins are generally not a profitable enough venture for farmers to raise them for the fur alone, anyway. What business that wants to make money would throw away a perfectly good portion of the animal that they can sell to make more money? That would be ridiculous. The meat feeds people and animals, and the skins are not wasted if they are used for clothing. Or you can think of it this way: the byproduct of rabbit skins is a healthy food. The byproducts of petrochemical-based textiles such as faux fur are toxic chemicals that pollute the environment and may cause cancer. Fur is much more sustainable and better for the environment than clothing made of oil-based chemicals, such as polyester. Fake fur is made using toxic chemicals that harm the environment, using a lot of energy in the process, and when it is discarded it will end up in a landfill where it can take hundreds of years or more to decompose. Real fur lasts much longer, is renewable, does not use harmful chemicals, has a much smaller environmental footprint and is recyclable and decomposable.

    Apr 17, 2010

    for those saying twitching does not idicate LIFE!!! theese animals are killed for a purse or a jacket that will go out of style next week. it is not a need its human ignorance for a living thing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mar 09, 2010

    Wow, I'm embarrassed that so many people actually fall for PETA's lies. The two people below me have already said what I would say. Twitching doesn't indicate life. You can bet that after the head is cut off, sometimes the bodies will twitch. It's caused by uncontrollable nerve firing. At the close-up, the rabbits' eyes were clearly open, not blinking. I learned this in hunting class: if an animal blinks, you're in trouble (because there's nothing more dangerous than a very hurt elk in close proximity). But back to the point: The rabbits in this video were definitely dead. They were NOT alive.

    Mar 08, 2010

    Oh the horror! the fur is pulled from their bodies like a sweater!! *insert sarcasm here* If anyone knew anything about slaughtering rabbits, you'd know that THAT IS HOW IT IS DONE!! Also... rabbit is one THE most healthy meats. How many people are those slaughter houses feeding? Learn to think for yourselves before you swallow Peta's lies hook line and sinker. Signed - disgusted once again at Peta and disappointed in Gillian Anderson.

    learn something
    Mar 08, 2010

    This looked like humane slaughter to me. That one appeared to be stunned in the wrong place, but the second stun quickly corrected it. Sometimes they scream when you pick them up. Slaughter is never pretty, and especially for those who know nothing about what they are seeing. Before jumping on the poor bunny bandwagon, please learn something. Oh and those rabbits were fully weaned and not yanked away from momma. She was quite happy to see them go.

    think on this
    Mar 07, 2010

    twitching does not indicate life. Twitching indicates death. Open eyes doesn't indicate life, it indicated death...if the eyes were blinking different story. electrocution and captive bolt guns are effective ways to kill rabbits if used effectively. if the head is gone, no pain is being registered, it's just twitching! Same thing happens to any animal when it's called death throes. I saw rabbits being killed for the most part efficiently. The workers in China well... what can I say... its a land with different rules on how they do things, I would wish somethings to be different there.

    Mar 07, 2010

    The voiceover in the video tells several outright lies. Any animal, unless given paralytic drugs (as with injection euthanization at the vet), will twitch as it dies, with its eyes open. This is due to reflex and chemical reactions and is NOT an indication of consciousness. The muscles can continue twitching and the heart can continue beating for quite some time after they are detached from the rest of the body. If you've ever heard the phrase "in the throes of death," or "death throes" this is what it is talking about. Taking an animal from alive and unharmed to dead and completely unaware in a matter of moments is the most humane way to slaughter--when it is done very quickly the twitching is sometimes still taking place after the animal is completely butchered out and cut into pieces of meat. While it looks and sounds disturbing, it is much more humane than a slow death would be. This video shows a headless body twitching, and implies that the carcass and the detached head are feeling the skin and feet being removed. They also imply that open eyes are a sign of awareness, which is completely backwards. Dead things, especially things that were killed very quickly, normally (though not always) have their eyes open. A person preparing a body for burial often has to close the eyes as part of the task. Open eyes are not a sign of awareness--even a head that has been detached from the body and in the freezer for months will still have open eyes. If the body is not attached to the head, it certainly can't be sending any pain signals to the brain, or be aware of anything. If the animals were conscious they would be blinking and screaming or showing some other sign of purposeful movement or some motion other than that that can be caused by reflexes. Twitching and rhythmic kicking, open unblinking eyes, and a beating heart are not evidence of consciousness and are very normal when a quick, humane death has taken place. Check any scientific source, but common sense will tell you that the headless, gutless, limbless carcass, although it is dramatically twitching in the video, cannot feel anything and is not aware of what is happening as it is being skinned.

    Oct 12, 2008

    OMG this is one of the most horrific videos on the cruelty of animals I've ever seen. The seems to becoming morally deficient by the minute, this is unfortunately another case in point. Well done PETA for opening our eyes to such inhumane treatment and the Armani's lies. I'll gladly support this cause and help spread the word. Kudos to Gillian Anderson for lending her voice to this noble cause, you are an inspiration.

    Oct 10, 2008

    I am a student at the Fashioin Institute of Desighn and Mercandising in Los Angeles. We usually speek highly of Armani here but not after seeing this video. I will no longer support Armani and any of his products. Thank you for opening my eyes Gillian Anderson.

    Oct 10, 2008

    I will gladly lend my support to end this inhumane slaughter. Kudos to Gillian Anderson for speaking out.

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