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She's the Man Reviews

She's the Man


Genre :

Comedy, Romance

Release Date :

March 17, 2006

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Andy Fickman

Starring :

Amanda Bynes, David Cross, James Kirk, Channing Tatum, Alex Breckenridge, Laura Ramsey, Neil James, Julie Hagerty, Robert Hoffman, Vinnie Jones

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3 of 5

“..She's the Man is flawed, but it remains enjoyable to watch..”
by David Mercier [FilmJudge]
3 of 5

“..never takes full advantage of its premise..”
by [E! Online]
2 of 4

“..neither smart enough nor funny enough to have cross-over appeal to any other demographic..”
by James Berardinelli [ReelViews]
3 of 5

“..harmless but mediocre gender-mixing teen comedy..”
by Harper Barnes [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
“..fails to exploit the myriad comedic possibilities, settling instead for broad, unconvincing slapstick aimed at 12-year-olds..”
by Kirk Honeycutt [The Hollywood Reporter]
“..an insult to English literature, British cinema, and civilization as a whole..”
by Andrea Chase [Killer Movie Reviews]
4 of 5

“..a great little comedy..”
by Brian Orndorf [eFilmCritic]
2.5 of 4

“..a cute romantic comedy..”
by Allison Benedikt [Chicago Tribune]
4.5 of 5
Reviewed by Andrew Casertano [The Cinema Source]
4 of 5
Reviewed by Nancy Churnin [The Dallas Morning News]
4 of 5
Reviewed by Steven Chupnick [MovieWeb]
3.5 of 5
Reviewed by [The Movie Chicks]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Owen Gleiberman [Entertainment Weekly]
3 of 5
Reviewed by Anne Gilbert [Filmcritic]
3 of 4
Reviewed by Wesley Morris [Boston Globe]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Jan Stuart [Newsday]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Sue Pierman [The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]
2.5 of 4
Reviewed by Sara M. Fetters [MovieFreak]
2 of 5
Reviewed by Eric Lurio [Greenwich Village Gazette]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Elizabeth Weitzman [New York Daily News]
2 of 5
Reviewed by Keith Phipps [The Onion A.V. Club]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Barbara Vancheri [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Nick Schager [Slant Magazine]
2 of 4
Reviewed by Jeff Vice [Deseret News, Salt Lake City]
1.5 of 4
Reviewed by Ed Blank [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]
1.5 of 4
Reviewed by Jonathan W. Hickman [Entertainment Insiders]
1.5 of 5
Reviewed by Chris Hewitt [The Arizona Republic]
Reviewed by Pam Grady [Reel]
Reviewed by Kevin N. Laforest [Montreal Film Journal]

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