Paranormal Activity 3 Reviews

Paranormal Activity 3


Genre :

Horror, Mystery

Release Date :

October 21, 2011

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Starring :

Katie Featherston, Sprague Grayden, Lauren Bittner, Christopher Nicholas Smith, Chloe Csengery, Mark Fredrichs, Brian Boland, Jessica Tyler Brown

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4.5 of 5

“..you can get on with jumping out of your skin..”
by Ian Berriman [SFX Magazine]
Review rate : C-

“..trying to offer a quasi-logical explanation for the ghostly goings-on it comes a-cropper..”
by Frank Swietek [One Guy's Opinion]
2.5 of 4

“..this is the rare third film that is arguably better than its predecessors..”
by Peter Howell [Toronto Star]
2 of 4

“..there's not much to the characters, and the final twist doesn’t make much sense in the context of the film..”
by Stephen Whitty [Newark Star-Ledger]
3.5 of 5

“..the staging and editing is highly sophisticated and the special effects used sparingly and precisely as the tension ratchets to a surprising ending..”
by Simon Weaving [Screenwize]
Review rate : B-

“..the flick indulges in the deplorable but all-too-common horror trope of placing children in mortal danger..”
by Corey Hall [Metro Times]
Review rate : B

“..the climax of the 81-minute film comes rather suddenly..”
by Adam Graham [Detroit News]
2.5 of 4

“..offers more laughs and somewhat more character development than the previous installments..”
by Claudia Puig [USA Today]
1.5 of 4

“..no one will watch it twice..”
by Kyle Smith [New York Post]
Review rate : B-

“..more of the same, though creepier than it was the last time around..”
by William Goss [Film.com]
2.5 of 5

“..it may be that the best way to see this picture is at a latish show in a house packed with a bunch of zonked or slightly tweaked urban teens, which was how this reviewer experienced it..”
by Glenn Kenny [MSN Movies]
Review rate : A-

“..features variations on every one of the tricks I just mentioned, and a few additional ones (they all work), but more than the first two films, it tweaks our desire to put a face on evil..”
by Owen Gleiberman [Entertainment Weekly]
“..earns points for its low-key ability to keep viewers primed over long stretches to expect that something very bad, or even worse, may happen at any moment..”
by Joe Leydon [Variety]
“..camera movement gets tedious and repetitive..”
by Wilson Morales [BlackFilm.com]
“..although not exactly breaking any new ground with its by now all too familiar found-footage format, Paranormal Activity 3 hews to the formula in expertly crafted fashion, mustering up the requisite scares and then some..”
by Frank Scheck [Hollywood Reporter]

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“..yet there is a touching sincerity to the entire enterprise, its lumpiness coming from a desire not to make things up, and if you can put away your cynicism, which I clearly am struggling with, the acting might win you over too..”
by Steve Morrissey [MovieSteve]


“..this is one of those movies that's not very good but not so offensively bad that I regret ever seeing it. No doubt, it's also something I probably won't remember in a week..”
by Brian Oliver [The Movieman]


“..like a counterfeit handbag: It looks great but falls apart when you reach into it..”
by Rafer Guzman [Newsday]


“..thoroughly predictable, and despite an original setup, the movie never rouses the emotions..”
by Marjorie Baumgarten [Austin Chronicle]


“..the stories are horrifying, but essential to hear..”
by Joe Neumaier [NY Daily News]


“..a horror movie with an anti-globalist bent that's more interesting than its halfhearted scares..”
by Sara Stewart [New York Post]


“..delivering a highly stylized widescreen revenge picture loaded with weapons and driven entirely by "superficial action"..”
by Peter Debruge [Variety]


“..the film isn't particularly convincing either as a rousing anthology of bloodsport set pieces or a deeply felt portrait of revenge and reunion..”
by Vadim Rizov [A.V. Club]

'71 :

“..the hard-charging debut feature from TV director Yann Demange, makes us live every vivid, violent moment with him, the threat of death lurking at every turn..”
by Peter Travers [Rolling Stone]


“..undoubtedly a remarkable achievement, especially for a first-time filmmaker..”
by Jordan Hoffman [Film.com]