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Genre :


Release Date :

December 02, 2011 (Limited)

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Steve McQueen

Starring :

Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie, Hannah Ware, Lucy Walters, Elizabeth Masucci, Charisse Bellante

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“..viewers will be left as unsatisfied..”
by Anton Bitel [Eye for Film]
4 of 5

“..though the sex scenes aren't as graphic as you might expect, not that it matters - but that it dares to confront social taboos with an admirable integrity, not turning incestual as one expected it might..”
by Shaun Munro [What Culture]
4 of 5

“..there's enough graphic sexuality and nudity..”
by Elizabeth Weitzman [New York Daily News]
Review rate : C-

“..the story inches toward its hackneyed climax of glaringly foreshadowed melodrama it collapses like a weakened erection under a heavy blanket..”
by Cole Smithey [ColeSmithey.com]
3 of 4

“..the movie is superficially bold, but lacks the bravery to go all the way..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
Review rate : A-

“..the more time you've had to sit and ponder Shame, the more deeply it will impress you, weaving itself into your consciousness..”
by Laremy Legel [Film.com]
“..much of the film is banal or pretentious, or both-vacuous vignettes about emptiness..”
by Joe Morgenstern [Wall Street Journal]
“..many of the longer dialogue scenes are done in one shot, which is impressive enough..”
by Edward Douglas [ComingSoon.net]
“..luxuriously appointed but impersonal, borderline rancid world in which the characters' noxious traits can stew and fester..”
by Todd McCarthy [Hollywood Reporter]
“..isn't an easy film to sit through, to describe or to figure out, but it's riveting, spectacular, passionate cinema..”
by Andrew O'Hehir [Salon.com]
“..has everything in place to be a really interesting movie..”
by Dana Stevens [Slate]
“..difficult to watch but even harder to turn away from..”
by Kenneth Turan [Los Angeles Times]
“..creating an international audience largely desensitised to violence and horror but physically shocked by the sight of an adult male's penis..”
by Charlie Lyne [Ultra Culture]
1.5 of 4

“..articulates a shallow, even mundane, understanding of an uninteresting man's sex addiction-in a vibrant city rendered dull and anonymous..”
by Ed Gonzalez [Slant Magazine]
4 of 4

“..anything but romantic, as we shall soon witness in the most explicitly physical terms of empty carnality..”
by Peter Howell [Toronto Star]
“..a carefully crafted curiosity that gives a grateful audience the opportunity to get involved, rather than merely observe..”
by Ed Whitfield [The Ooh Tray]

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“..as stunning as the two lead actors are, the film is hijacked by a pair of external antagonists..”
by Joshua Rothkopf [Time Out New York]


“..a dazzling transformation that represents the actress's smartest, funniest, most versatile and fully sustained bigscreen showcase to date..”
by Justin Chang [Variety]


“..the big-screen version of "Entourage" is constructed like the series, another chapter in a sequel-ready story. If you wanted something more, you won't get it..”
by Bill Goodykoontz [Arizona Republic]


“..Smulders, Pearce, and Corrigan are loose and eminently likable, and the direction is so in tune with the actors that one is almost inclined to think of Results as a movie carried entirely by performance, overlooking how much its shape depends on style..”
by Ignatiy Vishnevetsky [A.V. Club]


“..the emotions are florid and the entanglements heated. But the film become preoccupied with, as Flaubert would say, the pettiness and mediocrity of daily life..”
by Joe Neumaier [NY Daily News]


“.."Nightingale" feels more like a fascinating monologue than it does a wholly realized film..”
by Brian Lowry [Variety]


“..sensational and intense..”
by Joe Neumaier [NY Daily News]


“..a 'Hangover' wannabe that leaves you with a headache nonetheless..”
by Boyd van Hoeij [Hollywood Reporter]


“..a film that never quite achieves its potential..”
by Cath Clarke [Time Out London]


“..an intimate and ultimately harrowing peek inside the world of amateur porn..”
by Geoff Berkshire [Variety]