Paul McCartney to Do Last World Tour

June 09, 2008 07:16:46 GMT

The legendary rocker reportedly is planning to quit from doing world tour and is preparing his final one before retiring.

Paul McCartney
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It seems that Paul McCartney is about to announce a shocking and disappointing news as latest reports claim that the legendary musician might not go on tour again. It is said that Paul is preparing to do one last mega tour before he will stop and spend more of his time with his daughter Beatrice.

That news comes from a source close to Paul who told, "Paul explained that this tour will be the last big one. He wants to settle down and enjoy Beatrice's childhood." The source also added, "The tour will be the last time he performs in many parts of the world. Beatrice and his family life are going to come first. He does not want to be away for months at a time."

Moreover according to Mirror, Paul's upcoming final tour will be two years long and set to kick off this autumn. The website also said that the upcoming concerts will feature venues in Europe, Asia, North and South America and also Australia, the official dates reportedly will be announced later this month.

Paul himself recently has just finished performing at the Sound City Music Festival in Liverpool, England on June 1, where he was also being joined on stage by Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl. Beside that, he will also fly to Ukraine to stage another gig at the Independence Square in Kyiv on June 14.


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posted by @PeZ?! on Oct 08, 2010
wow best concert at the hollywood bowl nd im only 12
posted by anytimeatall on Oct 07, 2010
Paul, please come to the NEW YORK CITY area!!! I live in New Jersey and i would love to see you in concert! PLEASE COME HERE SOON! PLEASE DON'T STOP TOURING! Love your biggest fan, Mary
posted by Daftdisco on Feb 16, 2010
Im from Ecudor and it would be wonderful for you to come. I know thats almost impossible but Im living in Colombia so please come to Colombia. Please...
posted by NJ gal on Aug 19, 2009
Paul is my world! You rocked CitiField in July 2009. Keep on rockin 'n rolling - God Bless!
posted by rockenrudy on Aug 16, 2009
posted by isabel on Aug 04, 2009
please go to ecuador, is very important for me
posted by joan on Aug 02, 2009
Just returned from a concert in Washington DC AWESOME!!!!! Paul, you are the best!!!!!!
posted by Paul Franco on Apr 14, 2009
Paul, come to Peru, this wonderful land is waiting for you!
posted by feerciinho on Nov 15, 2008
I'm like Nostradamus, and I say that Paul will go to all the places you've said. Paul Forever
posted by surfgirl on Oct 28, 2008
does anyone knows where i could find the dates of his next concerts???
posted by Joaquim on Sep 13, 2008
Rio de Janeiro 1990 and São Paulo 1994. I will never forget those shows. Please, please come to Rio again and again and again. We've been missing you. You're the best. Those were beautiful nights!!!
posted by ive on Aug 25, 2008
please, i ned to know if he came to mexico, please please me
posted by TheBeatles. on Jul 22, 2008
Does anyone know when he's coming to Ontario, Canada? If, you do, let me know? Ty. :)
posted by Gustavo on Jul 16, 2008
Like Abigail from Argentina I can say "Please Paul come to my country", Argentina"
posted by Andyred on Jul 14, 2008
Common people...Can you imagine: ..."Paul McCartney in Perú"... This dream could be real.
posted by beatlesmusician on Jul 14, 2008
Paul i am a young teen musician and it is my dream to see you please come to nashville
posted by Pilar on Jun 17, 2008
Please, come to Chile! I was a child when he came for first time...please! please!
posted by Paul John on Jun 17, 2008
Paul, Please come to Stockholm, Sweden.
posted by Abigail on Jun 16, 2008
posted by lLovely Linda on Jun 14, 2008
If Ms. Heather hadn't taken so much of his energy, we might not be hearing about last tours. Thanks for coming out to play, Paul. Last or not, I'll be there!!
posted by mammy on Jun 14, 2008
I agree ... never say last anything. My nerves can't take it. Please come to Pittsburgh this time around. We haven't seen you since 1990. Be fair . . . .
posted by jaaer on Jun 13, 2008
Never say "last tour." Its not good for anyone.

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