Slash Hinting Guns N' Roses' Reunion

April 17, 2007 04:04:43 GMT

Guns N' Roses may gather up its earlier members that have spread to Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots.

With reunions of band running up and down this year, Guns N' Roses intends to snatch its former members back from Velvet Revolver and Stone Temple Pilots. Slash, one of the 1980s members revealed that reunion is a possible matter.

Sick of playing Guns N' Roses' songs while he was in Velvet Revolver, Slash would like to eliminate them from his band's song list. He had also announced the removal of songs by Stone Temple Pilots. The only chance remaining for Slash to play Guns N' Roses' hits is by reuniting with his ex band mates.

"I'm not saying never," he said. "You know, I was saying it would be a good idea to get, just for a couple of shows, to get the original STP and the original Guns N' Roses just to do a couple of shows for the fun of it."

Slash is one of Guns N' Roses' earlier lineups beside Duff McKagan, Scott Weiland and Matt Sorum. He left the band in 1996 after a conflict with vocalist Axl Rose to start his own band Snakepit that went on and off for some years. In 2002, he finally gathered Duff, Scott, Matt and added Dave Kushner to form successful Velvet Revolver.


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posted by WTF? on Dec 09, 2009
posted by axl sucks on Oct 23, 2009
axl is a doshe
posted by Demonrockgod on Apr 13, 2009
I don't think this will ever happen. I mean Axls voice is way to weak and detiorating way to fast. Not to mention hes an asshole but ya it would have to be really soon while he still has it and it has to well prepared.
posted by Moron on Nov 30, 2008
Scott Weiland?!!! You might wanna put Izzy fuckin Stradlin there!
posted by Fetus on Nov 30, 2008 the author's defense, which is kind of out of character for me..from what I'm reading, he never said Scott was in GNR.. He said that Scott was among the people gathered to form Velvet Revolver.
posted by hope on Nov 06, 2008
Guns and Roses reunion would have to be done at the right place and the right time and would literally change the world
posted by popeyekds on Aug 01, 2008
the real reunion would be all orig, members of guns n roses. axl slash izzy duff and steve... they are the ones that made what we all think of when we think of guns n roses
posted by Lauren on Jul 15, 2008
wut fucktard wrote this? since when wuz Scott Weiland evr in GN'R? and Matt Sorum replaced Steven Adler, so he wuzn't one of the earlier members!!
posted by Matt on Jul 09, 2008
Okay, so I don't know where you guys got your info from, but whoever wrote this is an IDIOT!!!! Scott Weiland was NEVER in Guns-n-Roses. Also, no members of G-n-R left G-n-R to do STP!!!! You are a retard!!!!
posted by theshotts on Jul 09, 2008
My God!!! I really think this guy should be hung and stretched then tortured by skinning for saying stupid comments like this...I take pride in my Guns N' Roses facts, but, although I will defend him on this...I really think he didnt mean to add Scott "a**jockey" Weiland in the mix...(at least i hope not!!)
posted by revolver on Jul 04, 2008
damn...scott isnt came from gnr his from stp.. idiot..axl and slash reunion? wow... I'll been waiting for that..
posted by wes on Jun 27, 2008
who ever wrote this is a fucking tar scott was never in gnr
posted by Tanner on Jun 21, 2008
Are you kidding? This guy should be fired. This story has no facts in it. What did Scott do in GNR?? NOTHING!!!!! He was in STP!! IDIOT!!!!
posted by alex on Jun 21, 2008
What an asshole!!! I would inform myself a little better, before writing such stupid things!!! By the way, Guns n roses reunion is what the world's waiting for. Slash knows that, Axl does and the rest of them, too! They could kick themself into rock n roll's heaven forever!!!

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