"Da Vinci Code" Flick Gets Banned in Sri Lanka

May 26, 2006 02:05:32 GMT

"The Da Vinci Code" received a ban from Sri Lanka following an appeal by the country’s Catholic Bishop Conference

Da Vinci Code, The picture

Negative reaction following the release of movie "The Da Vinci Code" keeps flowing down and this time reaches Sri Lanka as President Mahinda Rajapakse has publicly announced the country's ban over the film feature according to the state-run Colombo Daily News.

Becoming the first Asian country to do so, Sri Lanka, also based on the newspaper's report, has issued the order on an appeal by the Catholic Bishops Conference which accused the picture to be the product of a "totally perverted mind and ... adversely affects the most sacred beliefs of our people."

The ban itself will apply to the screenings of the movie in theatres and local television channels yet there will be no restriction on satellite broadcasts originating from outside the country.

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