Q Magazine's Worst Albums of All Time

Duran Duranís 1995 album, Thank You, is, according to a Q magazine poll the worst albums of all time

Q magazine has recently conducted a poll on the Worst Albums of All Time. Involving almost 2000 people, including professional guitarists and music teachers, Duran Duran's 1995 album "Thank You" comes on the very top position of the poll.

The set, a collection of covers featuring songs by artists who have influenced Duran Duran throughout the years, was claimed as "abysmal on every level". That's according to Gareth Grundy, Deputy Director of Q, who commented "Sometimes these things are redeemed by some sort of kitsch value, but it didn't even have that".

Several other albums voted by Q magazine's readers as Worst Albums of All Time include Naomi Campbell's "Baby Woman," Mick Jagger's solo album "Primitive Cool"and Billie Idol's "Cyberpunk."

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    Aug 28, 2009

    This is another dishonest bashing D2 thing. Thank You might not be the greatest record ever made but is far from being the worst album of all time. Half of the album features really GOOD versions of old faves,and according to Lou Reed, Duran's version of Perfect Day is the best ever made. Led Zeppelin also honored the way D2 re-recorded Thank You. There are other great tracks on that album like Watching the Detective,White Lines (featuring Mele Mel!),Lay Lady Lay,Success... Any album by NKOTB,Backstreet Boys,N'Sync,and even some early Madonna should have been closer to #1 in that worst albums of all time list. Thank You is a very good album done by music lovers who actually play their own instruments and usually write their own songs....they just happen to be Duran Duran,a band that was so huge that the critics just had to diss them...why? maybe because of the Fab-5 thing,I don't know...but Thank You is definitely NOT (and far from being) the worst album of all time.

    Sep 16, 2008

    how can Q critcs forget the LOU REEDS and Led Zeppelins regards to the durannie covers, for exmple Lou loves the perfect day cover, its the best od the covers of his songs...thank you deserves a lot o nice aclaims...worst album forget it, what about the same oasis new album?

    Aug 27, 2008

    mmmh, very unfair that one. the album's got moments that aren't THAT bad, like perfect day, chrystal ship and lay lady lay. i agree however that this is the worst album duran duran have ever recorded.

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