Audio of Alicia Keys and Jack White's 007 Song 'Another Way to Die'

September 18, 2008 02:09:52 GMT

'Quantum of Solace' theme song entitled 'Another Way to Die' which is performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White has been revealed.

Audio of Alicia Keys and Jack White's 007 Song 'Another Way to Die'
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A brand new single called "Another Way to Die", which is performed in duet between Jack White and R&B singer Alicia Keys, has been unveiled. Produced and written by Jack himself, the song will be the first duet in the soundtrack of 2008 James Bond movie sequel, "Quantum of Solace", which will come out in theater on November 14.

Commenting on his writing credit, Jack says that he is very excited about the challenge to make powerful sounds. "You're definitely taking on a responsibility ... there's a tradition of powerful music in all these films," he explains. "But that's why I'm involved creatively with music ... for challenges like this. That's what I live for."

Furthermore, the The White Stripes' member also reveals that he and the pop diva plan to make a live performance for the Bond theme song. He says that the live gig will probably be at a special premiere of the new Bond film for the royal family in London.

Previously, Jack was reportedly unhappy when the song, that he has just finished, was used for Coca Cola promotional campaign. "We are disappointed that you first heard the song in a co-promotion for Coke Zero, rather than in its entirety," his spokesperson said.


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posted by diane on Jan 31, 2009
good singer
posted by jake on Oct 16, 2008
hey does any one know what his new guitar is? because if its an eastwood i carnt find it. thankyou
posted by Human w/ ears on Sep 18, 2008
The emperor is not wearing any clothes. And this noise is not worth listening to.
posted by BondFan on Sep 18, 2008
The verse type parts are actually good but the chorus (wrong spling I know) is shocking.

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