My Chemical Romance Killed The Black Parade?

December 27, 2007 06:01:28 GMT

The fictional band that My Chemical Romance created may no longer be there as an encrypted image put on the official site indicated so.

My Chemical Romance Killed The Black Parade?
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A 'flatline' has been put on the official website of My Chemical Romance's alter ego band, The Black Parade, indicating that MCR members have put the side project to an end.

The Black Parade was a fictional group that MCR created to support the album under the same name that was released in October 26. TheBlackParade.com now puts a flatline graphic that is commonly used as medical term to indicate death and the phrase BPM 00.

MCR's official site had not made any reference to this, but the 'death' of The Black Parade is in line with the chronology of the concept album where a fictional character named 'the Patient' dies during the making of the album.

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posted by gerard way on Mar 23, 2009
but there's ghosts, right...?

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