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The Perfect Wave (2014)

The Perfect Wave



Drama, Biography, Romance

Release Date

July 11, 2014 (Limited)


94 min.

Production Budget

$4 millions


Mission Pictures Releasing

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Cast and Crew


Bruce Macdonald


S. Bryan Hickox, Bruce Macdonald, David Selvan


Roger Hawkins, William A. Wood III, Billy Wood


  • Scott Eastwood as Ian McCormack
  • Rachel Hendrix
  • Cheryl Ladd
  • Patrick Lyster
  • Nikolai Mynhardt
  • Scott Mortensen
  • Jack Halloran


"The Perfect Wave" is the true story of Ian McCormack who grew up surfing the waters of New Zealand. Wanting to dive deeper, Ian sets out on a journey with his best friend that will change his life as they chase the perfect wave. Traveling through Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, they surf incredible breaks and adventure, looking for the force that drives the world. When Ian meets Annabel, a striking and kindred soul, he abandons his friend on a new quest of love and ecstasy. Jealousy overtakes their love. Broken by his own soul, Ian chases her to an island paradise to win her back.

One night, Ian joins some friends on a night dive for lobster and in the dark water of the reef, encounters a group of dreaded box jellyfish with venom so virulent; one sting will kill. Ian is stung five times before he knows what's happening and struggles back to shore, where he is abandoned and left without hope. At the hospital, Ian is pronounced dead shortly after his arrival and is wheeled off to the morgue.

Ian awakes finding himself out of his own body, in complete darkness in a cold and strange place. As Ian struggles with what has happened and is lifted out of the darkness on a perfect wave a light, rising to heaven at the feet of Christ, where he is forgiven, redeemed and given the choice to stay in true paradise or return to tell the world his story. Remembering his mother's love and wanting to share what he has seen, Ian chooses to return. Fifteen minutes after the doctor had pronounced him dead, he awakens in the morgue.

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“.."The Perfect Wave" is nice to look at, and evangelical Christian moviegoers will no doubt appreciate a family-friendly movie with a message they can endorse..”
by Stephanie Merry [Washington Post]
“.."The Perfect Wave" is aimed at a certain audience that will appreciate its message and let slide its deficiencies..”
by Mary Houlihan [Chicago Sun-Times]