Hilary Duff's Gay Speech PSA, the Video

October 09, 2008 06:01:44 GMT

She stars in the public service announcement alongside fellow actress Wanda Sykes in a bid to help teenagers recognize that their anti-gay language is harmful.

Hilary Duff
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Hilary Duff is lending her celebrity status to star in a new public service announcement (PSA) to teach teens the importance of denouncing anti-gay speech. The PSA, created in partnership with The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), also stars fellow actress Wanda Sykes.

The 30-second ad campaign features the use of the term "that's so gay", which is meant to help teenagers recognize that their anti-LGBT language, a common reference to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender/transsexual people, is harmful. The ad is done as part of ThinkB4YouSpeak, a new campaign from the GLSEN. In addition to the reported PSA, which video can be watched after this news, there are also some other PSAs featuring other celebrities that can be watched on ThinkB4YouSpeak.


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posted by Hil baby on Oct 29, 2012
I Think there's no problem in being gay...because they 're humans too ....they got feelings like everybody else and when somebody tease him/her about their behavior it's soo damn hurting just think about yourself if that was you....just think abou it...
posted by Andyy on Oct 26, 2010
I absolutely love how there are people who think she's a lesbian because she's making a gay rights speech. She can't just be supportive, can't she?
posted by Drat on Oct 08, 2010
Everyone whose on here is being ridiculous.She's not trying to control your "freedom of speech". Its basically just a golden rule thing. would you want someone to say "that's so straight" or whatever might offend you.It's basically just telling you respect other people. And although I'm not a homosexual/transgender or support there way of life. It's called respect and everyone should have some!
posted by faggy_gay on Aug 23, 2010
HAHA!!! That is soooo GAY!! hillary Duff is so gay and talks gay and walk gay and dresses gay and is GAY!
posted by carnitasrule on Jun 09, 2010
Hillary quote: " I know this is going to sound really lame and stuff but, whoa, this has been the best day of my life!" She seems to have NO PROBLEM using "lame" to mean something bad...I guess she only cares about homosexual feelings being hurt, not the disabled.
posted by Straight in support on Nov 28, 2009
Even if the ad was a bit "different then what we like in an ad". It did make a good point, whenever anyone says "thats so gay" in a negative way it make people that are homosexual feel bad about themselves even though there is nothing wrong with them. So even though i agree that there may be more important issues in the world like ending world hunger, if we make 10% of the male population and 3% of the female population feel better about themselves simply by not doing something as simple as this, it would help a lot.
posted by hilaryfan21 on Oct 29, 2009
is hillary duff gay???? If she is that sucks cuz i want that ass, im a man btw
posted by get a life hilary on Jul 14, 2009
It's such stupidly done PSA that it's laughable but the thing I hate about it is the "Knock it off" at the end. The whole PSA is supposed to be about people using 'proper' language and then she uses some stupid catchphrase herself at the end. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! Just because she makes millions doesn't give her the right to tell me what to do!
posted by Apathetic on Jun 21, 2009
It's sad that this advertisement makes you all so insecure that you feel like you need to make an effort to fight it like that--and even announce your intentions on the internet. Pathetic, but typical. Why try so hard to declare how apathetic you are to society's butthurt? The truly apathetic would simply do nothing.
posted by gaylord on May 17, 2009
posted by sammm on Feb 16, 2009
love her
posted by SadClown on Feb 16, 2009
"That's so Hillary Duff" should be the newly adopted phrase in place of "That's so gay". Hillary, you want to stand up for gay rights, well here's your chance asshole! Take the burden of being the next phrase subject synonymous with bad/stupid Things and Stuff. I would gladly crossover Tonight!
posted by SadClown on Feb 16, 2009
^ / \ / | \ Huh? |
posted by Gay. on Feb 04, 2009
After seeing these commercials, I'm going to make specific effort too say "That's so gay" as much as possible. Stupid people trying to restrict my freedom of speech.
posted by mimz on Jan 02, 2009
One more thought... There are a lot of insensitive-hurtful and imoral - let alone rude things being done in the world - too often though nothing is done because it is not a cause that those who are in the forefront of the media care about the other issues- abortion is one to name a few. So, now should we stop having kids say.. "That is SO LAME" ? How many people out there who are lame- can't walk etc that should be insulted and hurt? ( my husband could be one of them- he physically has issues that make him feel lame). How about morons.. should we ban the word moron? There are real bonafied clinical morons in society that can't help being morons. The word retarded is still used- which means slow - as in the music term- so I suppose we should ban the word retard in music scores. Back to the word "retarded" kids say it all the time such as in this... "That kid was so retarded when he told the teacher she had ugly shoes". There now.. I feel better now.
posted by mimz on Jan 01, 2009
To be honest, I don't think most teens (mine included) think much why they say "that's so gay" It is a popular catch phrase-pointed at to whomever they are saying it to, or the subject at hand. On the other side of the coin- who was around making PSA's when the Homosexual Community decided to co-opt the word "gay" as in Happy- The afternoon party was full of gaiety- We felt gay and carefree- Or who was around when the Gay Community took the rainbow as their symbol? If we are going to start censoring free speech let Hillary Duff be at the next Gay Rights Rally when derogatory statements are made about those who disagree with the gay lifestyle - after all - we were not supposed to care what people do in their bedrooms- Now gay is a 4 letter word. Compassion is important in our society and being sensitive to those who may be hurt - but there is a line that is crossed when it is good for one group and not the rest of the populace.
posted by soycd on Dec 24, 2008
that commercial and hillary duff is so GAY!!
posted by Zoe on Dec 09, 2008
Hilary Duff is a great woman. She is strong and not self concious. Duff has proven her talent as not only an actress, but also a singer. Activism is also a key highlight in this young ladies' agenda. Duff is seen working with children, hurricane refugees, Gay Rights Activists, and other similar causes. Not only does she have a beautiful face and claim a spot among the stars of Hollywood, she also has a great soul. Peace out and rock on Hil! LUV ALWAYS- ZOE AND ALL YOUR OTHER FANS OUT THERE!
posted by Rose on Nov 11, 2008
Hillary Duff is cool and i liked her and her musics.
posted by C : on Nov 04, 2008
I dont like hillary duff... I must admit when I first saw this video I laughed...but it really is putting a good message through to people...even thought the comerical is a bit...lame...
posted by pete on Oct 22, 2008
Political correctness is stupid. I say black not african american, I say oriental not asian american. Really the word gay means happy and Ill use it as I like Hillary. Maybe homosexuals should come up with a new word that discribes what they do and like. Here are some good ideas, fags, pilow biters, back door bandit, and butt pirate. For the ladies we have rug muncher, dyke, butch and muff diver. I believe in each to thier own, including people who think that things that suck are "GAY AS HELL".
posted by Riles on Oct 21, 2008
I agree, I will also be using gay to describe bad things as much as possible now. In fact I may start using the word retarded just out of spite for Hilary Duff, she is sooooo GAY! Actually if she is really gay, does anyone know where I can get some video on that, LOL!
posted by skitepper on Oct 21, 2008
That is the gayest add Iv ever seen. Iv heard gay people use the word gay to describe something bad. I am now going to use the word gay as much as possible
posted by Hillary Duff is gay on Oct 21, 2008
Thought Policing is SO gay. Get over your self righteous B.S.
posted by kelsey on Oct 21, 2008
wow. thats true though. although i dont really like the ad. a little cheesy. ~kelsey
posted by on Oct 18, 2008
There may be some "bigger" issues in the world, but I think that this PSA (and future ones like it) are a great effort to get many teenagers to at least NOTICE what it is they say from day-to-day, and that it could hurt people. For those of you who responded with "this video is so gay," well, my goodness, aren't you SO creative! I personally think that this is a great announcement just so that some people become more aware of their day-to-day terminology. Good for you, Hilary!
posted by dude on Oct 18, 2008
thats the gayest thing ive ever seen
posted by Caligula on Oct 17, 2008
This is gay, she's gay. GAY GAY GAY!
posted by sue on Oct 17, 2008
Are you gay Hillery?
posted by jon on Oct 17, 2008
No matyter what you do to make people think that Gays are normal,it will never make them respected as a normal American. That is why kids use that phrase, Thats so gay.It shows they have no respect for any gay person.
posted by I hate gays on Oct 17, 2008
that is so gay
posted by annie on Oct 12, 2008
hilary i love you you are awesome!!
posted by sammm on Oct 09, 2008
aww, hilary is such a great person/role model! love her!
posted by ñotis on Oct 09, 2008
pues no supe q dijieron por q no se ingles jeje péro me lo imagino

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