Captain America Gets Its Share in 'Incredible Hulk'

Captain America Gets Its Share in 'Incredible Hulk'

The upcoming 'The Incredible Hulk' starring Edward Norton is said to be giving the origin story to another Marvel's adaptation film, Captain America.

Apparently, Marvel Entertainment have found a new way to promote their developing feature film project using their upcoming films. Following the earlier report that the blockbuster superhero film "Iron Man" contain a scene showing Captain America's shield, it is now reported that the forthcoming "The Incredible Hulk" movie will serve as the introduction to "The First Avenger: Captain America" movie.

Allegedly, the Edward Norton-starrer action movie will provide the origin story of the man-made superhero as exposed a new "Hulk" still from Universal Pictures. In the picture posted on this news' photo, it can be seen that the man is holding a blue colored serum which is believed to be the super soldier serum used to create Captain America. The speculation came out since to make The Abomination, Emil Blonsky is injected with gamma green serum. Additionally, it is also said that in the enraged green monster film, General Thaddeus Ross will be heard discussing a bit about the super soldier project.

Prior to the outing that "Hulk" story will be intertwined with "Captain America", it has been reported that the latter superhero has also been promoted through "Iron Man". The famous red, white and blue shield of the patriotically named Marvel's superhero can be seen appearing near the time marking of one and a half hour in "Iron Man" during which time Tony Stark is trying to get out of his damaged armor. The picture can be seen via

Directed by Louis Leterrier, "Incredible Hulk" is another blockbuster summer movie from Marvel Entertainment. Co-scripted and starred by Norton, the film will also feature Liv Tyler, Tim Roth and William Hurt and gives out the beginning story to Hulk tale. It will come into theaters on June 13.



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