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Genre :

Drama, Thriller

Release Date :

December 09, 2005

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Stephen Gaghan

Starring :

George Clooney, Matt Damon, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, Tim Blake Nelson, Amanda Peet, Christopher Plummer, Greta Scacchi

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“..Syriana is too disjointed to work as a successful thriller..”
by David Mercier [FilmJudge]
3.5 of 4

“..one of the best films of 2005..”
by James Berardinelli [ReelViews]
8.5 of 10

“..Gaghan has written another complex, intelligent thriller so relevant to what's going on in the world today..”
by Edward Douglas [Comingsoon]
2 of 4

“..feels like a fact-based, pragmatic, rambling dissertation from a graduate student..”
by Jeremiah Kipp [Slant Magazine]
“..fascinating, exasperating film about the unholy marriage of power politics and global business..”
by Ella Taylor [L.A. Weekly]
3.5 of 5

“..dense, talky, proudly complicated adult drama of geopolitical intrigue..”
by Lisa Schwarzbaum [Entertainment Weekly]
2.5 of 4

“..an alternately engrossing and confusing film stretched over far too broad a narrative canvas..”
by Tim Knight [Reel]
4 of 4

“..a tough nut that demands attention, refuses to ingratiate and keeps throwing curves..”
by Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]
3 of 5

“..a fitfully engrossing and overreaching film..”
by Chris Barsanti [Filmcritic]
8 of 10
Reviewed by Mel Valentin [Movie-Vault]
5 of 5
Reviewed by Andrea Chase [Killer Movie Reviews]
4.5 of 5
Reviewed by Joe Williams [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
4.5 of 5
Reviewed by Philip Wuntch [The Dallas Morning News]
4.5 of 5
Reviewed by Rich Cline [Shadows on the Wall]
4 of 5
Reviewed by Heather Wood [Sun Newspapers of Cleveland]
4 of 5
Reviewed by Eric Lurio [Greenwich Village Gazette]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by William Arnold [Seattle Post-Intelligencer]
3.5 of 4
Reviewed by James Verniere [Boston Herald]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by Wade Major [Boxoffice Magazine]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by Ethan Alter [NYC Film Critic]
3.5 of 4
Reviewed by Gene Seymour [Newsday]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by Marjorie Baumgarten [Austin Chronicle]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by [E! Online]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Barbara Vancheri [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Duane Dudek [The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Michael Phillips [Chicago Tribune]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Daniel Fienberg [Zap2it]
3 of 4
Reviewed by [Cinema Signals by The Filmiliar Cineaste]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Wesley Morris [Boston Globe]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Ed Blank [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Jack Mathews [New York Daily News]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Jeff Vice [Deseret News, Salt Lake City]
2 of 5
Reviewed by Erik Childress [EFilmCritic]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Peter Keough [The Boston Phoenix]
Reviewed by Jean Lowerison [San Diego Metropolitan]
Reviewed by Ken Eisner [Georgia Straight]
Reviewed by Kirk Honeycutt [The Hollywood Reporter]
Reviewed by Ken Tucker [New York Magazine]
Reviewed by David Denby [The New Yorker]
Reviewed by Steve Schneider [Orlando Weekly]

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“..a film that's as good as its predecessors, and suggests that Refueled isn't the last that weâ��ll see of this particular incarnation of the Transporter..”
by Chris Tilly [IGN Movies]


“..in narrative terms it's messy - as true stories tend to be. The dramatic focus is split between around half a dozen characters based on real people and it's not clear who we should root for..”
by Peter Bradshaw [The Guardian]


“..artful, accomplished but not entirely sustained adaptation..”
by Justin Chang [Variety]

45 YEARS :

“..it is supremely intelligent and moving and Rampling and Courtenay are superb..”
by Peter Bradshaw [The Guardian]


“..A Walk in the Woods is a jolly good time, sparking dozens of chuckles and a few strong laughs. Nothing special cinematically, it still provides a welcome showcase for wonderful star..”
by Todd McCarthy [Hollywood Reporter]


“..are so heavy on broad pulpit pounding that it's challenging to get swept along by the story's message..”
by Tom Russo [Boston Globe]


“..on all counts, "Zipper" comes up short..”
by Katharine Pushkar [NY Daily News]


“..feels like an homage to the early work of Wes Anderson with its plinky soundtrack, solipsistic banter and emphasis on uniforms..”
by Sara Stewart [New York Post]


“..it feels like amateur hour, but for fans of low-rent thrills it's kind of fun..”
by Soren Andersen [Seattle Times]


“..rich with tone but otherwise lacking bite..”
by Jordan Hoffman [NY Daily News]