John Mayer Discusses Jennifer Aniston-Split with the Press, Her Friends React

John Mayer

Insisting it was him who dumped Jen, not the other way around, he slammed the cheating reports and said to still have respect for the actress, claiming her as a smart person.

Reports on their break up have been doing the round since some time, but it was not until this weekend that John Mayer broke his silence about his split from actress girlfriend Jennifer Aniston. Opening up about their failed romance to the press who caught him after working out at an Equinox Gym in New York's SoHo neighborhood on Saturday, August 16, he told them his version of story which prompted Jen's friends to react with their own version of their split.

"It's the most normal thing in the world," John said adding that "There's no lying there's no cheating. There's no nothing" when referring to the many media reports that claimed he has cheated on Jen with another woman. Being asked on the reason that prompted them to go separate ways, the singer explained "People have different chemistry, they have different lives. It's not about years, it's about going out with somebody, being truthful on the way in, being truthful in the middle and being truthful on the way out. You're either a cheater or you break up and I'm not the first, I'm the second. And that's it. There's no lying, there's no bullsh**."

Furthermore insisting that it was him who initiated the break up, not Jen as the media have reported, John stated "I ended a relationship because there was no lying. I ended a relationship to be alone because I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right. I don't waste people's time. I don't do the taper. I guarantee you there's 20 percent of the people on the street right now who are in a relationship they wish they could get out of but they don't know how. And I'm going to be honest on the way in to my relationships and I'm going to be honest on the way out of my relationships."

Notwithstanding with their break up, John said he still has respect for Jen, praising her as "the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I've ever met." He continued saying, "I'm sorry that the story's not interesting. But it's about time that somebody stands up for that girl and I think she's great."

Much contrary to John's claim, Jen's friends insisted it was her who dumped him. "Jen will never kiss and tell, but it's she who ended the relationship," a source close to the actress said. "(Mayer's) childish behavior only confirms she was right to dump him. Now he's acting like a spoiled child. Expect Jen to behave like a lady." Blaming John for spilling the beans on his relationship with Jen, the source accused him to have sold their story for publicity, insisting "He has a relationship with certain paparazzi (and) bloggers. He tips them off. He loves the attention. Jen didn't want to believe it was happening, but it was, and she has no tolerance for that."

Worse than the publicity stunt accusation, other source close to Jen testified "Jen was tired of paying for everything. Cobwebs come flying out of (Mayer's) wallet when he opens it. John liked living like a movie star when he was with her. Jen would never say anything, but you could tell it irritated her."

Jen herself issue no single word to all the reports surrounding her relationship with John, making it even more difficult for people to judge which story is true.




    Aug 27, 2008

    John Mayer looks like a TOTAL DORK and guess what he also acts like one. It's obvious that he's only in it for the publicity!!!!!!!!

    Aug 18, 2008


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