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Seth Rogen and James Franco Make 'Pineapple Express 2' Faux Trailer for April Fools' Day

2013-04-02 01:04:29

The fake trailer for a fictitious sequel to 'Pineapple Express' is a marketing ploy to promote Seth Rogen's directorial debut, 'This Is the End'.

Video: Judd Apatow Talks Doing Sequels for Pineapple Express and 'Superbad'

2009-11-20 03:11:36

The film producer reveals that while a sequel for 'Pineapple Express' is likely to be made, a different fate works for 'Superbad'.

'The Dark Knight' Is Austin Film Critics' Best of 2008

2008-12-17 10:12:53

Hailed as the best picture of 2008, 'The Dark Knight' collects five awards in total from Austin Film Critics Association's 2008 end-of-the-year awards.

'Pineapple' Ran Out of Smoke for Box Office's Top, Fourth in a Row for 'Dark Knight'

2008-08-11 09:08:15

Though it has shown a promising start when it opened in theaters on August 6, 'Pineapple Express' could not end 'Dark Knight' dominating reign at the box office and should settle for second place.

Pineapple Express Smoking Its Way to Box Office Record

2008-08-08 02:08:53

Winning over 'The Dark Knight' on the Wednesday sales, the stoner comedy has broken previous record set by 'Princess Diaries' sequel.

Pineapple Express Gets Stoned International Trailer

2008-07-22 03:07:10

The stoners comedy flick has just received an international trailer in which viewers can get a look into Dale Denton's relationship with his girlfriend.

Enlightening Pineapple Express Interview With Seth Rogen and Danny McBride

2008-07-17 04:07:48

Before their latest comedy film about two lazy stoners targeted for murder hits the theaters, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride sat down to talk about it.

Pineapple Express Sequel Gets Thumbs Up

2008-07-08 02:07:10

Talking about his upcoming comedy film 'Pineapple Express', writer/actor Seth Rogen revealed that there is plan on developing a sequel for the stoner film.

Pineapple Express Soundtrack Streamed

2008-07-03 10:07:20

Before the soundtrack of Judd Apatow's latest comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco hits the store, fans can stream some of the tracks on MySpace.

Uncensored Trailer of James Franco's Pineapple Express Hits!

2008-02-13 01:02:48

The red band trailer of Judd Apatow's newest comedy project starring Seth Rogen and James Franco has been released online.

"The Pineapple Express" Halts at Columbia Pictures

2006-11-29 04:11:30

Columbia Pictures will develop a comedy flick titled "The Pineapple Express" with James Franco and Seth Rogen starring.


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