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'Zero Dark Thirty' Blasted by 9/11 Victim's Family Over Recorded Call in Opening Scene

2013-02-23 08:02:17

The family of Betty Ann Ong asks an apology at the upcoming Oscars and wants a donation made on behalf of the late flight attendant.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Easily Tops Box Office in First Wide Release Week

2013-01-14 08:01:05

The Osama bin Laden hunt film claims victory on the chart, defeating newcomers 'A Haunted House' and 'Gangster Squad'.

Sony 'Outraged' After an Academy Member Accuses 'Zero Dark Thirty' of Promoting Torture

2013-01-12 10:01:12

Sony co-chairman Amy Pascal lashes out at David Clennon, who openly declares that he won't vote for 'ZDT' because it 'never acknowledges that torture is immoral and criminal.'

Jason Clarke Talks 'Very Scary' Waterboarding Simulation for 'Zero Dark Thirty'

2013-01-09 12:01:52

The actor playing an agent who tortures a detainee in the Osama bin Laden hunt movie says the interrogation technique is 'very similar to surfing and getting dumped by a big wave.'

'Zero Dark Thirty' Filmmakers Address Torture Debate at NYFCC Awards

2013-01-08 03:01:39

Accepting prestigious prizes from New York Film Critics Circle, Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal take time to fire back at senators who investigate CIA contacts who gave information to the filmmakers.

Jessica Chastain Explains the Difficulty of Portraying Maya in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

2013-01-05 12:01:55

Portraying the real-life female agent, Chastain admits it's a hard task because she must use her 'imagination to fill in the blanks where the research couldn't answer the questions.'

Senators Accuse CIA of Misleading 'Zero Dark Thirty' Filmmakers

2013-01-04 10:01:28

Three senators write an open letter to the CIA contacts who talked to 'ZDT' makers, urging the agency to give evidence that harsh interrogation led to information about Osama bin Laden's whereabouts.

CIA Director Blasts 'Zero Dark Thirty' for Its Inaccuracy

2012-12-23 11:12:27

'What I want you to know is that Zero Dark Thirty is a dramatization, not a realistic portrayal of the facts,' Michael Morell wrote to his CIA personnel.

Senators Blast 'Zero Dark Thirty', Claim the Film Is 'Grossly Inaccurate'

2012-12-20 09:12:54

Pushing Sony Pictures to give a disclaimer to the Osama bin Laden hunt film, Dianne Feinstein, Carl Levin and John McCain write, 'You have a social and moral obligation to get the facts right...'

John McCain Accuses 'Zero Dark Thirty' of Being 'Misleading'

2012-12-19 02:12:19

The senior senator from Arizona claims that the waterboarding technique as depicted in the movie did not lead to information about Osama bin Laden's whereabouts in Pakistan.

Bret Easton Ellis Apologizes for Dissing 'Zero Dark Thirty' Helmer Kathryn Bigelow

2012-12-19 09:12:06

The 'Canyons' scribe confesses that he went too far with his Twitter rants, which he says make him 'look like I'm attacking Kathryn Bigelow when I just had an urge to tweet about her.'

Kathryn Bigelow Insists 'Zero Dark Thirty' Torture Scene Is 'Misinterpreted'

2012-12-17 02:12:01

'I'm not saying the film is a documentary of everything that happened, but it's being misread,' so the filmmaker says, weighing in on recent allegation that her film has a pro-torture agenda.

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