Leona Lewis Furious at Pre-Famous Album Release

September 01, 2008 07:29:15 GMT

Leona Lewis and Simon Cowell reportedly are unhappy that UEG will release an album containing songs recorded by the star before 'X-Factor'.

Leona Lewis
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Leona Lewis will have two of her albums competing against each other the end of this year. Before the re-packaged version of her debut album "Spirit" is released to vie for Christmas No. 1, a CD containing songs that she recorded pre-famous will be released by her old record company few weeks prior.

"Best Kept Secret", an album containing ten tracks that she recorded between 2004 to 2006 before she won "X Factor" two years ago, will be released by UEG and Lewis is reportedly unhappy with that. The British singer and her current label Syco are furious that UEG has won the right to distribute the CD starting from October 20 in U.K. later this year.

"Leona made it before she was famous and didn't expect it to come back to haunt her like this," a source told ViP. "The album was finished in 2006 and due for release that year. Then Leona won X Factor and all communications between her and UEG stopped." Among the tracks listed on "Best Kept Secret" are two singles that she released in 2005, "Dip Down" and "Private Party".

Problem is, producer Simon Cowell will drop the revamped "Spirit" in November and he doesn't want people to confuse it with the old one. The special edition of "Spirit" will be packaged with a few extra songs and videos.

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posted by JA on Sep 06, 2009
This is disappointing. There were other just as good singers and performers in the x-factor competition at the time who could have made it. They were given no chance. This is dishonest. This is cheating.
posted by LC on Oct 28, 2008
That's the agreement that auditioners have to sign as part of their release form, that they aren't under a contract for a record deal during the auditions-If they previously were signed but were dropped by the label then they are allowed to compete in such shows. It's basically put in place to avoid lawsuits.
posted by Harrods on Sep 25, 2008
Not sure if I am the only one who may have noticed but if Leona made an album or recordings before she won X-factor, wouldn't that make the Void? I thought you weren;t allowed to have label, management or similar contracts to be able to compete in X-factor?

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