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The Vow Reviews

The Vow


Genre :

Romance, Drama

Release Date :

February 10, 2012

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Michael Sucsy

Starring :

Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Scott Speedman, Jessica Lange, Sam Neill, Wendy Crewson, Jessica McNamee, Sarah Carter, Dillon Casey, Lucas Bryant, Jeananne Goossen

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Review rate : D+

“..there isn't much they can do with this hokey melodrama, beyond playing it straight, playing it sincere..”
by Steven Rea [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Review rate : C

“..the understated ending that reality makes itself felt..”
by Emma Dibdin [Total Film]
Review rate : D

“..the problems start with a very lopsided script that keeps the synapse-crossed lovers too unbalanced too much of the time..”
by Betsy Sharkey [Los Angeles Times]
Review rate : D

“..the only upside, it seems, is that Rachel probably won't recall Channing's performance as hoofer Tyler in Step Up 2 The Streets..”
by Tim Evans [Sky Movies]
“..so here we have every idiotic romantic-movie cliche sexed up with brain damage..”
by MaryAnn Johanson [Flick Filosopher]
Review rate : C

“..never quite hits the gloriously weepy heights that it's obviously aiming for, but it's still a watchable and engaging romantic drama with strong performances from McAdams and Tatum..”
by Matthew Turner [ViewLondon]
Review rate : D

“..nearly every move feels calculated to wring tears or dopey grins..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
Review rate : C

“..much of the action transpires against lovingly photographed Chicago landmarks..”
by Keith Phipps [AV Club]
Review rate : C

“..it's slick entertainment rather than deeply profound but it works..”
by Henry Fitzherbert [Daily Express]
Review rate : D

“..it will encourage susceptible audiences -- women, to be precise -- to believe that they've been party to Big Emotions, the kind that leave a pleasant if transient glow..”
by Kathleen Murphy [MSN Movies]
Review rate : C

“..in less skillful hands, "The Vow" would be a guilty pleasure. Instead, it's just a pleasure..”
by Colin Covert [Minneapolis Star Tribune]
“..every composition and cut is made with its calculated effect readily evident..”
by Todd McCarthy [Hollywood Reporter]
“..doesn't play by the rules of other selective-memory-loss movies, where jagged flashbacks provide glimpses into the protag's mysterious past..”
by Peter Debruge [Variety]
Review rate : D

“..designed for comfort, not shock..”
by A.O. Scott [New York Times]
Review rate : D

“..delivers more than it ought to..”
by Elizabeth Weitzman [New York Daily News]
Review rate : C

“..a more sensible, realistic film - but it may leave expectant romantics with hankies to spare..”
by Anna Smith [Time Out]

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by Elizabeth Weitzman [NY Daily News]