Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston's Modest Night Out

September 22, 2008 09:54:40 GMT

They were seen wearing casual outfits during their night out at the Universal Studios on Sunday, September 21, during when they were joined by her mother and some friends.

Miley Cyrus
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Photo credit: Chris Hatcher/PR Photos

Despite their denial that they are a couple, Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston just wouldn't stop making another public outing together and they were seen enjoying a night out at Universal Studios on Sunday, September 21. They were joined by her mother Leticia Cyrus and a few friends.

Miley and Justin apparently kept their night out modest. She was seen wearing a mini silver grey dress layered with a black leather jacket. She was also spotted wearing a pair of black boots and toting around a hand bag with matching color. She beautified her look, wearing long silver necklace with a guitar pendant and oversized silver hoop earrings. As for her hair, she simply let it loosened.

As for Justin, the underwear model wore a white-colored v-neck t-shirt and paired it up with blue jeans. Wearing a pair of sneakers, he was also spotted sporting a cross necklace and bracelets on each of his arms.

Several photos of their outing during the day can be viewed on Gossip Girls.


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posted by heart on Aug 17, 2009
good option justin gaston is hot
posted by Thumper on Apr 05, 2009
Ya'll some hater chill the fuck out don't get disrespectful calling her a hoe just cuz yo broke asses don't have a older modle for a boyfriend and she looks beautiful in this picture... (miley hater?) ha yes clearly your a hater don't hate congradulate.
posted by watev on Mar 27, 2009
wat the big deal with her?? she actin like a *****!! shes just jealous that nick went out with selena!!
posted by ihate miley on Mar 27, 2009
i think she's trying to hard to get attention!!!
posted by Nicolai on Feb 28, 2009
she i so sexy!! i love hers song!!!!!
posted by funnyme on Feb 26, 2009
well i think she looks a bi like a "modern" Geisha..i hope you ppl know what's a geisha..but that's fine i mean the red lipstick does look odd..but otherwise she is a sweet all those abusing her god knows what..chill!
posted by lily on Feb 16, 2009
posted by lola on Feb 11, 2009
she is a whore she is noot nice she i stupide <33
posted by http://justjared.buz on Feb 10, 2009
Hate her she really looks like a hoe
posted by hey;again on Jan 25, 2009
by the way she would be pretty... if she took of all the make up that makes her look like a clown, and was amongst puerly ugly people.
posted by hey on Jan 25, 2009
ok, yeah she is rich and famous, she might not be a whore, but with a man she provably just likes for his looks 5 years older...pathetic, fans must be deaf 'cause talent is not one of her skills.
posted by luva on Jan 24, 2009
red is so nto your color ok,you look uglyy in this pics!!!!!!!
posted by Amanda on Jan 23, 2009
shes crazy
posted by pamela on Jan 22, 2009
yo piensop lo contrariop a la puta de ariiba maily esh muy mona ademash seguro esa estupida de arriba ishe esop pork esh un mostra orrible ok por esop nop pone fotosh
posted by 666 on Jan 11, 2009
posted by who gives a damm on Jan 11, 2009
whats all the fuss about fgs let her be ok the red lippy doesnt do her no favors but shes young n trying out new styles whats up with that NOTHING
posted by who gives a damm on Jan 11, 2009
whats all the fuss about fgs let her be ok the red lippy doesnt do her no favors but shes young n trying out new styles whats up with that NOTHING
posted by holly on Jan 05, 2009
she is amazing and all of you people who are slagging her off are just jealous that you cant be like her or have her boyfriend.
posted by evelyn on Jan 05, 2009
wao tiene 16 años? q mal esta muy niña para justin gaston
posted by joe jonas on Jan 03, 2009
she´s rich
posted by justin on Dec 28, 2008
death miley you are terrible and stupid bleahhhhhh!
posted by justin on Dec 28, 2008
death miley you are terrible and stupid bleahhhhhh!
posted by mnbdance on Dec 12, 2008
OMFG!! Do u guys really have no life!!
posted by Lorem on Dec 04, 2008
some of you are very stupid and jorkies, it's jealousy because she is very famous and very beautiful! do not have anything bad to be talking about it, jokiers!! I am a big fan and advocate its Miley Cyrus you at any time these envious.
posted by freakyfreak!! on Dec 02, 2008
posted by camila de nick jonaa on Nov 23, 2008
ella es una puta la odio perra te odio eres una penosa q tiene q inventar cosas para tener fama ademas nadie te pesca si cantai mas mal y quizas q le habrai dicho al otro pa q te pescara mierda feaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa orribleeee jajjajajajjaj weona
posted by mammaMaddi on Oct 29, 2008
first of all, her dad would NEVER allow her to be a whore, I'm sure he keeps her within eyeshot. Also shes lucky she is who she is, because if she ever tried to sing a song NOT written especially for her, she probobly would fail. And hey, a girl worth millions, and watched like a hawk by the media, is great for publicity! RIGHT ON JUSTIN!JUST DONT BREAK HER HEART...I'm a mom, and that would piss me off.a 5 year difference is no big deal if your 20, and 25, but right now,she's jail-bait.BUT,I must admit, you look cute together.BILLY RAY...KEEP YOUR BLINDERS OFF!posters, don't call her a whore..that's just not nice
posted by roxy on Oct 24, 2008
She´s just a youmg girl triyimg to having fun. Just leave her alone and live your own lives PLEASE sHE`S nad awesome singer
posted by bibi on Oct 16, 2008
She is changing man like underwear and she is only 15 year.
posted by SOPH on Sep 24, 2008
Miley Cyrus is NOT a whore! She's done nothing wrong! She's a fantastic talent and deserves as much support as possible. If you do not like Miley, then why are you wasting your time sending a nasty comment? FREAKING PATHETIC!
posted by Mr.Roboto on Sep 24, 2008
Wow. All you people calling Miley a whore. *Tisk Tisk Tisk* Honestly whats so whorish about this pic? You ask me I thinks she's Fricken HOT! Theres nothing whorish about this picture. You shouldn't be trash talking someone you don't even know. So STFU mileyhater, katie, and all u other people trash talkin her. She's just like everyone else. To be honest, I believe the people that trash talk Celebrities are only trash talking them is because they just want to be them! So HA!! End of discussion :)
posted by p3tra on Sep 23, 2008
to mileyhater: how is she a whore? please explain because your comment like katies is very IGNORANT
posted by wtf GO AWAY MILEY on Sep 23, 2008
she is so trashy its not even funny.
posted by katie on Sep 23, 2008
posted by tia on Sep 23, 2008
she looks like such a hoe in that pic
posted by mileyhater on Sep 22, 2008
shes a whore
posted by breath on Sep 22, 2008
leave her alone...can't she go out like a normal person without everyone stalking her to death?

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