Young Buck Hit Back at Phone Conversation Leak

June 19, 2008 03:35:02 GMT

The Tennessee native rapper has retaliated at recent leaked audio of his phone conversation with 50 Cent through a song called "Taped Conversation".

Young Buck
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It looks like the feud between Young Buck and G-Unit is still on after the rapper has now hit back at the latest leaked audio of his phone conversation with 50 Cent. Buck reacted to the audio clip by spawning a song titled "Taped Conversation" on June 18, which on the lyrics stated that the leaked audio tape was actually made a year ago.

Explaining about the recent leaked audio, on the lyrics the Tennessee native rapped, "B---h n---s do b---h thangs/ Look at 50, what he do just to get fame/ Record my phone call when I spoke from the heart/ That was a year ago, this was a joke from the start/ You a ho, I know/ The only people that record conversations is 5-0." In the later part of the song Buck also explained about his tears during the phone conversation, saying "If a real n---a cry, it's real pain/ I don't feel no shame."

Moreover, on the song Buck also shouted a nasty joke stating that 50 and Tony Yayo have a love affair and also that actually Lloyd Banks is not happy with the Unit but he is afraid to speak his mind. The track itself has 2 verses but according to report, the "Lose My Mind" rapper would add a third one if either 50 or someone from the Unit hit back at his "Taped Conversation".

The previous phone conversation between Buck and 50 was leaked on June 17 and reportedly it was outed by the "In Da Club" rapper himself. On the tape Buck was heard pleading and saying sorry to the Unit's boss.

Young Buck's "Taped Conversation":


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posted by Bav360 on Aug 27, 2008
young buck& tha game FUCK 50 hes a anotha h8er FUCK 50 FUCK!!! G-----UNOOOOTTTT
posted by ... on Jul 20, 2008
any 1 got da lyrics?
posted by yee on Jun 25, 2008
posted by fuckme on Jun 22, 2008
all niggers are wack!
posted by The Boss on Jun 21, 2008
posted by jbyrdd on Jun 20, 2008
buck is a beast, fifty is a bitch.

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