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Exclusive New Featurette for The Spirit Released

2008-12-26 03:12:30

The exclusive new featurette for "The Spirit" shows the film's director, visual effects supervisor, and producer talk about how they manipulate Eva Mendes' swimming scene.

VFX Featurette of The Spirit Brought Forth

2008-12-20 12:12:53

Frank Miller and several cast and crew of 'The Spirit' talk about some of the film's visual effects in the behind-the-scenes featurette of the comic adaptation.

The Spirit Haunts Hollywood for L.A. Premiere

2008-12-18 04:12:53

Lionsgate Films celebrate the upcoming theatrical release of 'The Spirit' by giving the action fantasy movie a red carpet treatment in Hollywood.

The Spirit Shares Five More Clips

2008-12-16 11:12:05

Freshly-released clips of the forthcoming 'The Spirit' have been found and one of which shows Silken Floss explaining to Sand Saref why she is involved with Octopus.

Three Brand New TV Spots for The Spirit

2008-12-10 09:12:35

Lionsgate have brought forward another set of television promos for their forthcoming 'The Spirit', highlighting on the tag that it is time to believe in heroes.

Another Featurette and Three TV Spots for The Spirit Found

2008-12-02 04:12:24

Frank Miller as well as 'The Spirit' cast and crew discuss about Central City and how it aids the masked superhero in fighting bad guys through the brand new featurette of the adaptation strips.

Second 'He's Just Not That Into You' Trailer Comes Out

2008-11-27 09:11:21

Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, Ginnifer Goodwin and Scarlett Johansson try to figure out what men are really saying in the new trailer of 'He's Just Not That Into You'.

Top 9 Must-See Movies to Watch This Holiday

2008-11-26 04:11:21

With vast selection of movies coming out in December, AceShowbiz gives clues how a visit to the theaters this holiday season can be worth it.

Get to Know the Women of The Spirit in New Featurette

2008-11-19 10:11:08

Director Frank Miller talks about the beautiful ladies in 'The Spirit' from Eva Mendes' Sand Saref to Sarah Paulson's Ellen Dolan and from Scarlett Johansson's Silken Floss to Jamie King's Lorelei.

Holiday Christmas Trailer of The Spirit Hits

2008-11-15 02:11:06

While Ellen Dolan sees The Spirit as a hero, Commissioner Dolan brands him as a menace in a quick-paced new trailer of the Will Eisner's adapted comic strip.

A Slew of Fresh Photos From The Spirit Unraveled

2008-11-04 04:11:50

While Frank Miller opens up about his latest work in recent interview, 'The Spirit', twenty brand new stills from the adaptation movie have been making its way for the fans' enjoyment.

The Spirit New Featurette Gives Out the Origin of the Superhero

2008-10-21 09:10:21

In a brand new featurette from 'The Spirit', director Frank Miller explains about Spirit's character, his early hesitation and Will Eisner's contribution to the comic book world.

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