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Filmmakers Want to Do The Simpsons Movie Sequel

2010-12-06 01:12:21

'The Simpsons' executive producer says they are open to make a follow-up for the animated film, though the series 'always comes first' with them.

New 30 Seconds to Mars 'Hurricane' Movie Preview: Tomo and Rosewood

2010-11-27 01:11:02

The so-called Tomo footage teases the character played by the band's guitarist, and the Rosewood sneak peek gives a glimpse at a creepy guy.

FOX Wins Thanksgiving Night with The Simpsons Movie

2010-11-27 11:11:34

The TV premiere of the cartoon's movie owed it to NFL game between New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys in the afternoon.

The Simpsons Movie Sequel Not in the Pipeline

2009-10-07 04:10:20

'Some day maybe we'll do another one - but don't hold your breath,' says creator Matt Groening when asked about possibility of a second 'Simpsons' movie being developed.

Creator Discusses The Simpsons Movie Sequel

2008-07-16 03:07:02

In an interview at the Television Critics Association's press tour, 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening shared his insight on the possibility of a sequel film.

Twelve Animated Titles Shortlisted for 2008 Oscar

2007-11-09 02:11:40

The lineup consists of crowd-pleaser titles like "Ratatouille", "The Simpsons Movie", and "Shrek the Third", among others.

Movie Winners Announced at the 2007 UK Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

2007-10-22 11:10:48

"The Simpsons Movie" was selected as the Best Movie with Johnny Depp being voted the Best Actor and Emma Watson the Best Actress.

Simpsons Movie Makers Have No Plan for Sequel

2007-09-13 02:09:15

Producer Al Jean shows no indication to continue the story of the America's dysfunctional family on the big screen.

Nicole Richie Turned to Drug When Nothing Really Excited Her Anymore

2007-08-06 12:08:38

Nicole Richie has revealed that she started using drugs out of boredom and monotony as a teenager.

Lily Allen Named New Song and Album Title

2007-08-06 11:08:03

Joking or not, Lily Allen wrote on her blog that she will call her second album 'Three singles and other songs, plus iTunes exclusive'.

Lil' Romeo Purchased Snack Foods Company Rap Snacks Inc.

2007-08-06 11:08:32

Lil' Romeo is venturing into snack business, purchasing the snack foods company Rap Snacks Inc., makers of the popular potato chip brand Rap Snacks, "The Official Snack of Hip-Hop."

Bourne Topples Simpsons Down on Box Office Fight

2007-08-06 11:08:07

Spy flick "The Bourne Ultimatum" forces animated "The Simpsons Movie" to go one step down to number two on the weekend domestic box office running August 3-5, 2007.

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