Michael Buble Cheated on Actress Girlfriend Emily Blunt, Enjoying Secret Sex with Other Woman

November 24, 2007 02:44:46 GMT

A woman named Tiffany Bromley has openly revaled to have had sex affair with Michael Buble for the past ten years.

Michael Buble, Emily Blunt
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It appears that Michael Buble isn't really into that of the good guy predicate that many people have addressed to him. The critically acclaimed Canadian crooner is reported to have cheated on his actress girlfriend Emily Blunt by having sex affair with another woman behind her back. Ouch.

A 28-year-old woman, named Tiffany Bromley, claimed she has been bedding the singer on and off for the past ten years. Worse, she claimed to have had sex with him in the house he shared with Blunt.

Bromley was quoted by the Globe tabloid as saying, "Michael is a cheater and a rat. We've made mad, passionate love a couple of times since he and Emily have been together. The last time was August 17 in the apartment they share in Vancouver."

She, furthermore, revealed that their relationship ended when Buble asked her to take part in a threesome sex, which she obviously refused. "I told him, 'No way!' He said, 'Don't knock it till you've tried it. You don't know what you're missing,'" so she said.

Bromley claimed that she hasn't seen Buble since she took cameraphone photos of him sleeping and then took off wearing one of his designer shirts.

Buble and Blunt first met in 2005 during an appearance at Australian television's Logie Awards. They since then became close and began dating. No denial nor verification issued by Bubble's camp just yet. Nor does Blunt give comment on the cheating report.


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posted by jilly on Apr 05, 2011
i lov u michael
posted by megan walsh on Apr 05, 2011
you fat ugley mut leve my hubby alone he is mine
posted by angie b on Feb 05, 2011
you people should get a life and leave my hubbie alone he does nothing except make this world a better place if u was as lucky as me and had the privilage of waking up next to him every morning you wouldnt the time or the engery kos he gives me crazy love so there
posted by hesleptwivmetoo on Sep 15, 2010
oh yessss!;)
posted by Jazzina on Apr 07, 2010
LIES LIES LIES!! this chick is just lookin for a little fame & revenge. If MICHAEL smoked drugs his voice would be ruined. This is such trash!!
posted by emiybunt fan on Mar 10, 2010
I dont really understand how on eath he cheat on gorgeous emily but what can i say he is dog and not all men are like him there will always be adecent men and hopefully her new boyfriend will be far better than michael buble because she indeed desrve better
posted by estefania on Jan 21, 2010
michael estas hermoso besotes
posted by onlyhuman on Jan 05, 2010
i love MB. i dont believe a word of that s**t. its just people looking for 5 minutes of fame. MB 4eva.
posted by Joanne on Jun 09, 2009
I love buble music it makes me feel good i just dance and it feels like the time is stop for a secund. Michael seems to be nice guy, i like his jokes hes real funny. but he cheat,and i think that is show buissnes even such a nice guy like buble ...could do this. and we shouldnt judge him because he may have whatever he want's ...try to think what would you do on his place?!
posted by figures on Nov 21, 2008
well i agree with most of you..i mean he is human and alot of the men in this world do you expect just because he is famous he wouldn't...yea right...i HATE cheaters but if i hate all cheaters i am never gonna get married so...w/e!! i too love michael and i think his music is amazing!!!
posted by lame on Nov 14, 2008
are you kidding me?? wow... have you guys read your own comments? Why did I even read them?? lame.
posted by jewel on Oct 06, 2008
get a life folks , they are people just like you all and I am sure whatever happened it was painful give them both a break and leave them alone
posted by I lovee Buble on Sep 10, 2008
I am a huge fan of Buble an after reading this it did not make me love his music any less, I think he is amazing an very fit,an I think even if this is true who is any one to judge? This could be all hearsay!!!
posted by Jennifer on Sep 04, 2008
Oh My God. You are such a GIRL!! Oh no he doesn't do that...MY ASS!!!! Did you see the pictures????? Stupid Naief girl!!! Remember this....there are not many guys who do NOT cheat!!! 98% of the guys are all dogs!!
posted by agodlyone on Jul 23, 2008
to mblover, and I suppose he doesnt go to the bathroom either!!! look, I think MB is a wonderful guy, great looks, and a great talent...but he is just a man!!
posted by He\'s Human on Jul 14, 2008
I actually know a woman personally that DID have sex with him at an event they were both at. I was pretty shocked!
posted by LoveHimBut on Jul 11, 2008
I love Michael, but I have heard from people who attended his concerts that he has security gather a room full of girls so he can come pick one to nail after the show. I'm not saying this is true... but he's a hot guy that could do whoever he chooses, it was only a matter of time before he cracked.
posted by MichaelBubleLover on Jul 04, 2008
NO way did he cheat on emily blunt. he is too kind to do somthing like that. It's unfair that the press are doing this to him.

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