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'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Rips Off North American Box Office

2009-05-04 09:05:03

Despite early online leak in April, 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' still kicks off the summer season with a big bang, becoming the number 1 bankable movie at the North American box office this weekend.

'Obsessed' Knocks Down Box Office Contenders

2009-04-27 09:04:41

Scoring a bigger number than expected, Beyonce Knowles-starring 'Obsessed' hit no.1 at the North American box office over the weekend.

Inside Kate Hudson's Star-Studded 30th Birthday Party

2009-04-20 10:04:10

Kate Hudson celebrates her 30th birthday two days earlier, hosting a party for her celeb friends at her mother Goldie Hawn's house in Pacific Palisades, Calif.

Two Minutes Clip of Shane Acker's '9' Arrives

2009-04-20 10:04:19

See the danger faced by 9 and several other sapient rag dolls when they get face to face with mechanical monster that has been stealing the dolls' souls through the newly-released clip of '9'.

New Sneak Peek of 'J.O.N.A.S!': Lucas Brothers Missing Backup Singer

2009-04-20 10:04:48

In an episode of 'J.O.N.A.S!', Nick Lucas announces a bad news to his brothers that their backup singer will not be present on their important gig.

Zac Efron's '17 Again' Takes Over North American Box Office

2009-04-20 09:04:13

With Miley Cyrus' 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' sliding down fast from the first place, Zac Efron-starring comedy '17 Again' rises to the expectation and debuts at the top of weekend box office.

First Trailer of Russell Crowe-Starrer State of Play Debuted

2008-12-24 01:12:48

Russell Crowe plays Cal McCaffrey, a D.C. reporter who is determined to investigate the mystery behind the murder of a congressman's mistress in crime thriller 'State of Play'.

Edward Norton Out From State of Play, Ben Affleck Might In

2007-12-19 11:12:03

Joining Brad Pitt in leaving "State of Play" though for different reason, the 'Red Dragon' star might be replaced by 'Hollywoodland' actor.

State of Play Has Found New Leading Actor in Russell Crowe

2007-12-04 11:12:25

Being left by Brad Pitt and threatened to be shutted down from production, 'State of Play' has found Pitt's replacement as the 'Gladiator' star has agreed to join the cast.

Russell Crowe Touted to Replace Brad Pitt in State of Play

2007-11-26 11:11:24

Universal Pictures reportedly is persuading the Oscar winner to take over Pitt's role in the crime thriller.

Brad Pitt Quits Thriller Drama State of Play

2007-11-22 11:11:12

Actor's departure is hinted to be due to his disagreement with Universal over the script.

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton Get Together Into the State of Play

2007-09-13 12:09:21

Edward Norton is joining Brad Pitt to star in the drama thriller "State of Play."

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