Tokio Hotel Give Fans V.I.P. Access With CD Purchase

April 24, 2008 06:53:31 GMT

Fans of the rock band can have a chance to view their concerts live and have a chance to chat with them live if they purchase their new CD.

Tokio Hotel
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With the album coming around the corner, Tokio Hotel and their marketing teams have decided to add a little extra to each package of the CD. Included in each of the "Scream" album which will hit the U.S. stores on May 6 is a code to a very special V.I.P. section on the band's official site.

For every purchase of the CD, there can be found a code that will give access to the V.I.P. area in the site. The segment will include exclusive content, live chat with the band, chance to win concert tickets and meet the band as well as live concert stream.

"Scream" will be the German rock band's first release in U.S. that contains the English version of the tracks in their original album "Schrei" plus a U.S. only track called "Live Every Second" and a bonus track called "1000 Ocean". A pre-order has been available on the site.

They have also been booked to appear on MTV's TRL on the same day the album is dropped.

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posted by john rayis on Nov 10, 2009
hey um do you now how to get vip access
posted by rockinrollchica on Jul 23, 2009
we love u guys sooooooo much in Maine!!!! pleeeeeeeeze come 2 maine!!!!
posted by nathaly on Jun 26, 2009
tokio hotel 4 ever,, i love u .. very bill kautilz ever... you are the best and more sexyyyyyyyyy¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
posted by emiilyy on Jun 17, 2009
son demasiado lindos todas sus canciones me gustan
posted by bill kaulitz on May 31, 2009
hey all it bill so how you all im good tom say hi to eveyone tank you for all the suff you buy you hlep us
posted by helen kaulitz on Sep 09, 2008
i love tokio hotel forever i from salta argentina kisess
posted by Tokio Hotel Furimmer on Aug 14, 2008
Tokio Hotel ist der beste!! PLEASE come to Connecticut! Nothing good EVER happens here! Please please pleeeaaassseeee!!!!! You are my
posted by Tokio Hotel Furimmer on Aug 14, 2008
Hey! Why did my comment get cut off?!? First my nickname, now my long, heart-filled comment!!! I'm really hurt!
posted by bamtheman@live.com on Jul 26, 2008
TOKIO HOTEL your notorious =p i Reely want to meet you!!!!! you guys have Inspired me so much!!! keep up the great work! your fan benjamin
posted by MARS on Jul 13, 2008

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