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November 20, 2007

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Win Five Beowulf Original Soundtracks from AceShowbiz!

November 20, 2007 10:19:04 GMT

Wanna listen to the greatness of "Beowulf" in engaging audio experience? AceShowbiz is providing you chance to have one by giving away five original soundtracks from the motion-capture epic, starting from now.
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Come Join AceShowbiz's The Golden Compass Contest!

November 20, 2007 09:35:30 GMT

AceShowbiz is now holding a contest on "The Golden Compass" and offering you chance to have an 8GB Apple iPod Touch along with another opportunity to win the Grand Prize of two round trip tickets to London, England.
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Akon's Cover of Michael Jackson's 1983 Single Leaked

November 20, 2007 09:34:25 GMT

In the past few days, a new track from Akon has surfaced on the internet. Apparently, it was the R'n'B singer's cover of Michael Jackson's 1983 single 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin''.
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New Spiderwick Chronicles Movie Trailer Surfaces

November 20, 2007 09:14:51 GMT

Another chance for us to catch more glimpses on "The Spiderwick Chronicles" has been provided by Paramount Pictures. That's right, a new trailer for the fantasy adventure has now made its way to grace the net.
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Natalie Portman Named InStyle's Most Stylish Woman in Tinseltown

November 20, 2007 08:57:53 GMT

When it comes to Sexiest Man Alive of the Year, the obvious pick is Matt Damon. And when it comes to the Best Dressed Lady of the Year, the prize goes to Natalie Portman. The Golden-Globe winning actress known for her starring role in the Star Wars franchise has topped a list for the Best Dressed Ladies of 2007 compiled by InStyle Magazine.
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A Sneak Peek on Adam Rifkin's Surveillance Drama Look

November 20, 2007 08:32:32 GMT

On December 14 this year, there will come a movie which no doubt will make us think twice in feeling we are alone when no one is around us. Yes, it's Adam Rifkin's latest directorial and writing work "Look", a film feature shot entirely from the point of view of the security cameras.
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Britney Spears Being Lined Up to Star in The Simpsons

November 20, 2007 08:10:28 GMT

Working on her comeback to music scene probably is a hard job to do. But scoring a TV deal is a different thing. Britney Spears, notwithstanding with her messy personal life, reportedly is looking forward to be immortalized as a cartoon character in the hit TV sitcom "The Simpsons."
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Another Paris Hilton's Sex Tape Hits the Internet

November 20, 2007 07:21:15 GMT

Beware of what your tongue might say because words usually comeback to haunt. Had publicly sworn to lead a clean life after completed her jail stint, Paris Hilton is at it, sex tape scandal, again. A video footage featuring the hotel heiress and socialite frolicking naked in a bubble bath while joking about her previous sex tape has emerged.
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New Golden Compass Clips Featuring the Armored Bears

November 20, 2007 06:58:18 GMT

Now it's the turn of the armored bears of "The Golden Compass" to be the center of attention among the moviegoers. Two clips centering on them have just been released by New Line Cinema, giving us closer looks on the species, known as Panserbjorn in the original books.
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Aussie Rock Act Wolfmother Working on Second Album

November 20, 2007 06:48:52 GMT

Hard rock band Wolfmother are back in the studio to work on the follow up of their Grammy-winning 2005 album. If the work goes smoothly, a new record should be out as early as next year.
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Paul Oakenfold Revamping Britney Spears' 'Gimme More'

November 20, 2007 06:19:10 GMT

Paul Oakenfold has made a reconstruction on Britney Spears' comeback hit, 'Gimme More'. The British DJ loves the song but does not think it will be strong enough for a head banger in U.K. clubs and some major U.S. dance floors.
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Mary-Kate Olsen Got a Kidney Infection, Rushed to Hospital

November 20, 2007 06:16:01 GMT

Her being reported dating hockey hottie Sean Avery has been all over the news lately. Notwithstanding with the romance speculation, Mary-Kate Olsen is experiencing a health problem. The former child actress has been hospitalized with a kidney infection, it has been reported.
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J.J. Abrams' Star Trek Finds Its Sarek in Ben Cross

November 20, 2007 05:18:08 GMT

After the mother, here comes the father. StarTrek.com has confirmed that producers of the highly-anticipated "Star Trek" have just picked up Ben Cross to play Sarek, the Vulcan father of Spock following the casting of Winona Ryder as Spock's mother Amanda Grayson.
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Timbaland Is to Be a Dad, Expecting a Baby Girl

November 20, 2007 04:58:47 GMT

Timbaland is about to be a father, it has been reported.
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Kylie Minogue's 'X' Available for Advance Purchase

November 20, 2007 04:51:37 GMT

With anticipation running high on her comeback album, Kylie Minogue has decided to redeem the hunger by making 'X' available for download in advance of its release date.
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Official Cloverfield Trailer and Site Finally Come Up

November 20, 2007 04:30:23 GMT

Forget the shaky, blurry, and dizzying bootleg trailer for "Cloverfield", folks, there has finally come the official, HD version of the piece on the net by now with an official site being brought to life.
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Kate Nash's 'Made of Bricks' Gets U.S. Release

November 20, 2007 04:18:05 GMT

British sensation Kate Nash has set a date for the U.S. release of her debut album, 'Made of Bricks'. The album that went to #1 in U.K. will be put in U.S. stores as of January 8 via Geffen.
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Retired Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Sentenced to 1 Day in Jail for DUI

November 20, 2007 03:18:24 GMT

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has on Monday November 19th sentenced to 24 hours in jail and three years probation for drug possession and driving under the influence, stemmed from December last year arrest after he was spotted driving his black BMW erratically and nearly collided with a police vehicle.
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Britney Spears' 'Illegal' Video Banned in France

November 20, 2007 03:07:34 GMT

Offended by the unauthorized use of their product, Louis Vuitton has sued Britney Spears and her team. The pop singer used a pink Vuitton-upholstered dashboard on the video of 'Do Something' allegedly without the permission from the French fashion brand.
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Video Premiere: Chingy's 'Fly Like Me'

November 20, 2007 02:28:05 GMT

After releasing a behind the scene footage of his new video 'Fly Like Me', Chingy finally premiered the real tape. The clip was directed by Jessy Terrero, the same person who penned videos for Ludacris' 'Runaway Love' and 50 Cent's 'Candy Shop'.
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Michael Vick Voluntarily Surrendered to U.S. Marshals to Begin Dogfighting Sentence Early

November 20, 2007 02:07:55 GMT

Michael Vick, who's been scheduled to be sentenced on December 10th later this year after pleaded guilty to a federal dogfighting charge, has voluntarily surrendered to U.S. marshals Monday November 19th for an early start to his jail time.